Coven of Thirteen

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The power of Revenge!

Submitted: May 17, 2007

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Submitted: May 17, 2007



Beneath a full moon, in a darkened sky

There is a blanket of fog on the ground.

In a run down shack outside of town.

Thirteen witches will be found.

A steaming cauldron

And a Black flame candle.

Eye of toad and wing of bat

A potion, they dare not mishandle.

At precisely the stroke of midnight

The powers of thirteen.

Shall forever bind this mortals soul

To a hell, he can not see.

With the powers of this coven

Revenge, we take on thee.

May your days be forever cursed

By this Coven of Thirteen.

From the depths of the cauldron

There came a gurgling sound.

Fire flew from their fingertips

It then boiled over, spilling onto the ground.

Alone in a darkened corner

Their victim would be found.

Stripped to the waist, and chained to the wall

He screamed but could not make a sound.

They filled their silver chalices, the sisters one by one

They poured the scalding liquid, like wax upon his chest.

The searing pain, tore through his heart.

From this day forward, his soul would never rest.

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