Surviving the End

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This is the opening to my soon to come short story about a Zombie Apocalypse - let me know what you think of this!

Submitted: October 16, 2011

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Submitted: October 16, 2011




We trundled along the open and deserted road; we all sat in complete silence, listening only to the dying voices of last survivors telling their story on the radio. Some begged for help or company, others just spoke slowly of their fading past. People cried for their dead loved ones, while many just sat in silence playing their last ever chosen song that summarised their shit time of this fucking wasted earth. I remember one time, the first time we had listened...a man spoke. He spoke of how he watched each member of his family decay and mould into these monsters. He spoke of nothing but how they screamed and writhed in pain, as he just sat watching them...until the last moment, till they breathed their final breathe... he killed them. He began sobbing, apologising, crying out the names of his dead family...then there was a bang. That was when it went silent.

Fuck, what’s the fucking point in even telling you this fucking story? We’ve seen no sign of normal life for four shitty months, all I have to tell you is how fucking bored we’ve all got, you know when it’s just you and four other knobs you tend to get...shit. You know, the only reason I am doing this, is because Sigh told me I needed to ‘vent’ my feelings, release all my inner tension....what were his words? Oh yeah, ‘We need make sure we stay as civilised and humane as possible – it’s the only thing that separates us from them’, cocky git. 

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