Elmwood Character Pictures

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Character pictures of Tori, Jacob, Amber, Elodie, Paige, Jackson, Mrs Westerly, Lily, Zach, Tom and River, Isaac and Aaron. Enjoy xx

Submitted: August 22, 2010

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Submitted: August 22, 2010



This is just how imagined Tori :D So, yep, with blue eyes and blonde hair… she’s very pretty, right? X
Again, just how imagined Jacob. Well, technically, the picture came first; I saw this from River Steven’s Possibility and the Promise character pictures, and so Jacob was formed. :D
Though from River’s pictures again, the character of Amber wasn’t actually formed from the picture. Amber has, uh, amber eyes, not the grey ones. I spent ages looking for a hazel-eyed girl I could fit into Amber, but I remembered this photo, and realised it was perfect.
The beautiful Elodie! This is just how I imagined her :D
Oooh, the evil but gorgeous Paige. I love this picture; she’s going to make a comeback in a few chapters, after something happens… duh duh duh!!!
I über epicly failed at finding Jackson. But, here he is. I think the lifesaver just puts the finishing touches to him ;)
Elle Westerly
Meet Elle (as referred to in River’s chapters), but more commonly known as Mrs Westerly. Well, she actually has blonder hair and blue eyes, but oh well!!
This gorgeous girl is Lily, Tori’s sister. I think she’s absolutely adorable :D (I know it isn't a very good picture, I was having trouble finding anything)
This is Zach, Tori’s brother. According to the website this photo was on, this kid is six, but I think he looks older. :/ So, imagine him being about twelve. (Thank God for google, I couldn’t find ANY pictures…)
These gorgeous people are River and her husband Tom :)
This is Isaac, but imagine him with Tom’s hair :)

This is Aaron. He’s absolutely cute!!!


And this is Tori's house :) (And technically Jacob's). Just ignore the larger garage bit. It isn't really there ;)


SOOOO, thanks to everybody, including River Stevens, Houseplans.com, google image finder, parentsconnect.com and flickr, and the respective flickr photographers xxx

(I do also know that these aren't all the characters. Freddie, Eric, Adam, Seth, Luke and a few others don't get pictures. Adam and Seth are technically best friends with Jacob, but I found Jackson's picture first, and I got bored of searching. So, yep!!) xx

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