grandmas locket

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lission to a story what a litle girl will tell you who is called bella. the first question is, is she alive telling the story or dead.

Submitted: January 08, 2012

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Submitted: January 08, 2012





I was running home after school thinking what should i do i didn`t know if to do my homework or just watch the new tracybecker. When i ran up to my wooden door (but now it gets stuck because of the weather.) i twisted the oke wooden handle and it squeked so loud it was piercing my ears. I know no one was home because it`s normanly has moody foot prints and the ketal would be on. I slowly walked foward to hang up my coat, oh i am so sorry i am Bella. Oh so back to the story, as i hung up my coat i heard the people next door fighting (the little kids) i ran up to my kitchen to get a cold fresh glass of milk from our new black fridge.

I decided what to do then i just remember that i had to go for my run i totally forgot. I ran up to my bedroom to get dressed i got all the things i needed like this thing what tells me how far i have gone i normaly go 12miles there and then on my way back i go a longer way what is 20 miles i know it sounds much but i am very fit and i love to run and i had to get my phone. Oh also i had to get my ipod. I was about to go out of my house and then i heard a piercing like noise so i tried looking for it, i went into my room and the first thing i saw was a locket (what my granma gave me) floating, so i looked round my room and all my things were messed up and on the wall there was something saying "prepare to never let me go." I went to grab the locket and then it fell to the ground. I got a box and put it in. I got a coat hanger to pull down the door of the loft i pulled it down and climbed up the wooden squeaky stairs, i tumbled over the paper boxes and stuffed the box under loads of things. I sliped on something and my head hit the dusty wooden floorboards but i got straight up and tumbled back over the boxes. I quickly went down and shut the door. I had to get out and only go on a little run what is 12miles there and back so it is only short. Oh i am so sorry i have to go and have my tea when i come back i will finish it but then you have to read the next storry after i have finished this one....

hi i am back to tell you a bit more about the storry. Well where were we, oh yeh when i got back from my run mum and dad was back all we need back now are my brothers, my uncle and my granma and grandad. Oh no i am so sorry my granma and grandad were on a holiday so it is only my uncle maybe or he might be out all night dunno. We had rost ham it was sooooooo tasty. After that all i did was watch TV and then went to bed.

Hi this is not part of the storry i just want you to think of this question befor you read the next bit hear it go`s

what do you think is going to happen next?


oh so back to the storry then. When i woke up i leaped out of bed and tryed to forget yesterday. I went to brush my hair and i looked into the mira. I had it, i had it round my neck now i know my live is over till granma gets in


so please read the next part what is in the next book.

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