Interview with a hot headed Valarian

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Getting Balthazar to agree to do this interview was maddening. But getting him to open up about his life was war.

Submitted: May 11, 2011

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Submitted: May 11, 2011



(Pure Breen Valarian and founder of the DA’s)
Name: Balthazar of Persia (Cryus)
Height: 6’7
Hair: Wavy Black hair hangs a little past his shoulders. He is known for having two thin braids with glass beads on the ends at the left side of his temple.
Eyes:Crystal blue. They tend to glow when he is aroused or feeding from the root. They also turn light golden brown when he goes feral or when he is in either lion of panther form.
Other distinguishing marks:A tribal tattoo going down the back of his spine and continues, covering the right side of his chest, torso and upper arm and travels below covering part of his buttock. He has both nipples pierced with rings and has his left ear pierced as well as an ear clip over the upper cartilage. (Later on he gains a gruesome scar across his face from claws.)
Unique abilities:Shimmering; a form of teleportation (only able to be performed by Pure Breed Valarians). Dream walking, telepathy, mind control,
Weapon of choice:fists, claws, teeth and daggers
Achilles heel:Because subjects first bonding tie with former mate Zahra was severed, his heart is weak and prone to damage easier.Subject may not be able to take another mate without destroying his heart, inevitably leading to his death.Natiya becomes the woman that could make him love again, but it could kill him in the process. Subject eventually loses his soul.
Interview with Balthazar
Miya:Gotta nickname?
Miya:Fav color?
Balthazar: ….What does it matter?
Miya:I’m just trying to break the ice. You know, get to know you?
Balthazar: …..
Miya: Never mind. When were you born? I mean you were born, right?
Balthazar:We all came from somewhere. Didn’t we? I was born human around 490bc.Then became Pure Breed Valarian around 465bc. Kind of a long time ago, so, dates become quite blurred.
Miya:I can only imagine. Did you have any siblings growing up?
Balthazar:Yes. I have a twin brother, Jafar, who is about a minute and a half younger than me. And then I have an older brother, Azad, who is 3 years older than I am.
Miya:Have you always gotten along with your brothers?
Balthazar:I do remember being close to them at some point but when we became Pure Breed Valarian things kind of took a dive south. And we owe this all to you. Your story sucks by the way.
Miya:And you being a character in it, isn’t a cup of tea either buster. So watch it!!...
Balthazar:I don’t take kindly to threats.
Miya: Dually noted. Moving on. Do you have a special someone in your life?
Balthazar: Was that a rhetorical question? Because I’m kind of getting bored answering questions you already know the answers to.
Miya: Okay…. The answers that you give are not for me, there for the readers.
Balthazar:I just don’t understand why I have to talk about my life, when clearly you can just tell them yourself—…….
Note: Balthazar started raising his voice at me, clearly agitated. Maybe tonight wasn’t a good night to do the interview. Baal gets up from his chair continuing his rant before punching the wall and storming out of the room. Can we say “anger management”.
We will continue the interview when Baal is in a much better mood. sorry for the inconvenience.
Authors note: I decided since the interview didn’t go well last night with me as the interviewer,I thoughtI might try having a different character from the book give the interview. Balthazar seemed more receptive to that notion.
Authors note: This interview is conducted by Cash.
Interview with
Cash:So, I head you threw a girly tantrum and couldn’t finish a simple interview last night.
Balthazar:Do you really want to start off like this?
Cash:I’m just saying baal. A girly tantrum doesn’t become you.
Balthazar:{middle finger}
Cash: Anyways. Where were you born?
Balthazar: In Persia as a human.
Cash:How did you become a Valarian pure breed?
Balthazar:My brothers and I were approached by the bitch goddess from Egypt, Basekh. She fed us a bunch of bull-shit about becoming immortal and like dumb fucks we – …..
Cash Notes: Author bursts into interviewing room—must have been watching through that damn one-way glass—tries to encourage baal to use more appropriate language for the interview, in that oh so lovely voice of hers. Frankly the fact that Baal didn’t chew off my head and spit it out for the scum of the world to eat after bringing up a hurtful part of his past was good enough for me. Who cares if he wanted to vent by using a more “colorful” vocabulary.
Cash:So, before we were rudely interrupted—banging on the glass could suddenly be her, ignoring it—how did you become a Valarian?
Balthazar:An Egyptian Goddess came to my brothers and me and offered us immortality. We took it.
Cash:A little selfish, don’t you think?
Balthazar:We were young and stupid boys at the time, not men. I regret the life that I chose but if I hadn’t have chosen it, I never would have met—
Cash: met who?
Balthazar: nobody.
Cash: Natiya. She’s oh so hot hot hot. I mean, who would have known that a white haired Atlantean would fall for a really disturbed valarian, like yourself. When there is someone like me who could give her a good—
Note; Balthazar griped the arms of the chair he was sitting in, until they splintered.
Balthazar:If you breathe her name again, I will drain every ounce of blood from your body, cut out your heart with my claws and spear it with my dagger and then, put it in a glass case for display.
Cash: Moving on then. {Looking at his notes} Oh look what do we have here, Weapons of choice?
Balthazar:Fists, claws, teeth, my daggers. I like my battles up close and personal, if you get my drift.
Cash: —cough jerk cough—. {Clears his throat} Any hobbies?
Balthazar:You mean besides the idea of using your head as a basketball. No.
Cash: You’re kinda mean.
Balthazar: I’m honest.
Cash:Well then, any favorite foods.
Balthazar: … Well a warm cup of blood is always nice but whatever Natiya cooks for me is a favorite.
Cash: Like chitlins?
Balthazar: What the hell is that?
Cash:Never mind. What has been your fondest memory since becoming a Valarian?
Balthazar:Meeting Natiya in Agartha. Having seen such pureness in a place of such darkness still has me in awe.
Cash: Awww, that’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard. And this, coming from a man who is far from sweet. Mean, possessive, angry but not sweet.
Balthazar: Mock me again and you die.
Cash: Dude, what’s with the death threats? Anyways, what is the worse memory you have since becoming a valarian?
Balthazar: Being held in the realm of Valara doing our goddesses biding.
Balthazar:Like none of your fucking business.
Cash: See, angry. And finally what is the position in which
Natiya loves to be in while I—
Authors note: Balthazar had Cash on the ground introducing his face into pavement before any of us knew what was going on. Cash’s nose was broken in two places, lip torn open, both eyes sealed shut. I’m sure he won’t be talking about Natiya any time soon. P.S. That last question was not a part of the interview. And Cash is still alive, heart thankfully not in a glass display case
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