the last breath i took

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what if u know..
your end is near?????

Submitted: January 25, 2013

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Submitted: January 25, 2013



when a new day will start,

and the sun will show its hue.

I'm going to take my last breath, i knew.

Decided to meet evreyone,

tell them this is my last day.


roaming here and there all around,

following that joyous, unheard sound,

of laughter and cheer, vanished from my life.

Met the loved ones and told them, "i'll be gone",

some looked happy but some completely torn.

didn't feel a single emotion and kept on moving,

like a dancer on the beats of music, grooving.


I trodded my way to a face, so gay.

Always happy and so glad,

that day looked awed and sad.

Held me tight and started crying,

I said, "my ma, there's no use of lying,

you have to know that tomorrow,

your life will get filled with a sorrow".


so, the last time i hugged her.

To show that i loved her,

Again left the place,

but suddenly I recognized a wetness on my face.

I wiped it, konowing it was of no use,

Dont know! Why i was telling all this news.


Deprived of love and care.

Most often, I stare,

at people living their gaeity life,

I feel someone stabbing me with a knife.

tears roll down my face and spread all around.

Then they fall with a patting sound.

i close my eyes, came back on the scene,

looked back at my ma, with a heart so clean.

Ignoring my emotions, again moved on.

Suddenly i felt the world around me has gone.


I went forward and there came home.

To me, it looked like my tomb.

opened the door and entered the place,

Life has lost its charm and grace.

I saw my image hung on the wall,

came a slight gust and then it fall,

myself in front of me died.

can't save, not even tried.


Went into my room and had look at my pics.

The picture in which I stood with my friends,

all around me stood with different trends,

My heart got elated.

But soon the sadness recreated.

I found myself dissappearing from between.

World again drowned in sorrow, i had foreseen.


Went to my bed as it was late,

now was ready for my fate.

Don't know how I fell in the arms of sleep.

 went inside me, more and more deep.

I got filled with a radience,

all my sorrows and pains vanished,

Soul got clean, which was tarnished.

and then my heart stopped baeting.

I got free of all wrath,

At that mment i took my last breath..



© Copyright 2017 bella singh. All rights reserved.

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