Saturday Night

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Living for Saturday Night!


A weeks worth of work

It's finally Saturday Night.

Time to cut loose with friends

Time to enjoy the cities bright lights.

A local club, down on Dixon Street

A band called Southern Pride.

A pitcher of beer and a few good friends

It's a festive atmosphere inside.

It's Saturday Night

The Country music thunders loud

The place is packed to the rafters

It's a boisterous, fun loving crowd.

A certain blonde has caught my eye

Our feet soon hit the floor.

Line dancing and two stepping

Who could ask for more?

Another Saturday night

A few too many beers.

As I stagger and stumble to the cab

I'm a little drunk it appears.

It's Sunday morning

I roll over and what do I see.

That sweet young blonde

She's lying next to me.

I'll count the days through the week

Till next Saturday night.

When once again I'll hit the dance floor

My passions again, they will ignite.






Submitted: July 29, 2007

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