Dance of the Devil

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Sweet child of the heavens above

Bestoved with beauty and undying love

Why don't you step into our circle of joy?

We wont' bite, just want you to be our heavenly toy

In our darkness you will see a burning light

Don't be scared it will be a worthy sight

Make a bargain and sell us your  soul

Then count to three and jump into our hole

The whole night we will dance as you desire

While circling around our own hellbound fire

The choice is yours child, blessed from the father

If you turn away then we won't stay to bother

But choosing to step into our kingdom of darkness

The heaven won't save you or even care less

We would take you to a place of a whole new level

And let you have a place in our dance of the devil

Take a second and clear your mind

Do you dare to join our kind?

Or do you feel like the heavens is your home?

Then pack your bags and soon be gone!

Whatever you do we would hold you dear

In heaven they won’t, I think and fear

They’ll kick you out from the heavens door

Without belongings, just naked and poor

Then you’ll be damed to a life on earth

Humans chosen to giving you birth

There you will wander around for ages

Always surrounded by the same old faces

Mistakes will be done that you’ll have to put right

And you won’t go by without been dragged into a fight

A lifetime of suffer, hardness and death

Heavens won’t help you until you take your last breath

As your life flashed before your eyes

Slowly your body drifts away and dies

Now it’s depending on your way of living

But don’t think it’s a choice they are giving

Either you’ll go back to where you came

Or they’ll send you into hells burning flame

Within our boundries you’ll be sent with force

And there we will chain you without remorse

Here you came by doing bad

So we won’t care if you're hurt and sad


Choose now wisely dear angel of light

A human on earth or a devil by eternal night?

Submitted: December 19, 2016

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Great. And very cleverly rhymed.

Mon, December 19th, 2016 7:51pm


Thanks :)

Wed, December 21st, 2016 2:06am


The vibe coming from this feels familiar, Like a dream I can't remember. If I had to choose(being a zombie and all) I'd rather be a devil in eternal night than an angle forced through the same old pattern through out each age.

Mon, December 19th, 2016 8:36pm


My thoughts exactly ;)

Wed, December 21st, 2016 2:09am

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