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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

So, thanks to four songs that I happened to be listening to compulsively today(by the names "your guardian angel", "move", "uptown girl", and "fall for you"), this scene just shot through my mind. I originally wasn't going to write this but, since it gave me such a strong feeling, I figured I should :)

I truly hope you enjoy it and tell me what you think

  Lear took me by the hand roughly, not like how Edge used to, and practically dragged me from my window.  He held me in his arms stiffly as he leapt from the third story window to my dorm and down to the ground, landing as swift as a cat.  I could see the sinister smirk go across his face just before he started racing in the direction of the park, my special place.

  "What are you doing?" I could barely ask just before we were standing under the deadened tree that I normally wrote under.  "Why did you take me here?"  My heart began beating like an anvil against my chest as he grew closer to me, closing the gap between our bodies and holding my close with tense arms.

  "I thought you said you wanted a little...adventure," he said stretching out the last word.  He looked down at me, a smile spread across his face.  Part of me wanted to believe it was true but my heart told me it wasn't; I could see the fakeness behind the smile.  He lifted my chin with his forefinger to kiss me but I turned my face before his lips could reach mine.  He knew how I still felt about Edge, he didn't really think I'd want to move that fast, much less move at all.

  He mumbled something so low I couldn't understand what he had said then looked me in the eyes again, tightening his arms around me.  "Forget about Edge, he left you remember?  He doesn't deserve you at all.  He's nothing but a low life bastard who shouldn't even be walking this Earth."

  I shoved at his chest but he didn't budge.  "Don't you say that!  I'll forget him when I want to forget him, that's none of your business!"  The truth was, I never wanted for forget Edge, I wasn't sure anything nor anyone could make me forget him.

  "Oh you'll forget him, at least, so long as I'm existing."  Before I could protest he place a finger on my lips.  "I'll be right back, stay here."  Then in a flash he was gone.  I shivered, just before he had poofed away I had seen a sinister smile creep across his lips.  I shook my head trying to get the image out of my mind.  I looked up to the night sky, the skys glimmering like the orbs of gas and light they were.  It reminded me of the nights I had spent here with Edge.  I shuddered again, though I welcomed the memories; they were the few where I had been the happiest.

  What felt like half an hour went by and there was no sign of Lear.  I sighed and tried to find the path back to the school in the dark.  Just then something flashed across my vision.  I froze in my spot, looking only with my eyes for whatever it had been.  "Animal?" I asked myself, it had to have been.  I took another step but this time I heard a horribly evil laugh erupt from the trees in front of me.  I took a step back, feeling the fear sweep down my spine and through my nerves, making me shake all over.  They'll sense the fear, stop thinking and just get back home, I thought to myself.  I sighed, trying to force back the fear building inside of me unsuccesfully.  I gulped then heard the running steps coming towards me and the shine of two red eyes staring back at me.  I screamed bloody murder throwing my arms in front of me for protection even though I knew it would've been hopeless.

  Then I felt cool arms wrap around my shoulders and lift my feet off of the ground.  I waited for the pain to come, something to tell me that it was all over, all was lost, that everything was through; it never came.  That's when I had realized I had closed my eyes.  I could still see the two red eyes staring at me, but they were fogged somehow, just not the vibrant red like they had been before.  I looked around me and it seemed everything but my ownself had gotten the foggy tint.  Did this mean I was dying?  I hadn't felt any pain, and I had been sure nothing that this person or thing was going to do to me was going to be painless.  I looked down at my arms to see pale white arms around my elbows, holding my gently but firmly at the same time.  I recognized how these arms felt and it sent a pang of hope and sadness to my heart.  It couldn't be, could it?  I slowly turned my head around to see the face of my savior and, to my ultimate surprise, there sat the face of an angel, my angel, staring back at my attacker with pure hatred and bravery.  For a moment, despite my surroundings, I smiled; knowing that he was even here, even if he might've been a hallucination or that I truly had died and gone to heaven, made me feel like everything would be okay, even dying by this thing staring at both of us.

  I turned my head again, and this time, I could see who this attacker was; Lear.  "You're not getting her Lear!" my angel called in that silken voiceo f his.  I could see the blue gemstone that hung at the hollow beneath his neck by a silver chain floating in the air, forming this protection bubble around us.

  "The hell I'm not!" Lear called back punching at the bubble as hard as he could.  Edge snarled deep within his chest, his lips pulling back over his teeth revealing his shining white canines.  His grip tightened around me and he bent foreward, making me do the same.

  "When I tell you to," he whispered in my ear.  "Run as fast as you possibly can back to the school.  I'll keep him at bay, just get home."

  "What if—" He placed his hand over my mouth.

  "Don't worry about me, I'm leaving after this.  Just be sure you're safe; that's all that matters."  Then he let go of me, completely disappearing into the night.  I waited again for the pain, the attack, something to happen to me, but it seemed the red eyes and attacker had disappeared with Edge.  I started to take a step toward the school then remembered Edge had said to wait for him to tell me to go.  I gulped loudly, trying to force back the emotions surrounding the last words he had said to me.  Suddenly I could hear his voice in my head, "Go, now; I have him held back.  Run."  I did as I was told and ran as fast as I could possibly muster without falling back to the school.

  With only a few scratches and bruises to show my travelings of the night, I ran up the cement stairs, knowing the elevator would be too slow, into my dorm.  I shut the door, locked it, and placed a dresser in front of it for good measure.  I shut the window and locked it as well, then climbed into my bed, never taking my eyes off of the window and door while my roommate slept like a baby.  I envied her so much at that moment, to be able to sleep through all of this, to not be involved with any of the supernatural like I seemed to be.  Then again, I couldn't be too jealous of her, if I hadn't have been brought into this world I never would've met Edge.

  I stayed up for a couple more hours, at least until I could barely see the sky turning purple, and finally laid my head on the pillow.  I was still paranoid about going to sleep for fear of Lear coming back so I still kept my eyes on the window and door.  Somewhere along the line I had dozed off, dreaming of only Edge's face.  I was awoken by the feel of a cold hand on my shoulder.  I shot up, somehow forming my hands and arms into a karate-chop pose, waiting for some type of attack.  "Hush, hush," I heard come from the angel's lips again, "It's just me."  He was sitting on my bed, his choppy brown hair disheveled from the night's events, dirt spots on his cheeks and arms.

  "'Just you?'  You say that like you're 'just' another toy in the toy store."  He only shook his head and took my hand gently in his.  "I thought you said you were leaving after the fight?" I asked, needing to know the answer; was he staying or was he going to break my heart again?  I wasn't sure how well I could take the second option.

  "I was, then I realized I wanted to see your face one more time when it was peaceful, not about to be mangled by some vampire-murderer."  He took his free hand and caressed my face with it.

  "You don't have to leave," I mumbled before I had even realized what I was saying.  Of course he had to, that was why he left in the first place.  The council didn't approve and if he didn't leave then him and I would've been executed.  He smiled warmly when he saw the realization of the situation came across my face.

  "I'm sorry.  You have no idea how...horribly intolerable it's been without you.  How torturing it's been."  I looked at him skeptically for a moment.  He sighed, "Okay, maybe you do.  I just wish you didn't have to go through this torture.  You need to live your life while you still have it.  Ugh!" he groaned taking his hand from my face and placing it on his ear.  "I know, I know," he mumbled.  "I'm sorry," he said again taking my face in his hands, "but I have to go."  He placed his forehead on mine closing his eyes.  I stifled a sniffle but I couldn't help the tears that flooded over the brim of my eyes.  "Please don't cry, you'll forget me eventually, it's what you humans do.  You have too short a life to hold on to silly things."

  "Silly?" I asked sniffing anyway.  "You call this silly?" I shook my head not wanting to get into an arguement now.  "Don't tell me I'll forget you, because I won't.  It's not something that can be done.  It's like trying to get dirt clean; it'll never happen no matter what."  He sighed, not wanting to argue either, I assumed, but just lifted my face to press his lips to mine.

  I couldn't help myself, knowing this would be the last time I'd have this chance, the last time I'd be with him.  I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him into me and made the kiss deeper.  To my surprise he followed along, wrapping his arms around my waist.  He took his kisses from my lips, across my cheek, and down my neck.  He softly kissed my shoulder blade and pushed the dark brown hair that covered my neck out of the way.  He grazed his fangs over my neck, sending the good-chills up and down my spine.  He pulled way again, his eyes turning red.  "I love you," he mumbled kissing me softly again.

  "I love y—" before I could finish he had disappeared.  I wrapped the blankets where he had been around me, taking in the scent he had left.  I let the tears spill over this time, sobbing into my pillow.

Submitted: October 09, 2008

© Copyright 2020 Bella Ambra. All rights reserved.

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October Dusk

Aw, you should def add that in. That made me cry, xD. Why do we both always write sad stories? xD
We're both hopeless romantics, lol. *sigh*
Why aren't you on AIM??? *cries* Oh, noes. Did the invisible rainbow ninja monkeys get you> o.o *gasp*


Fri, October 10th, 2008 1:33am


lol you're right; we seriously are xD
geez, i need to go back and fix the errors; i was running on extreme empty when i was finishing this lol
bahahahaha yuss they did :O
it was horrible.
they made me...-sniffs-
they made me...poke a llama! D:

Thu, October 9th, 2008 7:49pm

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