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Not really sure what genre this is

or what type

Just my musings during a conversation with my little sister about what our children are going to be called

we are both fighting over the name James at present

If we were boys this is what we were going to be called

I hope you enjoy reading this

Any questions, please feel free to ask!

Thanks :) x

Submitted: November 04, 2013

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Submitted: November 04, 2013




I have often thought about what to name my children. Names often define a person. If its a Sarah, a biblical mother, or an Adam, he who (personally) suffered as a result of Eves temptation. Or something like that. My parents are not religious anyway.


But, at the end of the day, names are important; maybe its better not to name my children something that can be made into an rhyme, a harsh variation of the word. Cruelty. Or not. Add a few extra letters and you have yourself an affectionate name. Not the same though. 


I have thought about Poppy. The red flowers on the graves of soldiers. Or an unusual girls name. Its too restraining though, too enclosed, too feminine. What if my daughter does not want to wear red ballet pumps with pink frills on the end of their dresses and apricot bows in their hair, or later, barbie coloured lipstick on her teeth. 

  But instead wants to replace this with lace ups, newly polished, but forcibly hidden in a cupboard, crisp cotton button ups, slacks, chinos, football boots, hair gel, you know, ties from her fathers wardrobe

not heels from mine


perhaps not then. 


Instead, shall her name signify the many choices she will receive in her life. I want to bring her into the world saying; I don't know what, or even who you truly are. No clue. Does it matter?

Their name will (should) scream to them, do as you please, dye your hair, graze your knees, your heart,  -please not your wrists


but remember, always

who named you

the choice you have

to return back to me


take mine for example,


Alexander, Alex, Alexandra, Ally, her, it, (what are we supposed to do with the child now)


“Defender of men”. Yes? Historical, real




Is this what my parents want from me, or just a pretty name, another stone skimmed out to sea. 


I guess I use it as a safe haven. Something to return to when my I is conflicted

Who am I she will ask

More than your name I will reply

But Remember

Through it I will be here for you

Lift you up

Plaster your knees, heart, 


Please not your wrists




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