*Butterfly Fly Away*

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Everyone has this problem in one way or another, this is what I have to say.

Submitted: October 17, 2012

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Submitted: October 17, 2012



You were always there to guide me,

to show me right from wrong,

to protect me from the world outside,

and eveything it holds.

I know its because you love me,

I know it's because you care,

but sometimes you have to realize,

that will ALWAYS be there.


Your butterfly is going to fly away.

There's nothing you can do to stop the day,

when, with her head held high, and her hopes set low,

she'll step outside into the world unknown.

If you want her to succeed,

and if you want to see her chase her dreams,

you're going to have to set her free.

So please trust the faith you have in me.


You were always there to hold my hand,

to calm me down when I didn't understand.

To influence the way I think,

so I wouldn't have to regret anything.

So when I say this please understand,

just how greatful I really am.

But I'm growing up, and it's happening fast,

the patience I have won't always last.

If you hold my wings and don't let go,

then you know I'll never get to show,

Everything I have in me, and

Everything I've grown to be.


While I am like you in many ways,

I'm also me in my own ways.

Things that you have yet to see,

that require you to believe in me.

So stop trying to tell me who I am.

By now I've grown, and understand,

that nobody is exactly like me, and

nobody can tell me who to be.


So by this last verse, I hope you can see,

that there's really nothing stopping me.

I'm ready and I'm not looking back.

My wings are spread, my heart is lead.


I'll use the faith I have in me.

I'll finally set Myself free.

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