I left my coat in February

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For Lorie DeFisher, getting to her psychiatric appointments every Wednesday was not the worst of her issues.When Lorie's mom passed away, her world stopped. College and marriage were dreams that died with her mother. After Lorie ran out on her dying mom she fled to the farthest city in the state without actually crossing any state borders. It was in this new strange place where Lorie ended up homeless and picked up by local authorities. After speaking with police officials they admitted her in a temporary shelter. Every night, Lorie would talk to herself going over every moment she spent with her mom and cried until the dawn over regrets and memories repeating in her head. Promising her mother she'd marry Jay after graduating were only words she could not accomplish. Lorie couldn't be alone but she needed to be alone.

For what literally would be a free education offering Lorie housing as well, it was attainable, however Lorie was required by the state to attend once a week a "mental analysis" by Dr. Long. Upon successful progression, Lorie would be allowed to live on her own without any supervision or regulations.

Without a mom, friends or anyone to care for her, can Lorie survive mentally, physically..and emotionally? Will Lorie's past ruin her future?

I left my coat in February is an inspirational story about a young woman who used her past to help her fly.

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I left my coat in February

Submitted: February 08, 2009

Going into Senior year was easy and breezy for Lorie DeFisher. Not to mention, her boyfriend Jay made life easier coming over every Wednesday and Friday to help with her mother, a recent survivor or cancer but still weak from her many surgeries. For Lorie DeFisher, senior year would definitely have an easy breezy start. Read Chapter