Apples Don't Fall Far

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Daisy Carver is a 21-year old mother and wife. With her husband, also being her childhood best friend, in prison she is living on one, minimum wage income--trying to make ends meet. When a mysterious free spirit--child free man walks into her life, making her question if her marriage and love for her husband is strong enough to last, despite all the obstacles they've had to face.

Submitted: August 10, 2012

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Submitted: August 10, 2012



Apples Don't Fall Far

Prolouge I've been waiting for this moment all day---The last minute of my day shift at the diner. *Now* I'm at ease. I can finally go home and be mommy to the most amazing thing that ever happened to me. Being a waitress at a diner in an \"in the middle of nowhere\" town isn't exactly what I thought I'd be doing for a living at only 21 years old, but, then again, I didn't think I'd be married with a kid either. Sometimes, when things are slow at work, I find myself wondering and daydreaming about what my life would be like if I hadn't married Alex. Would I have gone to college without him? Leave him to fight his demons on his own? I could never---Not to him. Not to my best friend, the only person who has seen me at my worst *and* best. The only person who stood beside me when everyone else left?... No, never. I've known Alex Carver since I was 5 years old. He moved next door to me one day and stayed there until we graduated high school. It wasn't until Junior year that we actually became \"boyfriend/girlfriend.\" He proposed to me the Summer before Senior year and at 17 years old, during Christmas vacation, I gave birth to our son, Lucas. And June 18th, the day after graduation, was the day that I became Mrs. Daisy Rain Carver.

\"See ya Monday, Kell!\" I call out to Kelly, the cashier, as I exit the diner. \"See ya, kid! Have a good one!\" She says. \"Yeah, you too.\" I call out to her while walking to my car, checking my phone for any messages. Two missed calls and one voicemail. The calls being from Alex and my mother. Alex is in prison right now on drug charges, sentenced to sixteen months and so far it's only been six. I miss him like crazy--well, the \"him\" he used to be. Usually if he calls and I don't answer he won't leave a message. So the voicemail *has* to be from my selfish, control freak, pathological liar of a mother. I think it's safe to say that my mother and I have never really had a *great* relationship. Being the middle of three kids, two girls and the youngest being a boy, I always had to fight for even just a smidget of my parents attention. Well, more my mother's than my father's. My dad was pretty good at sharing and showing equal attention to all of us. Whereas my mom...It seemed like she just couldn't keep up. Or maybe she didn't want to try? It didn't bother me too much until my parents divorced--Until I found out *why* they divorced.

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