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The Liberal truth, as they want you to hear it.

Submitted: May 22, 2007

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Submitted: May 22, 2007




Welcome to

Self appointed watchdog of the liberal truth.

If your opinion differs from theirs

They'll tell the world it's an untruth.

They're more partisan attack dog

Then liberal media watchdog.

A hit list of Conservative legends

They've managed to log.

They live to push the liberal agenda.

The truth they claim to defend.

Liberal truth,  is an oxymoron.

To censor you, they'll go to any end.

Dare not mess with the elitist left.

They seek to create a witch hunt

Akin to McCarty and Hollywood.

To silence you they'll stoop to any stunt.

The truth is usually the victim

Of their relentless crusade.

Censorship is their tool.

In their never ending media parade.

Long live Rush Limbaugh

God Bless Bill O'Reilly

May their voices never be silenced.

Their opinions, I value highly.



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