The Water Train

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

The water above and below is soft and crystalline as it moves under the water. Sleek and silver, a mirror reflection of its outside world, yet so obvious to the inhabitants inside. Silent and unaltering, it moves without provocation, no declaration of its existence, but it is beautiful. What do they call it, this mysterious thing? They call it simply, the Water Train.

This is an "interactive" story.  I call it interactive because I honestly can't think of anything else to call it.  Anyway, the following story can be read by itself, or you can take a more emotional approach.  Below are a list of links to soundtrack music from the movie "Saving Mr. Banks."  I would suggest getting the songs as not all the songs have YouTube links.  Here are the one's that do:


Travers Goff: No link found

Ginty My Love:

Ending Titles:

Uncle Albert: No link found

Celtic Soul: No link found

Westerly Wind:


And as a bonus, here's the beautiful song by Shaun Taylor McManus that inspired me to write this story.  Please take the time to read part  or all of the story with this song as well:


The Water Train:








The Water Train

Bella Maroney


The water above and below is soft and crystalline as it moves under the water.  Sleek and silver, a mirror reflection of its outside world, yet so obvious to the inhabitants inside.  Silent and unaltering, it moves without provocation, no declaration of its existence, but it is beautiful.  What do they call it, this mysterious thing?  They call it simply, the Water Train.  It had once been very popular a long time ago, but has since become a thing of legend.  But that didn't stop me, today.  Standing at the empty landing a half a mile from the docks made me feel uneasy of what would happen.  The boat that had taken me from the docks had been completely empty of any other people, but I was too excited to really care that I was all alone.  Many thought that this train hadn't existed for many years, but I wanted to believe that it exists.  According to the ticket that my father won at a raffle, the train only stopped at this particular landing every 20 years.  It took its passengers around in a half hour trip of the beautiful sea before dropping you back off at the landing, and going on to its next location.  The purpose of the water train had always been for exploration, and never transportation.  I could only imagine what it would be like to be on this train.  People were telling me I was wasting my time, but this was a dream of mine that I couldn't pass the opportunity for. 

The train was scheduled to come at 3 o'clock on the dot, and it was 2:58.  Only two minutes left until I got to find out if my dreams were real, or not.  I was so nervous.  I was frozen still on the edge of the platform.  I wanted to move, to pace, to do something while I waited but I couldn't get anything to move for me.  So, I took a good look of my surroundings while I waited for those two agonizing minutes.  The clock that I had been staring at was old, and moldy from the constant spit of the sea.  The original finish was a beautiful gold and silver, but most of it had chipped away by now.  The tiles on the floor before the landing platform began used to be every color in the known universe.  Some of the older villagers remember what the platform used to look like, and all I could ever do was listen and gawk with their stories and dream of how beautiful it must have been.  They told me when they were little, there used to be boat rides to the platform for the kids to play after school.  The train had been long gone by then, they would say.  They described the colors to me.  Red, yellow, lavender, blue, light green, royal colors, Easter colors, dark, light, any and all in little circle shapes intertwining each other in an endless pattern.  Now, those once beautiful tiles were faded, and most were broken or gone.  2:59.  It was so close now.  There were black columns that held up a slanted room in case of heavy waves or light rain were also chipping, and looked old and broken.  In my mind, I could see all the beautiful colors, so many people huddled in little groups, excitedly waiting for the train to appear.  I wish I could've been there when people still believed in something like the water train.  The ocean was calm today.

The waves were soft, the water was a deep blue, the breeze was light, salty, and briny, and perfect.  In my ears I could hear beautiful soft bells from the clock striking the hour, with a melody so pure and familiar, yet I'd never heard it before, but my mind was in other places.  3 o'clock was finally here.  I couldn't stand my excitement, anymore.  I started bouncing, almost dancing to the beautiful melody the clock played, thinking of all that I could see if the train came.  I twirled around the old black columns, around the old fainted tiles pretending they were still as beautiful as the day they had been made.  I was so busy dancing around to the beautiful bells that I didn't notice the waves creeping up toward the landing.  All of a sudden, a huge wave threw up out of nowhere, and scared me.  I ran behind a column to protect myself.  I waited before peaking my head around from the corner.  My eyes widened with shock, and I almost cried of joy.  It wasn't a wave, but I couldn't believe it.  There it was.  Sleek and silver, reflecting everything off its shining surface, and looking as though it were just flying lazily about. 

I moved slowly as I took everything in about it.  Its reflective surface was so beautiful, and I could see how no one ever saw it.  From half a mile away from the docks, it would've just looked like a big wave, which the platform got plenty of.  I made my way to the end of the landing, moving slowly, not believing my own eyes, and yet so desperately wanting to.  The train stood still for a few seconds before a rectangular shape formed right in front of me, showing an entrance.  An older gentleman stood at the entrance.  He never said anything to me, just held out his hand.  So astonished, it took me a few seconds to realize he was waiting for a ticket.  Quickly, I took it out and handed it to the man.  He quickly stamped into it, before handing it back to me.  Then he moved aside, and as I walked in, my mind just couldn't comprehend it.  Almost the entire train was a huge looking glass.  There were coral carpeted floors and light colored furniture to sit down on.  It was so amazing, and more astonishing than anything I'd ever dreamed of.  I quickly found a seat while I waited for the train to start.  I didn't have to wait long, since I was the only one that was at the platform, or that had gotten aboard.  After a few seconds, the doors closed, and I could hear a slight murmuring, like water going through pipes above your head.  The train used the oxygen of the water mostly to keep it afloat in the right place, but sometimes as extra fuel. 

Slowly, the train just seemed to sink into the water.  At first, all I could see was the lapping water as it covered the train, then when we were sunk in, the train started to move slowly in the direction away from the docks.  I sat in my chair, just watching the water at the surface, watching the light shimmer in and out of the sun.  We hadn't gone down too much, yet.  The train had to get slightly further out before it could dip lower into the deep blue sea.  I looked around the water.  It was peaceful.  I saw little schools of fish going about, dipping in and out of the coral reefs for food.  Beautiful coral moved and swirled gently with the current, which I could not feel on the train.  I saw golden butterfly fish, eating coral polyp so close to me, yet seemed to have no idea that I was there.  There were different kind of angelfish, swimming calmly around the coral reef, there were regal tang, clownfish, firefish, gammas, stingrays, flounder and other fish swimming, feeding, exploring, their beautiful colored scales sparkled against the watery suns light, and it couldn't be more perfect.  I watched the oceanic world around me, dumbfounded by what I could see, and what still lay ahead.  The train made a small noise before growing speed and moving us away from the coral reef.  We moved far out from the nearest dock, into the deep blue ocean.  It was almost like living a dream. 

As the train began slowing down, I saw the most amazing thing.  Bands of jellyfish only a few feet from my face in huge groups.  All different kinds that I couldn't even name them all.  I was in a perfect spot to see how they glowed against the suns rays over the water.  They moved slowly together. As I watched them, my mind turned to what they reminded me of.  Flowers moving in the breeze, lines of twisted lace and satin, colorful beads.  All around me they moved.  Above and around, they danced in front of my eyes.  I could hear soft music playing on the train as I watched the jellyfish float.  Light and fluttering, it made the magic of the moment so much more dazzling and dream like.  The train stopped in other places throughout my trip.  I got to see migrating whales with their babies.  They were huge, and I thought one of them was looking at me for a second.  I pressed my face against the glass, and waved.  Never in my life had I wanted to cry from all this happiness before, and so I found it hard when a tear slipped from my eye as I watched the whales pass by.  After that, we saw a group of turtles travelling through the water.  They moved so gracefully, it made me want to swim along side them.  I wanted so badly to be able to touch them, but all I could do was touch the glass of the train, watching them as they all floated by, unaware of my existence. 

As the train made its way back to the dock, it stopped for a second.  Just stopped and floated for a second.  Confused, I looked around.  Then I saw them, beautiful creatures of the sea.  Dolphins and Killer whales.  The train rose enough that we came to the surface with them.  They were swimming and diving, and the train began to follow them.  The killer whales were close by, swimming around, and having fun.  The dolphins glided through the water, bobbing up and down, up and down, until one finally got enough courage to leap into the air.  Once one had done it, all the dolphins started as well.  We kept up with them well before having to say goodbye.  Quietly, I tapped on the glass, hoping not to be noticed.  A dolphin heard me, and came swimming up to me.In a small awe struck voice, I simply said "goodbye" to the gorgeous creature.  It looked at me for a second before nodding its head, and heading back to its buddies. 

As the train made its way back to the landing, I sat in the middle of the floor, and layed down so I could look above me as the ocean passed me by.  Fish swam above me, going only just fast enough that I could slowly pass them by.  I wondered what it would be like to be able to swim with the fish.  To travel along side the whales, to hunt with the sharks, and play with the dolphins.It made me sad that this would be the only time I would ever be able to experience such a wonder in the world.  The fish disappeared, and I was left alone to watch the rushing water, the sun, and I wanted it to last forever.  In those few moments I really wanted it to last forever.  The train began to slow down, and I became even sadder.  The ride was over, and I would have to leave soon.  As sad as I was, I had to tell myself over and over again how grateful I should be that I even had this opportunity in the first place.  But now it was ending, and there was just nothing I could do about it. The train began its ascent into the world above, and quietly I whispered once more "goodbye" to everything I had just seen.  I proceeded to get off the floor, and slowly made my way to the door.  The old gentleman was there all ready, and as the doors opened, he gave me a card that said "Thank you for riding the water train.  I hope you saw everything you wanted!"  I smiled at the picture on the card, showing a train sinking under the water.  Nothing like the train in front of me, but I guess it was a cute gesture.  I made my way onto the old, battered landing and closed my eyes.  The man that had taken me here on his boat said he would be back at 3:45.  So there I sat and waited.  I watched the train sink back into the ocean and sighed.  It was over.

It had been a couple of days since I had been on the water train.  The card was put right on my refrigerator temporarily while I found the proper frame to put it in, along with the punched ticket stub. It was early morning as I went outside of my seaside cottage into the brisk, and briny morning air to get the mail.  As I perused through the junk, and some letters from old friends, I came across a very interesting letter.  There were no postage stamps, no address, just my name.  I went inside, and sitting down at the kitchen table, I opened it.  My eyes widened as I read the letter.  As I read, I knew what I was going to do, and I smiled and laughed to myself that my adventures under the sea were only just beginning.



To the Wonderful Attendant of the Water Train,


If ever you are in need or want of another ride, we suggest you take this bell.  If you wish for more than just a ride, just know that you would be able to see your family anytime you want, and you will still be able to go home every night.  We hope to see you again, soon.



The Conductor

Submitted: February 01, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Bella Maroney. All rights reserved.

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