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Submitted: May 16, 2012

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Looking out the church window I see the fluffy clouds that my big sister and I used to find animals and ice cream cones in. A light blanket of snow covers the pure and beautiful courtyard. My maid of honor and my other best friends help me to put on my ravishing wedding dress. It feels like the ghosts of my grandparents are here, and their watching from above to see me walk down the path of my new life. I smile at my friends while the knot in my stomach grows.

We stride towards the intimidating, colossal doors. I hear the music start, and we begin walking towards the alter. Feeling like an animal heading to the butchers, my minds filled with doubt, but I ignore it. When I finally reach the magnificent alter, we say our vows to love each other forever. As we say I do, a hundred doves fly into the air. We leave the church and head to the reception. As night begins to fall, I see the lovely face of a barn owl.

When we arrive at the reception, a cake covered in vanilla frosting rises in to the air. The phenomenal cake tiers are covered in breathtaking decorations. A table filled with succulent desserts covered with whip cream and melted marshmallow is to the left of the tables of appetizers. Statues of angels and their alluring wings fill the heart shaped room. Lanterns fill the space with a soft light that’s so beautiful it makes my dress look like mere trash. I ask my handsome husband to play the large piano that’s in the corner of the room. His fingers fly effortlessly over the small delicate piano keys that produce such an exquisite sound. He smiles, and I see his teeth that are like the love I feel in my bones.

Pictures of my beloved snow leopard cover the halls of our new house “ I love it!!!!!” I squeal as my gallant, and handsome prince carries me over the thresh hold of our new home. The walls are like clean paper waiting for me to explode with creativity. I begin to explore my beautiful new house. While exploring, I wonder into what will be my husband and my bedroom. A petite cage is on the corner of the mahogany desk; I walk over to find an adorable, and agile albino mouse in it. My husband comes up and hugs me from behind, “ I knew you’d love it,” he whispers to me.

“I’ve always wanted one,” I gasp I open the cage and pick up the adorable little mouse. It scurries around on my hand, and then scampers up my shoulder where it snuggles up against my neck. I name him snow and he squeaks in my ear as if he loves the name. I put him back in the cage and begin to explore some more. I fall asleep thinking about how the house will be my canvas that I can’t wait to cover in strokes of marvelous color.

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