grief of love

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the lives of happy people sometimes change very fast....
honesty is not always payed..
sometimes.. life becomes miserable than death!

Submitted: June 05, 2012

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Submitted: June 05, 2012



happy were they, they were together

merry mornings they spent,

and smiled forever.

they were a family, with the bonds too strong,

no one ever thought to do some wrong.

the people of words and honesty were they.

the mother, the father and the kids, all were gay!



how elated they were,

can someone ever know?

no never! it changed with a blurr.

the songs of the mother were no longer heard.

which were soothing like those of bird!

the little boy and the sweet girl no longer fought,

nor while stealing cakes they were caught.


the father was alone, and sad was he,

he was there but couldn't be considered alive,

which has lost its root, like that tree.

lamented whole day and night.

he was asking for the lost light,

which was lost and didn't return,

yet each second his heart did burn.


what happend?? if someone enquire,

he never told.

kept to himself the entire

story, which was like this,

his life was now, left with a bliss

of solitude, those whom he loved, were no longer there.

for them only he searched everywhere.


their town was small,

but it was sweet!

it was a place, with the space for all.

the king was merciful and generous,

the father worked in his court. he was meticulous,

so he was praised, but not by everyone.

as for the bad ones, he created the pun!


he was witty and charming was he,

he worked with his virtue,

along with the honesty!

never afraid to unveil the wrong,

and always sang the merry song!

he quarreled with the powerful and the mighty,

and showcased their deeds so petty!


once he realised that a game was being played,

told the king,

the action wasn't delayed.

the trouble creator was caught, and banished.

but his brother sought to take revenge, and vanished!

the father was awarded, and honored!

about the culprit's brother, he never bothered.


after a few days, he was invited for a celebration.

he went, without his kids and wife.

they sent him, their heart's full of elation!

he enjoyed and shared wits with the crowd.

praised was he, so he was proud!

the father left the place, the crowd cheered,

excited he was, but yet felt wired!


to home, he went,

mind got stunned!

his blood froze, he knew what the scene meant.

flames were there, they reached the dark sky,

engulfed the house, and yet tried to fly,

towards each and everything, which they can see!

his heart cried for a mercy plea!


soon a crowd gathered,

and set the fire off,

but it was of no use, as the father's soul was withered.

felt like he was burnt in that fire,

which became his loved ones pire!

the ashes were left, flying away with the gust'

and his heart was about to burst!


people came and tried to give him hope,

they told him,

he had to cope.

alas! they dont know! his soul has gone,

along with his family, the left over was a torn

evidence of life!

which kept on bleeding in tyrannous strive!

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