Celie's Last Plead!

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I studied the Color Purple for English Alevel and loved the style and how walker crafted her text. So I attempted to write my own letter from Celie's prospective. Please let me know what you think.

Submitted: October 16, 2011

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Submitted: October 16, 2011




Dear God,

I had bad dream last night. Stopt me from sleepin. Nettie, Mr ---- and Shug be in it. Nettie was callin me. I walk around, but no sign of her. I feel sickish. She keep callin.
Celie, she say.
I miss ya Nettie I say back.
Her voice turn to Shug. She tell me she love me. I wait on my own. Shug Avery starts to sing Miss Celie’s song.
Were are ya Shug, I ast.
She don’t reply, just keep singin. I hates this. I feels cold. So cold.
I think I fallin. I land on somethin hard. Somethin pulls me to my feet. It turns me around. Nettie is lookin at me. She hold ma hand.
I miss ya Celie, I do, she say.
Were you go? I ast.
She say, I in here.
She point to my heart.
Nettie say, nothing but death can keep me from it.
She say this when Mr---- told her to leave. I hold Nettie’s hand. I close ma eyes. When I open them, Nettie be gone. Again.
I cry and cry. Then Mr ----- stand in front of me. He stare at me. I don’t look him in the eyes. He just stare, like when he read newspaper.
You ugly and alone, he say.
I don’t say nothing. He start laughin at me. He keep on sayin, you ugly, you ugly.
Its go dark. Mr ----- voice keep going in my head. Somethin’ wet on my hands. I look at my hands. They is covered in blood. Mr ----‘s blood. He sit in his chair. He be dead. I sees Shug and Nettie standin in front of me. Nettie is crying. Shug is angry.
Shug say, Oh Celie.
She an Nettie walk away. They go. It all go dark again. I stand on my own. I call Nettie and Shug. But they gone. Shug hate me. I hate me. I cry.

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