Why, Oh Why, I Smell You Die

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A poem I did to stretch some creative muscles.

Submitted: November 03, 2010

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Submitted: November 03, 2010



Who do you think I am? Do you give a damn? This whole act is a sham. I'm your devil, be my lamb. Shine deeper in the flames.

Look at this world around us, ain't no trust. Value just breaks to rust, and rots to dust. Survival is a must, but life's just a fuss. Every second I'm alone, I feel the lust. Every day I bleed, I burn down to my crust.

Did you drop your heart, or was it stolen? I wish I was guilty of thievery, I'm falling apart. How can you be so sick and sinister? Like a minister of Satan you drive me in. In the night, I light my wounds with tears.

Nobody move, don't act oddly or you'll die. Don't cry, just stand with the dry eye ally. Why buy from the supply of your agony? Why cry for the murder of your rapist? Why, oh why, oh why do you have to cry now?

Sometimes I float into the beautiful sky. Up there I can smell you die and try to live. I give you 2 seconds too bleed out and die. Forgive me, not, I love watching you suffer.

Bumper to bumper, I'm that dead bunny thumper. Kinda funny, really, my mind has gone silly. Withdrawn from the addiction, I'm diseased. Displeased, I release my affliction of scars. Behind bars, all I can say is I still love you.

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