Scene in: Breaking Dawn part 2 "Bella gets mad at Jacob for imprinting on Ness- Renesmee"

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
One of my favorite scenes in Breaking Dawn part 2 is when Bella is furious with Jacob for imprinting on Renesmee.

Imprinting is basically falling in love with someone and doing anything for them. Its a wolf thing and it can happen to anyone. They cant chose who.

This is what Jacob said imprinting was: "Its like gravity moves. When you see her, Suddenly its not the earth holding you there anymore. Its her. And you would do anything..Be anything for her. You become what she needs. Whether that's a friend, or a brother, or a protector, or a lover."

Submitted: January 03, 2013

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Submitted: January 03, 2013



*Edward and Bella are walking back to the house*

Edward: Thats amazing. You ran away from human blood and you made hunt. Even mature vampires have trouble doing that.

Bella: -Smiles-

*Jacob comes outside*

Bella: Your still here? -Smiles-

Jacob: And your still here..-Pause- I didnt expect you to seem Except for the creepy eyes. -Laughs-

Bella: -Cautious- I..I would keep my distance.

Jacob: Its safer for the baby, to see how you do with me first.

Bella: Since when do you care about Renesmee?

*Edward and Jacob share a glance. Edward shakes his head lightly*

Jacob: Alright...Take a whiff.

*Bella takes a strong smell of Jacob*

Bella: -Makes a face- Well i can see what everyones been talking about. Jake you really do stink.

*Everyone smiles and or laughs*

Jacob: You guys..Really look great together.

Bella: -Alittle shocked, But lets it go-

Edward: Are you ready to go see our daughter?

*Jacob smiles and runs inside*

*Bella and Edward walk into the house from their first hunt. Everyone is inside*

Esme: Welcome to the family.

*Everyone moves out of the way and Rosalie, holding the baby, Has her back sort of turned to them and Jacob is hovering over Renesmee*

Alice: You look beautiful, Bella.

Esme: Rosalie..

*Rosalie turns around, smiling, with beautiful Renesmee in her hands. She hands Renesmee to Bella*

*The baby makes a little giggle and puts her hand on Bellas face, showing the first memory she has of her*

Bella: What..What was that?

Edward: -Smiles- Shes showing you the first memory she has of you.

Bella: How?

Edward: Well...How do i read minds? How does Alice see the future? Shes gifted.

*The baby smiles and shows off her few baby teeth that she has*

Bella: -Confused- I was only out for three days, right?

Carlisle: Her growth rate is impecable.

*Bella nuzzles Renesmee under her chin, Jacob gets edgy and uncomfortable*

Jacob: Ok, Thats enough experementing for one day.

Edward: Jacob...Shes doing great.

Jacob: Yea..But lets not push it.

Bella: Whats your problem?

*Jakes face becomes sour. Rose smirks and laughs alittle*

Rosalie: Oh, Do tell her Jacob.

*Bella is really confused but shows a small bit of anger in her facial expression*

Emmett: This should be good.

Edward: Bella..Wait. *Edward grabs the baby and hands it to Rosalie. Rosalie walks next to Esme by the door.*

Jacob: Look, Its a wolf thing.

*Bella becomes angry*

Bella: -Says through clentched teeth- Whats a wolf thing?

Jacob: Uhm, You know we have no control over it. We cant chose who it happens with- And it doesnt mean what you think, Bella. I promise.

Bella: Take Renemsee out of the room.

Jacob: Oh..God -Says under his breath-

*Edward puts his hand on her shoulder*

Bella: Edward dont touch me right now. I dont want to hurt you.

*Edward lets go*

Jacob: Oh.. -Says under his breath again-

*Bella pulls Jacob by the neck outside into the front*

*She throws him to the ground*

Bella: You imprinted on my daughter?!

Jacob: It wasent my choice.


Jacob: Its not like that! You think Edward would let me live if it was?

Edward: Im still debating on that..

Bella: Ive held her once!! ONE TIME JACOB! AND NOW YOU THINK YOU HAVE SOME SORT OF MORONIC WOLFY CLAIM ON HER?! SHES MINE! -She pushes Jacob back onto the ground-

*Edward starts laughing quietly to himself*

*Leah and Seth come out from the woods*

Jacob: Its fine, Leah.

Bella: Your gunna stay away from her!

Jacob: You know i cant do that.

*She throws him again and he hits the ground, hard*

*Leah and Seth start growling*

Esme: Edward stop her..

Edward: He said its fine. -Still smiling- Shes amazing right?

Jacob: Do you remember how much you wanted me around 3 days ago? Thats gone now right?

Bella: Long gone!

Jacob: Because it was her, From the beginning it was Nessie that wanted me there.


*Bella goes to attack Jacob when Seth runs in and Bella throws him harshly into a tree trunk*

Jacob: -Runs over to Seth- Seth are you ok?

*He whimpers but gets up and shakes it off*

Jacob: He'll be fine.

Bella: Seth im sorry.

Jacob: Bella, You know me, Better then anyone. All i want is for Ness- Renesmee to be safe, happy. Look, nothing ever made sense before. You, me, any of it. And now i understand why. This was the reason.

*Bella thinks about it and it changes scenes*

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