Where do they come from?

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Ever wondered where babies REALLY come from? Want to avoid asking grown ups? Fine. I'll tell you...

Submitted: December 30, 2010

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Submitted: December 30, 2010



At some point in your life, never mind when, you wonder where you came from.
Clever parents spin the most awful lies about falling stars and flying birds carrying large bundles. Not so clever parents become all red and the face and scratch their necks uncomfortably.
In case you didn’t know, and want to avoid any long, drawn out conversations with your parents, I will tell you where babies come from.
If you fly up, way beyond the clouds and the planets and all the pretty little stars inlaid in the sky, you will come to a big white factory with a pretty pink gate and baby blue curtains hanging from the windows. This is where babies come from. When a mummy and a daddy want a baby very much, a little message gets sent from their hearts to the post box at the Baby Factory. The workers check each message, then pick out an appropriate baby. They send the babies down from the factory on velvet clouds, where they sink to the ground outside their new home.
But if you happen to be walking in the wrong place at the wrong time and fall off the earth, you will come to the other baby factory.
Here, evil pixies work day and night, plucking nightmares from above children’s heads as they sleep, mixing spider webs and leeches, collecting the blood of dead animals. They have great big cauldrons and get baby moulds in all different sizes, and pour in the mixture, then let it settle for a few hours, and then put in hearts made of ice in the babies. They wrap them up in red velvet blankets and send their evil crows back to earth, to swap the nice babies with the evil babies.
Nobody ever notices, because grown ups are too blind to care.

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