Journey of Awakening Poetry Collection

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Four years ago I began a journey into wakefulness. There have been ups and downs, losses and gains. Along the way and upon the many unexpected plateaus, I jotted down some thoughts that poured out
in the form of poems. The structure is by no means proper, however I hope you enjoy and can identify with them. Ad astra; to the stars.

Submitted: April 28, 2018

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Submitted: April 28, 2018






All of the years before

filled with drama and despair.

You remained patiently quiet,

but you were always there.


And when the path was interrupted,

and often hard to see.

You were the invisible navigator

quietly guiding me.


Caught up in expectations,

and always striving to make the right choice.

I had missed your gentle prodding,

and the calming silence of your voice.


But in my deepest slumbers

I could not ignore.

That I recognized your face

from some other place or time before.


Like a vague memory

that was thought to be lost forever.

At last it became clear

that you had accomplished your unselfish endeavor.


I realized you were not separate from me,

But my own silence and embrace.

And released from my self-imposed trappings, 

I felt consciousness rise; along with wisdom and grace.


My higher-self revealed to me

that I was no longer alone.

And reminded me of amazing things

I had already known. 


While peacefulness washes over me,

 as too my desire to learn.

I seek out those who understand my wakefulness,

And that my journey towards the stars

has also been my return.


Purpose and truth are the guides now

along this spiraling avenue.

Always upwards, always higher,

And towards a brighter venue.


The knowledge that I am not merely passing through

but have been here forever,

Comforts me on a sometime solitary traverse. 

Then my higher-self reminds me gently,

I am One with Myself.

Just as much as I am One with the entire Universe.




Focus Among Chaos


With fear and trepidation, I look upon the faces

of many that are etched in my Mind. 

Not just the memories of love that tracks and traces

but of those lives that I am so intertwined.


Where do they end and I begin?

Who to forget now, and all they have been?

How can I possibly discern,

Will it be me or them that suffer when I am unwilling to return.


Unable to make those held in high regard

understand why I am no longer the person they knew.

They refuse to realize that their pain and anger make it hard

for me to focus on what will ultimately benefit them too.


My love for those that remain asleep, is but paused. 

And if that love cannot endure,

I will find solace in their hopeful awakening.

Of which I might have caused.


What began as a mission to destroy what was thought to be holding me back,

now only fills me with elation.

Instead of defending my agenda,

my plan to destroy, has become one of creation.



Moving Forward


If I should ever question my motives why I have set sail; 

the answer would no longer matter.

There is no turning back, nor the desire to.

I'm swept away by the tide of awakening;

Learning to navigate and stay a float simultaneously, 

overwhelmed and overjoyed at once.

The course is set, the waves are in motion; 

and although they never give up their secrets in order; 

I still discover them; holding them close 

until I can understand their value and meaning.

Sometimes gliding as though I had wings, 

sometimes crashing, breaking apart on the jagged rocks 

of my self-imposed limitations. 

Only to surface again, see the light, and keep sailing.



Infinite Homecoming 


There is a feeling of longing 

For someone unnamed

A faceless emptiness 

Whose identity cannot be attained


In dreams, it’s warmth surrounds me

And teases my new eyes 

With flashes of gold and light

As it illuminates those who still hide


For I am not alone in this dream

I can feel those that dwell in the dark

Fearing the light in silence

And extinguishing every promise of a spark


Unlike them, I long for the golden light

And step away from the darkness inside

Reaching out toward the one that will guide me

And the one, all hopes I will confide


My return will be met with encouragement

By those I’ve been helped to choose

Spiraling upwards more quickly this time

And able to recognize all of the clues


The purpose of my being; 

A secret so willingly spoken

Revealing what was always known

Only my Mind needed to be opened.


The face I sought was but a reflection

It was never hidden or disguised 

It had been waiting for me to awaken

And at last I saw with clear eyes


An image of an eternal Mind

One, yet part of many others

Spiraling and waltzing endlessly

As if we were long lost reunited lovers


The warm embrace of a welcoming Mind

Is like an infinite home-coming

I would venture to say,

One that is part of, and feels like

An endless and beautiful day



Left Behind


I don't have the right to ask

Where it all went wrong 

It wasn't right from the beginning 

The question now, how long


How long do we stay 

What is the appropriate length 

For ending a part of your life

And do we have the strength 


I don't believe love turns to hate

It was never one or the other

Just a longing to be needed

Or an escape from another 


Smothered and choking

Waiting for the chance to leave

Projecting that need onto another

And convincing an unsuspecting heart to believe


So I find myself guilty 

Of not one crime but two

Of destroying your dreams

And what you thought was true 


For what is really true love

Can never be harnessed 

It's fleeting moments of connection 

And perhaps the joy it caused us


Of these joys I will remember

And never forget

While continuing on my path

Leaving behind any regret



Delicate Warrior


It occurred to me while looking at this bloom

How tightly protected is it’s beauty and hue

While the thick, green shell is the first layer we see

It gives way to a papery tissue;

the last barrier until it’s finally set free


As thin as the last filmy layer may be

It’s strength disguised becomes the one 

That clings to us most determinedly 

Maybe protecting us from harm 

is it’s only offense.

And fulfilling it’s purpose of being the last defense


Peeling back the layers requires patience and time

Taking little comfort in knowing just how far we’ve already climbed

The will to succeed, tempered with a thoughtful demeanor 

Realizing at last you’re a warrior, as well as a dreamer















© Copyright 2020 Belle Hamed. All rights reserved.

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