Harry Potter's Other Story

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I wrote this when I was 12, so please excuse any cheesiness lol! :P I enjoyed writing it because I am a huge fan of harry potter! please enjoy it!

Submitted: October 16, 2011

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Submitted: October 16, 2011



Every eye lifted from what it was looking at, every head turned as if like a puppet and all the voices and breathing drained away as if the volume had been turned to mute. Every person was starring deeply into the girl walking down between all the different Hogwarts house tables. The girl stood frozen looking back at the staring crowd, her whole body quivering all over. Then low whispers began to fill the Great Hall, with people realising that this shaking girl was Michelle Quant! Smiles began to fill the blackened faces, but still no one knew what to do, apart the one young handsome boy, named Harry Potter, with hair as dark as the pupils in the eyes and eyes that glistened wildly even without light shining upon them. Harry was stood up, his head slightly tilted to one side and his fell open, but his hands were the only part of his body moving, he was wrapping his fingers over each other and knotting them. He walked forward slowly to Michelle who everyone was still starring at. Then out of nowhere Harry and Michelle had their arms tide tightly round each other. Both of them stood crying into each other’s shoulder. They then parted with Harry’s hands wrapped tightly round the Michelle’s waist and the Michelle with her hands shaking on Harry’s neck.

Harry lifted his hands to Michelle’s face and whipped her tears away gently. “I am so glad you’re back! Malfoy is going to be shocked!” Harry’s voice was very shaky, yet he kept a very wide smile on his face, he hadn’t known what to say, that was the first thing that has come into his head.

“I’m glad to be back!” said Michelle she gave a weak laugh. Her eyes were shining from tears. Harry and Michelle both gave a little laugh and both shared a little bit more of tears, and then after a long time from being from each other, Harry moved forward and kissed Michelle. Harry took Michelle’s hand and guided her over to the Gryffindor table, everyone was cheering and shouting, and then Michelle was swamped with a thousand hugs. But then still sat there were her two best friends, Ron and Hermione.

They both sat there, with smiles filling up their faces and tears streaming down Hermione’s bright red cheeks. Ron aimed to climb over the other people who were still hugging Michelle, but failed miserably, ended up falling flat on his face. But he got up, straightened himself and walked over, pushing his way through as if nothing had happened. Michelle walked over to Ron. Ron pulled Michelle into his arms and began hugging her very tightly. “It is great that your back! Really great! But, how did you get back-” before Ron could finished, Hermione elbowed him in the ribs, to signal him to shut up. Hermione then scuttled over to Michelle (shoving Ron out the way, who then fell into Harry) who was stood there smiling boldly at Michelle. The two girls squealed loudly, (Harry and Ron to poke their fingers). The girls flung their arms round each other and began crying. “Oh…it is so good to be able to so you Hermione! I Missed you so loads” squeaked Michelle.
“… I know … no one in any year has spoken about anything else apart from you coming home and here you are now!!” Hermione’s frizzy hairs muffled up her voice. The girls broke apart, with big, red, blotchy eyes. Michelle turned to Harry and stood next to him, all four smiling widely at each other, (although, Ron stood rubbing his ribs, glaring at Hermione).

A loud, but light tapping noise echoed through the hall, everyone once again fell silent. Harry, Ron Michelle and Hermione sat down and turned to face the front of the great hall to see who was making the noise. It was Dumbledore, his little spectacles were falling slightly down his nose, making him look older than he all ready was. He seemed to notice this though before anyone else did. He then strained up and placed his wand near his throat and muttered something, a loud ringing pierced everyone’s ears. “I’m very sorry for that little bit of annoyance.” Dumbledore’s voice soared through the room, “After all our fears and worries, here stands before us … Michelle Quant, this girls has seen and been through a great ordeal, yet she stands strong still with smiles on her faces. Michelle, I must say that some of us were beginning to wonder a few silly things.” Dumbledore looked around the room and his eyes fell onto Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle, who sank lower into their seats. Harry shot a very dirty look towards them and noticed that Hermione was doing the same; he then turned his attention back to Dumbledore. “Please Michelle, come up here! And you Harry!" An enormous roar of applauses’ raged around Harry. They walked up to the teachers’ table and stood in front of Dumbledore. “Michelle, I would like to have little word with you in my office after this, if you don’t mind and Harry I wish for you, Mr. Weasly and Miss Granger to make sure all the silly stories end!” Dumbledore said in a hushed voice. He told the two to turn round and face-to-face the rest of the school. Dumbledore carried on his speech. “ This, girl was taken capture by Lord Voldermort, (some of the teachers and students shivered at Voldermort’s name) and now she stands before us, she on her own tackled Voldermort and his deatheaters by her self. An amazing story she will have to tell, but I don’t want to see or hear people badgering her to tell them her story tonight,” There was a loud cry of disappointment.

After Dumbledore finished his speech, he sent everyone to bed, but kept Michelle behind to talk to her. He told Harry, Ron and Hermione to go to bed and Michelle would meet them there. So Harry kissed Michelle and Ron and Hermione hugged her and said goodbye.


Harry and the other two trotted on back to the common room, were a bustle of people were waiting to quiz them on what the knew. But Harry and Ron warned people to give Michelle some piece and quite for when she got in or else, plus to leave them three alone. So on the three went to sit down where they usually sat, huddled down and began chatting. “Oh, it is wonderful for Michelle to be back! I was frightened to the bone of what would happen to her! I hope she can forget what they did.” Hermione shuddered at the thought of what Voldermort could have done to her.
“I bet your happy mate aren’t you?” Ron smiled at Harry.
Harry gave a large grin, and he muffled up his hair. “Yes! Really glad, I must admit I was really beginning to think some things, Couldn’t stand it.”
“She has gone terribly thin though hasn’t she?” said Hermione with a bit of a worried face on.
“I noticed that to. I mean she has always been thin, but she looks more than what she used to. I’m not letting Malfoy say any stupid comment towards her; if he does I’ll give him more than a punch this time.” Harry frowned. As he finished saying that Michelle came bustling in through the portrait hole, and went to sit down with Harry and the others. Before she could even breathe a whole crowd of people ran towards her and started waving their hands in her face. Harry and Ron stormed over quickly to go and tackle to get Michelle. Harry caught her arm and dragged her out. “I told you all not to ask her any questions! GO AWAY!” Harry was fuming.
No one moved, but just jumped at Harry raising his voice. “Go on SCRAM!” screeched Ron. Hermione looked cross at Ron and gae him a little lecture on how not to yell at people, but politely ask them to buzz off. Ron just sighed and sat back down next to her, and put his arm slowly around Hermione’s shoulder. While Harry and Michelle sat close together, with Michelle’s head poisoned under Harry’s chin and his arm softly placed around her.

“What did Dumbledore want?” Ron asked.
“He just wanted to see if I was okay, and needed my permission for Fudge and Rita Skeeter to question me, but I’m really not in the mood to be sat down and relive what happened with him and Rita Skeeter,” Michelle sighed heavily and lay back down on Harry.
“Do you want to talk to us about it?” Harry asked Michelle, she nodded slowly.

Ron went to ask Percy if he could try and get all the other people in the common to go to bed, so they wouldn’t hear what Michelle was about to tell them.

“You sure you want to? We only want you to know we are here for you Michelle!” Hermione crocked.

“No, honestly! I want you lot to know.”
Michelle moved a bit more other towards Harry and sat up a bit, while Hermione looked she was going to faint, at the idea of hearing what Voldermort would have to Michelle.

“It was a horrible thing! I thought I was never going leave it. Voldermort threatened me nearly all the time, with his curses. When he had captured me, the moment I was taken to him used one of the forbidden spells, the Crucio and -”
Hermione quickly interrupted her.
“He used the crusio curse on you! How could he?!” Hermione looked horrified, at the idea.
“Well, he wasn’t exactly going to ask her permission was he, (does a mocking impression of voldermort) ‘Excuse me, I’m just about to do the Crusis curse on you is that alright?’” Ron shot out, but before he could say much more he shut up, Harry and Hermione had both gave him a look of anger.

“The pain though was unbelievable, you would have thought that with Voldermort giving me the Cruico curse quite often, I would have got used to the pain. But it was strange, each time he did it, the pain I got was always different, like more horrific. He soon stopped doing that after a while, because I continued not to give him the information he wanted-” once again Michelle had been interrupted, by Ron.
“What information did You Know Who want? If you don’t mind me asking?”
“The information …” She hesitated. “The information that Voldermort wanted was to know about Harry. Also, about where my family live and yours and Hermione’s … So he could use them to get to Harry,” Mechille broke off, with every eye again fixed onto her. Harry held Michelle tight. Ron just sat with his mouth open slightly, but with worry swimming around madly in his eyes and Hermione cuddled up to Ron more, making little sobs as she did so.
“Michelle, how did you not tell them!” said Hermione.
Ron looked at Cecilia deeply, and gave her a weak smile. Harry couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Questions ran through his mind, how did she stay quiet? He felt his inside turn ice cold, with a picture in his eye of Voldermort and Michelle. Michelle’s voice broke Harry’s chain of thoughts.

“After, he finished with the Crusis curse. He stupefied me and left me unconscious for weeks. That was when someone un-did the spell, and thoughts were filling my head with amazement, thinking that it was someone coming to get me. But, it was Lucas Malfoy … (Harry’s fist clenched together) He awoke me, and started tell me lies that were horrible. He began saying things like, Harry was dead and Voldermort had got him. Others like, I have your friends Ron and Hermione. Then he went into saying, he had your three bodies with him. That was my first attempt to get away. Lucas and other deatheaters, started to use spells and curses I had never heard of, they used them anytime I spoke of escaping or Voldermort would never win,” Michelle stopped again, tears beginning to fill her eyes and her hands shaking under Harry’s. Harry’s stomach was turning with rage at the thought of Lucas Malfoy having the nerve to harm her.

Michelle went on with her voice trembling terribly.

“That’s when Voldermort had come back, he wasn’t alone though; he had a women with him. I didn’t know her. She looked tired and ill. Her robes were torn and Voldermort was holding her like a rag doll. She was only there for a few days. On the final day, they told me she was going and that I was going to like her if I didn’t start shutting up. They were telling the truth, she went but didn’t leave. Voldermort killed her.

“That’s when I knew I had to make a run for it; I couldn’t stay there much longer. So I tried again and I made it back here. They tracked me down though once. But I made it out,” Michelle ended it there. Harry knew she couldn’t go on much more. Harry sat there shocked at what had happened. This girl saved him, Ron and Hermione from being caught. She risked her own life.

No one spoke for a few minutes; the only movement was in Harry’s hands trembling with anger. The room was silent and with the fire crackling loudly. Until Harry broke the silence, “Do you recon that you’re going to talk to Fudge and Rita Skeeter?”

“No, definitely not! I don’t think I could stand having just spoke about it just now and having to go up and face Fudge. With him throwing questions at me all the time and Rita twisting my every word, I’d probably flip,” Harry stood up and walked over to the fire place.

“Oh, Cecilia …” Hermione said.
“I’m sorry …” muttered Michelle.

Hermione hugged Michelle and began the two girls began talking quietly to each other . Harry couldn’t hear what they were saying. .

Ron said good night to Hermione, kissed her then said night to Michelle. Then Harry walked over to Michelle and hugged her tightly. “You sure you’re alright?” She nodded and hugged Harry again. He pulled her out and kissed her. The girls went on up to bed, with Hermione’s arm round Michelle’s shoulder.

As the two girls walked up to their dormitory, Ron and Harry walked slowly over to the sofa in front of the fire, and they slouched into it and both starred deeply into the fire.
“It is good to have Michelle back isn’t it?” said Ron. Harry smiled and looked at Ron. “I just can’t believe that Voldermort tried to get information about where all our families lived and were you lived,” Ron went on.
Harry remained silent; thoughts were running wild around his mind.
“Who do you recon that woman was that Michelle mentioned?” Harry asked Ron.
“I don’t know, but was bugging me to. She mustn’t have been much use to Voldermort because she was killed only a few days later,” said Ron, his eyes were beginning to fall and open wildly, trying to make himself look awake.
“You don’t recon she was the un-named woman in the Daily Prophet, who went missing a few weeks back?” Harry had his eyes squinted and were moving quickly across the room, thinking deeply.
“Oh, I didn’t think about that, yes, she might be,” Ron answered, slapping himself across his face to stay awake. “Well, You Know Who, took Michelle for information on us lot and her, and to also get to you. So he must have needed, if she was the women in The Daily Prophet, for information for like the Ministry or something like that,”

Harry began thinking even deeper than he had been. “No, if he needed that woman for Ministry information than he could just have got information about us from her. So he must have needed that woman for something else, and Voldermort must also have needed Michelle for something else not just information on us, but what,” as Harry was about to carry on he heard a loud noise, he turned to look at Ron was nearly falling off the sofa, and snoring awfully. So, Harry got up flicked Ron on the ear and they both stumbled up the stairs to bed.


Harry awoke from his deep sleep, by a loud thud, he forced himself up to see what it was and wasn’t surprised to see that Neville had fallen out of his bed with his face flat on the floor and still snoring just like Ron. Harry couldn’t get back to sleep to he just climbed out of bed, got dressed woke Ron up and they both went down for breakfast.

The two boys were still have a deep discussion about the woman from last night, but ended it just as they entered the Great Hall, so that no one would hear what they were talking about, or worry Hermione and Michelle. Harry and Ron walked over to the Gryffindor table and sat down by Dean Thomas, Fred and George.

“Alright Boys!” Fred said happily.
“Alright,” replied Harry grinning at him. Ron just grunted tiredly.
“So, how is Michelle?” asked Dean. “She looked tired and really thin … oh ... oh ... I don’t mean like that … I didn’t look at her like that … just meant …”
“Dean, shut up now before Harry punches you!” suggested Ron, laughing.
“Nah, it’s fine … she does looks thinner than she usually does,” said Harry, as he poured himself some pumpkin juice. The five boys went into a little conversation about the Quidittich Final game, and how they had ‘slimmed’ Sltherin as George had worded it.

Then Malfoy walked over to Harry and the others with his big built co-workers Crabbe and Goyle. “Well, Well … if it isn’t potty potter, (Crabbe and Goyle sniggered) I would have thought you would be up in your common room trying think of away of getting attention, because it seems Michelle is going to be getting lots of that at the moment!” Harry nearly cracked his glass, with the amount of anger that was running through him, “I’m surprised Michelle got away from Voldermort! I heard she was cried when she Voldermort’s deatheaters threatened her by saying they had her three best friends bodies, what’s the matter with her, can’t she stand a bit of action!” Harry thrust him self up, with his wand in his hand. “Harry!!” Michelle came speed walking down the hall, “What you doing?” Harry’s eyes were set upon Malfoy, who was smirking in arrogance. Michelle turned round and saw what had angered Harry.
“Malfoy … Get lost will you!” she snarled at him.
“Oh, getting your girlfriend to fight your battles now are we Potter?” Malfoy sniggered at him and walked off clicking his fingers at Crabbe and Goyle to follow him, which they did.
“You alright?” asked Michelle,
“Yes, just Malfoy is asking for a very early grave!” Harry growled.
“What … Oh Sorry...”

Michelle sat down by Harry and kissed him good morning.
“Where’s Hermione?” Ron asked Michelle.
“She’s still in bed, she was reading some book … bless her,” replied Michelle.
Then as Harry was about to say something, Hermione came waddling down the hall isle and sat out of breath by Ron. Her cheeks bright red, she was panting awfully.
“Whoa! Hermione what’s wrong?” Ron asked nervously pouring her some pumpkin juice and placing it in her shaken hands.
“I had to run away from Peeves he was throwing things, and started to try and ask questions about yesterday!” Hermione forced her words out, and aim to catch her breath.
“Shell, me and Ron were talking last night about that woman that Voldermort captured,” said Harry
“Yes, I’ve been thinking about her to,” Michelle said back.
“Well, we were talking and we think that Voldermort wanted you and woman together, so he could get extra information,” Harry went on.
“What?” both Michelle and Hermione gasped at the same time.
Harry and Ron both explained over breakfast and then they all decided to go and finish talk about this somewhere else.

So the four went to find a more private place, they didn’t talk about the woman until they reached there point. That sat down under a great oak tree. That was round the very back of the castle, and looked out on to the Black Lake, and magnificent view of the safe part of the forbidden forest. Everytime Harry came down here he always remember that his dad, James used to come hang around here with his friends, and that this was also the place that he, (Harry) and Michelle had their first kiss. All four sat down and got comfortable, and started the deep conversation about the woman again in private.

“Yes, why would Voldermort want me, and another person to just get the same information?” asked Michelle, who was leaning against Harry’s chest, fiddling with his fingers, and Harry was doing the same with Michelle’s.

“Well, he might have wanted them same information but in deeper terms. Like the basics from you Michelle and more of the information from the woman, but in more detail,” suggested Ron. Harry sat fiddling with Michelle’s fingers thinking once again in a very moment of thoughts.
“That still doesn’t make sense though, why would Voldermort go through all the trouble of getting that women, try and get the same sort of information from Michelle and then kill the woman, that just doesn’t sound like the sort of thing Voldermort would do,” said Hermione,
“Yes, that’s true, I didn’t think of that. What if Voldermort didn’t get that woman for information after all, but to try and get people to realize that he is back in full power again,” Michelle Suggested, looking inspired by Hermione. Then looked up at Harry grinning proudly, Harry laughed at her smile, and carried on in his deep thought.

Then suddenly Harry spoke, as if he had been away for longer than a few minutes.
“What if like Michelle said, he kidnapped and killed that woman to show people that he was back in power again, but to also to try and get some sort of a … ransom,”

“Year, but mate. What would be the point of kidnapping someone, having them for a few days then just killing them for a ransom? For like, if their dead what’s the point of giving a ransom for a dead person,” answer Ron, sounding quite sophisticated.
“He might have failed the ransom, and just killed the woman because there was no other need with her,” said Michelle.
“Well, I don’t know about you lot but I am just baffled by as these different ideas, I think we should all go back to the common room relax and just not talk about this till later and enjoy the rest of the school holiday,” Ron said, stretching out his arms and throwing a leaf at Hermione, who giggled like a little girl and blushed.

So, once again they all got up and walked on back to the common room.
“Hey, you to love birds, hurry up!” Ron cried back to Harry and Michelle. Who were slowly walking behind Ron and Hermione.


The afternoon went very quick for Harry. He had lots of homework to catch up on and hadn’t started any of it, but how could he work? It was the holidays and the weather was so bright. So he decided he would definitely make a start on it when he came from tea. He and Ron we sat up in their room, while the Hermione and Michelle actually did their homework.
“Oh, I forgot, it’s Percy’s birthday in two days and I haven’t got him anything! Mum is going to go ballistic!” Ron gasped with a nervous look on his face. He jumped off his bed and starting rummaging around in his chest.
“What you doing?” asked Harry
“What do you think? I need to find something for Percy,” Ron said edgily. “I haven’t got any gold to go to Hogsmeade, to get him something and the next trip is in a month! You haven’t got anything have you Harry that I could give him? Have you?”

“Erm …” Harry got up and did the same as Ron and started rummaging around in his chest. “I’ve got what I’m going to give him,” said Harry, lifting up and very neatly wrapped package.
“Oh, could I give him that with you?” Ron spun round starring at the package.
“I don’t think so, sorry. Your mum knows what I have got Percy,” answered Harry. “Why don’t you ask Hermione?”
Ron tilted his head and gave Harry and very stern look.
“Okay, maybe not.”
The boys carried on looking and then gave up, Ron looking very scared. “What have you got Percy?”
“I got him that book on Fudge and how to be the best Ministry worker both by Rodger Melts,” said Harry. “Come one, stop worrying, I’ll ask Michelle when we see her in common room.”

Ron’s face didn’t brighten up as they went down to the common room. As the boys walked down, they saw a large amount of girls huddled round something.

“What they looking at?” Ron looked over curiously.
“Don’t know, probably talking about each other’s hair or something,” said Harry as he was about to climb out of the portrait hole when he heard Michelle’s voice saying.

“Oh, Neville, it’s okay!” Harry spun round quickly, his face filling up bright red.
Ron was still trying to what all the girl’s fuss about, but his face was bright red to.

“Hermione and Michelle are there and they have their arms around Neville,” Ron’s voice was shaking.
“Right, I’m to what’s going on,” Harry stormed over to the group of girls pushed his way through the front, with Ron trailing behind him. Sat there was Neville shaking awfully, his face looked as if it had lost all it’s colour and sat around Neville was about 10 girls all saying thinks like, “He’s just a horrible Pig Neville” and “Oh, you poor thing!”
The two girls who were sat right by Neville were Michelle and Hermione, their arms around Neville’s shoulders.
“What’s going on here?” Ron said in Rage.
“Snape said horrible stuff to Neville,” said Hermione
“Like what?” Harry asked, his eyes stuck on to Michelle who arms were wrapped around Neville.
“Oh. Harry!” Michelle looked up at him. “Neville was going to his detention with Snape and he was making re-do his potion that he didn’t finish it class, and well … when Neville was re-doing it he sort of well … blew up his cauldron and well ... burnt one of Snapes’ eyebrows off,” Ron couldn’t help but blurt out a laugh.
Hermione gave him a very cold look.
“Snape then called Neville a stupid boy and said that he was to curse Neville next time he saw him,” Michelle went on. Neville gave a high pitched moan and started rocking back and fourth. Michelle left Neville and told him she was going to the great hall for dinner, but he could sit near her in at the table. The moment Michelle said this Harry and Ron grabbed the two girl’s hands and dragged them right out of the common and room and down the stairs. Then Hermione broke apart from Ron’s tight grip.

“What’s wrong with you?” gasped Hermione who was rubbing her wrist from where Ron had grabbed, her and Michelle did the same pulling away from Harry. Harry looked quite surprised at her.
“What do you mean?” asked Ron, as if he hadn’t done anything.
“You then in there, the way you came over and just grabbed us,” Michelle said angrily.
“Well, you both there, hugging and being all over Neville,” Harry muttered.
Michelle mouthed, oh and pulled an affectionate face towards Harry.
“No, we just him, you know who how scared Neville is of Snape,” said Hermione. “You should have seen him, he was a bundle of nerves.”
“I’m scared of Snape and when I’m a bundle of nervous you don’t do that to me, guess that doesn’t mean anything to you!” Ron didn’t mean to say that out loud.
“What’s that suppose to mean?” Hermione’s eyes were filling with tears.
“Hermione, I’m sorry, I –” Ron tried to put his hand on Hermione’s shoulder but she pulled away and walked straight back into the common room. Michelle caught Hermione’s arm before she walked onto through the portrait hole.
“Hermione are you alright? I’ll come with you.”
“No, go and have dinner I’m fine, honestly!” Hermione hugged Michelle and walked into portrait hole.

“Go after her Ron,” Michelle told him.
“Okay, is she alright?”
“Not sure, go and try to make it up with her,” Michelle put her arm on Ron, he smiled at her. Ron walked past Harry and Michelle and went into the common room.
Harry turned round to face Michelle.
“Sorry, about before, I didn’t mean anything like that,” he nodded his head towards were Ron and Hermione had walked off.
“It’s fine,” said Michelle.
She hugged him. “Sure you’re alright with me?” Harry asked
“I’m fine, honestly. Sorry if I made you feel …” Michelle’s voice trailed off.
“It’s fine, lets go to dinner,” … “Oh, one thing … I’m not being nasty, but is Neville sitting with us?”
Michelle laughed, “I don’t think Neville will want to be in the same room as Snape at the moment, plus he is probably just enjoying the time with all the girls.”
So, Michelle and Harry walked down together to the dinner hall.

As, they both finished off their dinner, Hagrid came over to them.
“Michelle, nice to see ya’” beamed Hagrid.
“ Alright Hagrid,” said Michelle
“Just thought I’d come down and say it is brilliant to have you back, Oh, sorry, Hello Harry!” Hagrid looked more excited than ever, but Harry thought best not to ask, because he knew that Hagrid had probably found some sort of weird or dangerous animal.
“Thanks Hagrid, good to see you again,” answered Michelle.
Hagrid pulled a huge grin. “Well, better be off …I found an abounded baby animal, not sure what it is yet,” Harry trotted off down the hall singing at the top of his voice. Harry was right about Hagrid having some strange and wired animal.
“Do you recon we should go and see how Ron and Hermione are?” asked Michelle.
So, they did.

The common room was quite alive, and people were still trying to get answers out of Michelle, even though it had been a few weeks since she had been back at school. But Harry just pulled her into his arms and pushed her away from the crowd, the crowd of followed them both across the common moaning at Harry, but Harry just turned round and gave them a very threatening look and the crowd back away slowly, looking like animals that had just been whipped. Then once the crowd had backed, down Harry and Michelle walked over to where Hermione and Ron would be sitting, and they were right, but both of them looked as if they had, had a blazing row. Ron was sat at one side of the sofa looking very guilty and looking Hermione, who was sat at the opposite end of the sofa to try to avoid Ron’s eyes and her eyes swollen from crying. Harry stood looking at the pair, he nudged Michelle.
“So, which one do you want?” Harry said joking;
Michelle laughed, put her finger against her mouth. “I’ll go to Hermione and you can have Ron,” Michelle said grinning,
“Gee, thanks!”

Harry walked over to Ron and tapped him on the shoulder and moved waved his hand for Ron to sit further over the room so the girl’s couldn’t hear what they were saying. The two boys sat down. Harry sat there, not a clue of what to do.
“So … what did Hermione and you do when you came in here?” he finally said.
Ron didn’t say anything for a few minutes. Then he started speaking but very quietly.
“I didn’t mean to say what I said, I was just wound up,” muttered Ron. “How did you now loose your temper, I mean you and Michelle is always fine after a fight, you don’t even fight that often either.” Ron looked up at Harry in pity. Harry laughed nervously.
Another minute of silence went by Harry and Ron.
“Well, Ron … you sometimes have to keep what you think to yourself. Plus, its sometimes good to let the girl start running the relationship to begin with and then soon she understands that you … well … they begin after a while to just relax and you both just have a good time,” Harry felt a bit a weird given advise likes this to give his best friend, about how to run a relationship, it was usually Ron given the advise to Harry.
Ron looked at Harry, his face had a bit more colour filled in it. “Really, that works … right!” Ron was up on his feet and by Hermione before Harry could say anything, he felt quite pleased with himself. He walked over to where Ron was a waited to see what happened.

Harry heard Ron clear his throat, and then he heard him begin his speech to Hermione.
“Hermione, look I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to say what I said. I don’t think sometimes.” Hermione looked up at him, her eyes slightly less swollen. “Really?” she asked a little smile began to appear at the side of her mouth.
“Yes … I love you-” Ron stopped dead. He looked like a ghost. Michelle looked at Harry, her mouth and eyes wide open, (smiling though) Harry looked like her was about curl up on the floor have a laughing fit.
While Ron still stood there, frozen stiff. Hermione though stood up and flung herself around Ron.
“Ron, did you mean what did you what you just said, did you mean that you loved me?” Hermione’s face was glowing with happiness.
“Err, Yes, Ha-ha, I did!” Ron shot out nervously. Hermione flung her arms around Ron again and kissed him full on, (Michelle and Harry were both gazing at what was happening). They broke away with Ron’s face definitely filled with colour now, but his face was brightly coloured cheery red.

“Whoa, Whoa … I just told you what … well … what I feel … what about you?” Ron asked, Harry thought he might have just blown the fuse now.
“Oh, err … I love you!” Hermione didn’t stop hugging Ron. As Ron was being pulled into thousands, Ron quickly put his thumb to Harry and mouthed “Thanks Mate,” and carried on hugging Hermione. They both said night to Harry and Michelle, and then went up to Harry’s and Ron’s dormitory. After Ron and Hermione had gone up, the common room went pretty quite after that. Harry and Michelle were the only people down apart from some first years doing homework and Seamus and Dean who were trying out spells on each other.

“Hey, Harry do you want to come and try this with us?” Seamus shouted over,
“Nah, I’m okay thanks!” Harry cried back
“Michelle, do you want to come and try?”
“No, thanks anyway!”

So, Dean and Seamus left them to it. Harry and Michelle sat down. Michelle sat down with her head resting against Harry’s chest, with Harry’s arm placed on Michelle’s shoulder; Michelle was messing with his fingers. Harry suddenly felt a nasty prick in his scar, but tried to ignore.
“I wasn’t excepting any of this that with Ron and Hermione just now,” Harry laughed.
“Oh, I know … aww bless him, did you see his face when he told Hermione he loved her,” said Michelle. Harry laughed. “What did you say to Ron?”
Harry, smiled, “Oh, just he should keep his thoughts to himself sometimes,”
“Really, I didn’t even really say much to Hermione about Ron.

“Well, I comforted her first and told her that she shouldn’t let it get to her and then I just listened to what she wanted to say and then I took her mind off it and we just spoke about girl things,” answered Michelle, looking quite pleased with herself.
“That’s all you said, but the looks she kept sending over, you told her to do that,” Harry was very curious by this.
“Well, a little bit, but then I told her she was doing it a bit too much, but it worked!” Michelle just grinned at Harry and carried on messing with his fingers.

Then suddenly there was a bang on the window, and Harry got up to see what it was. Harry opened the window and something came floating in. A large, fluffy Barn Owl was perching on the side of were Michelle was sitting. She was stroking the owl and looking at the letter. Harry closed the window, and went to sit back down, Michelle leant back again against Harry.
“Who’s it off?” he asked.
Michelle ripped open the letter and saw by the symbol that was printed on top of the paper fit was from the Ministry of Magic, she passed the letter over to Harry to read, “You read it,”

Harry read the out loud to Michelle.

“Dear Miss M. Murray,

We are pleased to inform you that we have captured one of the deatheaters that were working for You Know Who, and also one of ones that attacked you. We have ye had time to question him, we know their name, but we do not wish to pass it on to you, just in case of any worry or concern it might cause. We hope that you are well, and safe...

We hope that you find this good news like we do.
Enjoy the rest of you school term.

Minister of Magic

Cornelius Fudge,”

Harry lowered the letter and looked Michelle. She had sat up and her face was completely blank.
“Well, at least they have found someone, Michelle,” Harry said trying to comfort her.
“What if they haven’t found one of the right men? Why can’t they question Lucius Malfoy, he was there ” asked Michelle
Harry sighed and smiled at Michelle,
“Look don’t worry about it, they’ve found someone and that’s all that matters, try writing to them and asking if they can give you information when they know more things,” suggested Harry. Michelle nodded.
“I’ll write to Sirius for you, and let him know and see what he says,” said Harry. Michelle stood up, “I think I’ll go to bed, or do want me to stay down with you while you’re waiting for Ron?”
“No, it's fine," Harry smiled. Michelle kissed him.
“Love you,” Michelle hugged him and was about to walk to her dormitory, when got up and caught up after her and hugged her and said, “Love you to,” he kissed her once more and went to sit back down. Michelle’s face was glowing, she ran up stairs

Harry sat down and waited for Ron and Hermione to come back, he looked at his watch it was ten o’ clock. That’s all? Harry thought to himself. He still waited for the other two to come in …

Quarter past ten
Half past ten

Eleven O’ clock

… were they? Harry thought again to him self, they both knew that students weren’t aloud to be out of the common rooms past ten o’clock, unless you were on detention.
Then as Harry was about to doze off, they was sudden bang and footsteps rushing towards were Harry was sat. His scar starred to ache and make him feel quite weird. Harry tried to ignore, just thought it would some of the first years messing around. Then he felt a pair of hands grab his shoulders, Harry’s eyes burst open, he saw a face starring him right in the face. Both Harry’s and other person’s nose touching. The person began shacking Harry rapidly, his glasses falling down his face.
“What the-”
“HARRY!” “HARRY!” The person was bellowing Harry’s repeatedly down at him.
“HARRY THEY HAVE HERMIONE!” They person let go of Harry causing him to fall off the sofa; Harry pulled himself up to his feet and saw that the person was Ron. Ron had his hands on his head, his face pale as anything. He turned round to face Harry, he noticed that Ron’s face was filling with tears, and he wasn’t fighting them back.

“What do you mean, they have her … who Ron?” Harry gasped.
“ I don’t know, … (his voice was shaking) we were walking back to here and then someone grabbed Hermione, I tried to pull her back but they punched me, I fell back and I tried to find her but they were gone! Harry we need to find her!” Ron’s chest was rising and falling fast, his hands shaking.

“Right, we need to get Michelle, Ron goes up and gets the invisible cloak,”
Ron had already dashed up for it and was back down in a few minutes.
“How we going to get Michelle, she’s in the girl’s part of the common room?” asked Ron who was shaking more than ever. “Were going have to go up ourselves, we’ll close our eyes while we enter it,” Ron looked slightly taken back but didn’t argue.

The boys went under the invisibility cloak, and started to climb up the stairs, towards the girl’s rooms. There were a lot more stairs than what there were for their boys. Te finally reached the top, both out of breath, so they both tried to keep their eyes down aiming not to look around.
“What room is it?” asked Ron
“Erm, Michelle said that it was the one near the left hand side of the first corridor, so off they went looking for the first left corridor. There they found it. There were only two doors there. One of them must have been Michelle’s.
“How do know which one?” Ron asked again, Harry could tell he was in a rush to go and find Hermione.
“Look through the key holes,” Ron bent down and looked through the first door, it was hard to see through, but Ron tried his best. Then he stood up and silently pointed to the door. “This one,” he whispered. Harry and Ron swapped places.

Harry straightened up and slowly twisted the door knob, and opened the door trying to stop the door creaking, he successfully got the first part of getting into the room, done he now had to try and get through the room to Michelle. He turned round slowly and told Ron to stay were he was. So once again Harry turned round, and crept further into the room, he kept the door open so he could just creep pit after getting Michelle. Harry stood in the middle of room, his heart pounding in his chest. He looked at each bed, trying to see which one was Michelle, and then he saw her. She was only awake. He crept over to her avoiding the mess on the floor. He reached her bed; he slowly leaned over her and tapped her on the shoulder. She spun round in her quickly, she looked terrified. “Who’s there?” she asked shakily. Harry pulled the cloak off his head and put his finger to his lips. “Harry!” Michelle looked shocked. Harry just waved his hand for her to come out her bed. Michelle climbed out of bed and crept round to Harry.
“Get dressed I’ll explain everything in a minute,” Harry whispered and disappeared in a minute. Michelle knew he was under the cloak.

Harry rushed out of the room and waited with Ron until Michelle was ready. “We’re going to go Dumbledore and tell him,” Harry said, Ron just nodded his eyes fixed on the floor.


The three of them ran down the castles corridors at full speed, with Harry holding on to Michelle’s hands and dragging her very quickly.
“Why are we running?” Michelle asked trying to catch he breath
“Hermione … someone had taking Hermione,” cried Ron

“What you mean?” Michelle’s widened,
“We were coming back from our walk and someone took Hermione, I tried to grab her but I got they person punched me back,” Ron was panting for breathe.
“Oh, Hermione …” wined Michelle. “Were we going now?”
“Dumbledore, to let him know,” answered Harry.

Soon, they came to the goblin that guarded Dumbledore’s office.
“Do you know the password?” asked Michelle.
Harry rattled his brain for they password, it wasn’t sherbet lemons anymore … what could it be? Then he suddenly remembered from a few weeks ago, when Dumbledore was walking down the corridor and he was eating some sweets and offering them to all the students, what were they? Then he remembered.
“Turkish delight!” Harry said to the goblin, for a few seconds it didn’t mover and then there was a bit sigh of frustration, Ron took it the worst, he kicked the wall. Harry heard Michelle say Ron’s name and Ron mutter sorry. The goblin than sprung to life and showed the hidden stair to Dumbledore’s officer. They all climbed the stairs and they arrived at Dumbledore’s office door. Harry knocked on the door.
“Come in,” cried a small voice. Michelle pushed the door open and saw Dumbledore feeding his Phoenix.

“Ah, hello,” Dumbledore turned his face towards the three stood by the door. “Shouldn’t you three be in bed?”
No one spoke. Then came forward and started ranting and raving.
“Sir, Hermione’s been taken, someone in the grounds took her … they hit me when I tried to reach and get her … it’s my fault …” his voice trailed off.
“Ron,” Michelle stepped forward and took his arm and pulled him back try to comfort him and tell him that it wasn’t his fault. Dumbledore look very calm, but a slight bit of worry in his eyes. “Michelle, could I have a word with you in private please?”
“Yes sir,” Michelle looked a little confused at this, Ron and Harry walked out. Michelle was in there for a few minutes.

“What they doing, we need to find Hermione!” Ron was becoming very agitated by this, his hands in his pockets shaking. “We will Ron,” Harry didn’t know what else to say.
“You’re not bothered about Hermione are you?” Ron blurted out.
“What do you mean?” Harry was frowning. “Of course I’m bothered she’s one my best friend!”
“Well, the way your acting, it sort of gives off the impression that your not worried at all! When Michelle went missing I was petrified for her and you! Because I was scared for her!” snapped Ron
“Ron, I care about as much as you do about Hermione, you know that I would do anything to help get her back! So don’t you dare tell say that I don’t care about her!” Harry snapped back at Ron, both of them scowling at each other. Michelle then came out of Dumbledore’s office, she was frowning. “You two, just shut up! You don’t think we have enough problems without you arguing, me and Dumbledore heard you in there! He wants us back in there!” Michelle stood there with her arms folded and glaring her at them both.

The three if them entered the room. Dumbledore was stood up, walking back and fourth behind his desk.
“Sit down, please” Dumbledore said, waving his wand and making two extra chairs appear from no where. “Michelle and I have been talking about when she was trapped by Voldermort. Voldermort and his death eaters mentioned that he would try and get to you Harry (he swung his eyes towards Harry) by as many ways as he could, is that Michelle?” Michelle looked very nervous. She nodded and kept her eyes starring at the desk.
“We still need to go and find Hermione!” Ron cried out.
“Mr. Weasly please remain calm!” Dumbledore said calmly
“But Sir … she needs help!”
“Yes, Ron, I am fully aware of the problem,”
Harry then stood up and butted in, -
“Sir please, I was the same when Michelle went missing! Ron is right we need to find Hermione now!” Ron looked very surprised at Harry, but very grateful!

“Right,” Dumbledore walked round his desk and looked at the three of them
“Sir, please can we go and find her, I don’t want the same to happen to her as to me!” Michelle said out loud, everyone looked at her.
“Right, (Dumbledore repeated again) we shall go and find her but I’ll be coming with you,” Dumbledore pulled on his traveling cloak and they followed him out of his office and down the stairs.

They walked through the corridors once more and then out into Hogwarts grounds. “Sir, one thing how we going to find her?” asked Harry.
Next thing he knew two hippogriyths were flying and landing with a loud thud on the floor. Standing high and proud.
“Harry has your scar been hurting?” asked Dumbledore, as he mounted the Hipogriyth.
“Yes, why” Harry wondered
“We can use it as guide lines, when your scar starts hurting badly, then we know that we are near Voldermort,” Dumbledore was then helping Ron up on to the animal. “Michelle, are you sure that Hermione will be where you were?”
“Yes sir, positive!” Harry pulled Michelle onto his Hippogrityth; she took hold of him around his waist. “Are you alright?” Harry asked Michelle.
“Yeah,” Michelle answered briskly. She took hold of Harry round the waist and waited for the take off. Dumbledore yelled for Harry to follow them.

Three, two, one ... and they were off! The four of them sawing through the air, the cold air hitting Harry on his face very hard. His glasses’ slipping off his nose. Dumbledore and Ron were quickly falling out of sight. Then Harry heard a distant cry from Dumbledore, “Harry, hold on tight, and keep following me!” Harry, only heard the first half. “Michelle, what did he say?” Harry called back to Michelle.
“Keep following him!” Michelle shouted back. Suddenly, Harry’s Hippogriyth was taking speed fast. He tugged on the hippogriyth’s feathers and yelled Michelle to hold onto him tighter. Both Harry’s and Dumbledore’s Hippogriyth was flying down, once again gaining speed in seconds, and then flying back up high.


After a very bumpy and windy ride, they all were lowered gracefully down onto the ground. Each of them was taking a few seconds to get their right balance back. As Harry helped Michelle down, he looked around all he could see was an open forest and field then as looked more closely he saw a strange and random gape in forest, which split the forest up into to two. All the seemed to be in the gap, between the two parts of forest was darkness going on for miles to Harry. Then he looked round and saw Michelle starring were he was, he had forgotten for a moment that this was the place that Michelle had been. He put his arms around her. “Michelle, don’t worry,” Harry said to her, but she shuddered turned round smiled at Harry and walked over to Dumbledore.
“We need to get Hermione,” Ron was already half way down the grass, but before he could take another step, Dumbledore had grabbed his shoulder and pulled him back.
“Mr. Weasley, please, we need to know where to go first,” he let go of Ron’s shoulder and his eyes darted to Michelle. “I’m sorry to ask have to ask you this Michelle, but we did you tell us were to go,” she nodded and just started walking towards were they had to go.

They seemed to be walking for a few minutes, across the open field towards the empty dark black gap. As the walked towards it the darkness seemed to swallow them in, even before they reached it. Then someone muttered, “Lumos” and the place lit up, Harry saw that it was Michelle. Her face was pale white her eyes seemed to be turning very red, he didn’t know what to do. But she just twitched her head for the others to follow her. Michelle just kept walking until; Harry saw a small tint of white light, not coming from Michelle’s wand more a very faint tint of light. They carried on walking towards it, the light started to get bigger and bigger until it had filled the whole darkness and they were stood in a room, then Michelle mutter once more a word, that sounded like, “Samten,” and the room suddenly disappeared, then they were stood in what seemed the heart of the forest. “What the-,” Ron gasped,
“It’s an illusion to trick muggles into thinking they’ve gone mad, I heard Voldermort telling his deatheaters,” Michelle’s voice wasn’t the same it was low and quite.

“Well, were do we go from here to find Hermione?” Ron asked
“I can’t remember from here to were I was, but if Harry’s scar hurts him badly then we know that we are near Voldermort,” answered Michelle. Dumbledore then walked in front. “You lot MUST stay by me at all times, the will be traps lying around, do not fall for them, stay by me. Do you all understand?” Dumbledore’s voice was very stern, no one dared argue him back, and they all just nodded and followed Dumbledore. “Harry, when your scar begin to hurt bad, tell me!” They all walked through the woods. Michelle and Harry walked by each other, Michelle was squeezing Harry’s hand tightly. Ron was walking by Michelle; he was looking all around the forest, his hand trembling. “She’ll be alright mate,” Harry said trying to calm Ron. But nothing helped to calm Ron.

They walked for what seemed to be a very long time, with Dumbledore leading them in front, he has wand out right in front of his nose, and his head kept twitching every time he heard noise. There were a lot of noises filling the forest. No one dared make a word, or even breathe incase Dumbledore thought it was something terrible. Michelle kept tight grip of Harry’s hand. Harry wondered where they were or, when they would arrive to find Hermione. He was getting very anxious at were Hermione might be. Then as they walked, Harry suddenly felt horrible pain run through his head, as if a thousand knives had just been pierced into his head. The forest began to spin, and the next thing he knew was falling onto the floor, his hands grasping his scar. He heard the cry of Michelle shouting his name and Ron, calling Dumbledore over.

Harry’s sight came back after a few minutes, he was lying down, he saw that he was lying in Michelle’s arms; she looked like she was crying. Dumbledore was crouching over Harry to, while Ron had his arm round Michelle.
“Harry are you okay?” he heard Michelle ask him, he didn’t answer straight away. Then as he was about to, Dumbledore spoke.
“Harry that was quite a nasty shock you gave us all then!” Dumbledore helped pull Harry up, Harry was quite surprised at how strong Dumbledore was for his age. Dumbledore got Harry on his and then looked him straight in the eyes. “I’m guessing were near Voldermort now,” Dumbledore waved his wand a thing bottle appeared in Harry’s hand, “Drink it, it will warm you up,” Harry saw it saw Butterbeer, so he drank it all quickly and saw the bottle vanished when he had finished it. Then Harry felt a pair of arms round his neck, Michelle had flung herself onto Harry.

He hugged her back and then they let go, once again Harry got interrupted by Dumbledore when he was about to say something.
“All of you stay quite, he is here,” Dumbledore’s voice became very hushed and very firm. Dumbledore walked a bit forward and then spoke out loud to the forest.
“Tom Riddle! Show yourself, we know that you are here!” Nothing happened for a minute, then there was a loud click and a dark shadow stood in front of Harry and the others. “Dumbledore, you should know by now I don’t like being called Tom, like my muggle father, I prefer Voldermort,” the icy voice filled the forest.

The dark shadow soon became visible to see. Harry let go from Michelle and turned round, he kept his arm in front of her to stop her going forward. Michelle’s face was losing colour quickly. No one moved, until Dumbledore stepped forward, and spoke. “Tom, just hand …”
Just as Dumbledore was about to finish, Voldermort’s snake like eyes, looked op towards Dumbledore and he gave a very frightening glare. “Dumbledore didn’t you hear what I said, my name isn’t TOM!” Voldermort roared the name Tom, before anyone could move or defend him, Voldermort yelled a spell and flung his wand towards Dumbledore, a flash of white light streamed from his wand and were shot at Dumbledore. He was flung from his feet and then floated into the air. A cage of shining silver was trapping Dumbledore and he was turning in the air, his whole body frozen, Harry could tell he wasn’t dead, for the colour was still in face and his chest still falling and rising slowly, a bit too slowly. Michelle screamed at the sight of Dumbledore.

Voldermort laughed a cold laugh and then turned to Harry and the others. “Harry how nice for you to come and see me!” Voldermort sneered.
“What’ve you done with Hermione?” Harry stepped forward towards Voldermort.
“Just give us her!” Ron had stepped forward to and was shaking more than anything
Voldermort was starring right into Harry’s eyes and then looked away and put his hand towards his scaly head. “Oh, you just reminded me about your little friend! Ha-ha!” Voldermort swished his wand and a one death eater appeared, holding something in his arms. Hermione was lying stretched out in the man’s arms, her eyes closed and her mouth slightly open.

“HERMIONE!” Ron was running towards Hermione, and then suddenly another Death eater appeared, grabbed Ron and took him by the arms and pulled him to the side. Ron was struggling wildly but the death eater held him back. Ron gave up trying to get away from the Death Eater; tears were actual falling down his bright red cheeks.
“What have you done to her?” Harry was raging.
“Don’t worry Harry, your little friend is only stunned … just like Michelle was but, she was much, much worse!” Voldermort’s eyes rolled over to Michelle. Michelle stood glaring at Voldermort. “Why have you taken Hermione? She hasn’t done anything?” Michelle was crying. Voldermort didn’t answer but just smiled savagely at her. “Awaken Hermione!” Harry ordered Voldermort. He waved his hand at the death eater holding Hermione, and with in a few seconds Hermione woken up, she looked like she had been an asleep for years. Michelle cried happily at the sight of Hermione, and Ron called her name, his tears turning into tears of happiness, a huge smile filling his face.

The death eater holding Hermione uncaringly dropped her from his clutch but took hold of her around her arms, she struggled to get out the lock, “Let me go!” she snapped, but nothing worked. She and Ron were smiling at each other, not worried at what was going on around them.

Voldermort strolled around the forest floor a little bit but then stopped dead in tracks near Hermione; he smiled around at Harry, who was following Voldermort’s every move (until he stopped). He stroked Hermione’s hair, smiling nastily down at her, Hermione shuddered at the feel of Voldermort’s touch on her, pulling a sickly face. Ron growled at Voldermort, but he took no notice of Ron. “She is a bit of a beauty isn’t she? You do seem to go for the very attractive girls don’t you Harry?” Harry hissed at Voldermort for referring to his girlfriend and Hermione as “a beauty” from him.
Voldermort spoke again, “Just like your father aren’t you Harry. Mixing with the dirty scum, also scum like your muggle born mother, ah?” Voldermort had pushed Harry too far. “Don’t you talk about my friends or parents like that!” Harry snapped. Michelle grabbed Harry’s arm, to stop him doing anything stupid, but he just pulled away.
“No, now Harry, don’t get all worked up!” Voldermort smirked at Harry.

Voldermort strode around Harry and stopped by him. “Do you fear me Harry?” Harry felt Voldermort’s cold breathe slither around his neck. “Fear you, like I told you once Voldermort, I pity you!” Harry laughed back, his insides squirming. Voldermort scowled at Harry, turned away from him and walked slowly over to Michelle. “What about you Michelle, I know you fear me,” said Voldermort, Michelle shivered at the sound of Voldermort’s voice. Harry spun round. Voldermort suddenly grabbed Michelle’s arms and pulled he

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