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This is not a novel. It's an iformational book that tells the gap of the Legacy Test Novel. This will tell you as much information as much as it could.

Chapter1 (v.1) - The Information of the world of

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This is not a novel. It's an iformational book that tells the gap of the Legacy Test Novel. This will tell you as much information as much as it could.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 28, 2010

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 28, 2010



This is the history of the world of... LEGACY.


In Latin, "Bellator" means "Warrior." Bellators are Humanoid White Tigers with a legendary bloodline of war in them. They are the most respected and feared race on the planet. They do have different personalities but all of them have the same thing: A bloodline for battle, a sense of honor, a very strong sense of right and wrong, sensing fear,a great use for truth, having a wide use for their knowledge, and having a thing for making stuff by their own hands. But their bloodline slowlybecomes morein effect as they age until they are fully matured.They are one of the only races that don't have magic...But they don't need it. In the ancient times, they found an alien liquid that fell into their world. It was grey as a liquid but turns into a very strong and flexible black colored metal. They forged it into armor that sparks when hit with something in lethal speed.
They were isolated in a snow-bound land but was lushing with life from snow trees to animals that adapt to cold conditions. This is where the Bellators thrive. On the outer territories, the place was hellish, ugly and destructive... The Bellators lived more around the edges and thrived in the center. In the center, the land was beautiful.There where tall mountains that touched the sky, the trees had green leaves but had snow on them, some of the grass popped out of the snow, and wildlife was incredible. The skies where a little cloudy most of the time, though, but at night, the skies show their place in the world! Their cities where on top of the stable mountains for protection. Bellators can adapt easily.
They where first attacked by human pirates. Two Bellators where out on the frozen shore while other Bellators were making a new junk to try to search the world of other life. At that time, the Bellators only saw their snowy land and it's cold. The outside of the land was not charted. Even though a sick Bellator can live for years in the barren land, they would die still because of the land having no life, very cold conditions, and being in an eternal storm. So they decided to make a ship with the driftwood from the trees. The pirates thought there were riches in the new land and got a full army to take whatever they could find. When they arrived, they found an advanced civilization that had buildings, weapons, and armor. When the Bellators first saw the ship, they thought it was a tribe of other roaming Bellators. Instead, when the pirates have landed, they where shocked to see other intelligent creatures in the world. They put their taiahas in attack position then, after the pirates came closer, both of the races were surprised. The humans spoke common, which was foreign to the Bellators. One of the Bellators came to them and took out his hand. The pirate tried to attack but missed. The two Bellators were suprised how sloppy they fought.One step and the pirate misses.The two Bellators easily killed the entire army of pirates with only six men left and they were thrown into the prison.Only one man escaped and drove the world into war with the Bellators for gold.The homeland of the Bellators now was the most fought out place in the world.
A normal number of bellators set sailed with the junk to see the world. When they came back a year later, they brought maps, new food, and, luckely, a few dwarves. The dwarves and the Bellators had a relationship and became allies.The problem was is that the enemies of the dwarves attacked the Bellators, only to learn that they were no match for them... But their enemies weren't their only enemies...
The homeland was fought for by war-driven orcs, goblins, Redeyes, Drow, Dracos, etc., and even worse then all of them combined, Warlords with their unknown undead armies... Then their greatest battle yet, against the Revolaters, the army of combined forces in war with the Paladin armies. This is where they get their legacy.
Only a number of five hundred defended their homeland from the Revolaters. Not in one place but fought against millions in a single battle! But they knew they would not last long so they made an alliance with the dwarves. With the Dwarves forging techniques andtheir guns withthe skill of the Bellators, they defeated the army. During this war, they made a sacred warrior known as Baowulf, the leader of the armies of the Bellators and having powerful armor, is only chosen in times of great need. And so, the Bellators' won but loosing their own four hundred dead. This is where they gained respect and fear.
Near this time, theBellators have became the world's most feared race in the world, exception is for the undead, who have been feared since the beginning of the world.The only thing is about the undead...Is that they are only known in myths. They haven't been proven that they exist and scientist say it's impossible for the dead to rise without living again.
TheBellators had to choose a side in the New World War; The Allies, or the Banes. They first decided to join the Banes but two things made them join the Allies is that even though the Allies met the Humans first and was attacked, they had the dwarths on their side with the banes having more enemies and a large army of Dracos attack their military ports, unsuccessfully. Now they fight the Banes for honor and for some payback for their "Invasions."


Bellator warfare is one of their most greatest weapons.Bellators, in the ancient age, used the Taiaha, greatshield, huntren bows, javilins, xiphos, Starblood Armor, and many other items as their main weapons and defenses. Just like the Spartans of the R.E.A.L. Universe, they from a phalanx and no Bellator is stronger then the other...But it is subspecies that counts. The Siberan Bellators are in the back to support the front and the southern Bellators to be in the front,do to their smallersize. The taiahas were put in spear possition over their greatshieldand greatshields put in front.before the enemies charge over them. Not even Redeyes and Taurens can break the phalanx, no matter how strong they are! They used bows for long range attacks and xiphos when their taiahas were broken. It worked so well with their natural abilities, along with using the envirornment,that this protected their homeland. Not even the Revolaters could defeat them!
In modern warfare, they send groups called "Four-Man Armies" to battle.Usually, each group has a small band, or pride, as Bellators call it, to different places in battle to take out the masses of enemies. Since they are masters of battle, they have very few casualties.
They also have the power to control fear.Since they have been feared for so long and know what fear is like by sensing it, they have harnessed this weapon in many of their battles.


AllBellators have their own looks, from longer hair, to taller frame, to hair styles, muscle tone, and many others, but they all have certain features.
They have high-heeled feet, which has the heel lifted while the rest of thepaw pointing forward is lowered in the middle and stops at the upper part of thepaw along with the toes. They have black andwhitecoats that keep them warm in their frozen land. The stripes stop at the front of the adomine (Not the chest) to the front of the thighs. Their built may not be like humans, but they are muscular enough to show a normal/strong built. Their neck is slightly more pointing forward to look more like a bowing. Their hands are different then human hands. They had padding on them, slightly more skinnier, and hides the claws in the fur. They are at least above 6F10INCH when fully matured.All of this changesdepending on their breed, though. TheSiberan have longer coats and have a taller frame, while the Bengalians are more modern and perfectly made alongwith medium coats.


They have the greatest and worst reputations Gaia has to offer, mostly being fierce, cold-blooded, heartless, and other mockeries. This is more popycock then most things you'll see in a dwarven bar.A small Human team of scientist and culturist have entered thecapitol of theBellator Northlands and learned some pretty interesting stuff thathappens in their realm.
They have a high sense of honor, disciplin, devotion,and, if you have proven yourself to that Bellator, no matter if you're Human or an Orc, you can be called brother in their eyes. Yes, they have a bloodline of war, but that may change over time.

They are one of the most patient races you can find in the world, third to the Tauren. Even though some Bellators have things withKender, they still can wait. They have gained this by hunting and waiting in frozan lands that snow all year long.
Not all Bellators are into poetry, but most of them write poetry to focus on their life, to calm down, to meditate, or to pass the time, and so on. Some of the most beautiful poems ever written were from Bellators, like A Soul of a Sparrow.

There are two things Bellators like most: Meditations and HotSpring Baths.
Even thoughBellators do not really have a solid religion, butthey believe in souls and the afterlife. The body contains the soul, the soul contains the mind and heart, the mind controls the body and soul, but the heart (the most important) contains who they are.Meditation suths the soul and relaxes the body, making it stronger, sharper, helps see life of what it is, and strengthens the soul.The way it works is meditation releases theheart, mind, and soul fromthe body,relaxes the mind, spreads the soul around, and lets the heart remember. what you really are, frees the soul from the trapped body and see what is beyond reason and strength and meaning. Many things can happen during meditation. It all depends on who it is.
And their favorite thing Bellators like are hot spring baths from the mountains of Northlands. Once he/she is in there, they feel like socializing more and talk just about anything. Bellators can be asocialrace when they want. Private springs can also be a place for meditation, making them more focused on it.

They also have a thing for making and creating items and weapons and many other gadgets. If they get board, they try to make just about anything they can think of. For soldiers, it's modifying a gun.
But not every Bellator does this.Some have it, some don't. Some build on each while others are decreasing as a Bellator matures.


Bloodlines are the essence of Bellator anceisters, their power passed on to their decendents. All most all bloodlines have lost their magic. The first few Bellators that were born were born with no magic. Only one of them had it, though... The Ancients Bloodlines.
Ancients Bloodline is very rare among Bellators, for only a very few managed to be born with it. Not even all decendents of the Ancients are born with the blood. But, with the ones that have their magic, they become one of the most powerful warriors Gaia has ever seen. The most powerful and well knownbeing Skye Bry'syngr.

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The Information of the world of

Status: Finished

Genre: Other



Status: Finished

Genre: Other



This is not a novel. It's an iformational book that tells the gap of the Legacy Test Novel. This will tell you as much information as much as it could.
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