The Unordinary Life of John Doe

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When simple evolves into something else.

My name is John Doe or so that's what I've been lead to believe. Stuck in a loop I am destined to live out the days of my boring existence. But What was so simple was not as easy as it seemed.

Submitted: August 31, 2012

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Submitted: August 31, 2012




Chapter One


Look, I’m not going to lie to you, I’m an ordinary guy and there is nothing particularly exiting about my life. I get up, I go to work and I come home. The most excitement I might see is located in the comic section of the Sunday newspaper. Other than that, my life is pretty dull.

I’m single so I usually eat a lot of frozen food dinners and If do go out, I’m almost always at a local bar down the street in Westport called Kellies. They serve really good margaritas on Friday nights and their Pizza’s amazing. But that’s besides the point.

I don’t go chasing bad guys into dark alley’s at night to save any kind of damsel in distressed like they do in the movies. That’s just not me. I’m not a hero and I’m not brave….

Except for this one time.

I don’t know. I must have been drunk, matter of fact I know I was because all I remember was that I was on my way home from Kellies after having one too many shots of tequila when I heard a scream.


Now when I mentioned that I was drunk this is how the incident played out in my mind originally.


 “Hey!”  I yell as I rounded the corner following the scream into a near by ally. Two dark figured struggled behind a dumpster one taller than the other. I raced towards the unmatched fight stopping shy a few feet away and yelled. “Stop, before I call the police.” I whipped out my phone, finger hovering over the emergency dial. “Don’t make me do it.”

The hooded man turned around on his heels haunting me with the eerie grey glow of his eyes and foul odor of his breath in the cold air.

“I am you.” He snarled, grapping me by the neck with one freakishly large hand. I instinctively reach for his wrist with one hand as he pushed me up against the wall, my head hit hard on the bricks and I managed to push the emergency button on my phone before everything went black.


Even though I failed, it’s still pretty dramatic, right?

 Now this is what really happened.


“Hey…Hey you.” I stumbled over a beer can catching my fall on the brick wall to my left. The hollow sound of the can rolling against the pavement echoed through the ally. “Hey you!” I yelled again, holding out a finger with great threat. “Youneeda stopdat rightnow….beforIcall depolice.”

I began to pat myself down in search of my phone, jean pockets first, then jacket. Now all I needed to do was find it. “Wheredid go?” I mumbled to myself. My head started to tilt my body forward as I frustratingly searched for my phone. I checked the inside pockets to my jacket and found it buried inside then pulled it out as if holding up an Olympic gold metal. “Ah ha.”

The moment of discovery was quickly demolished when I was suddenly thrust up against the wall by a rather large hand. I honestly didn’t get a good look at him but the stench of his breath was clear when he opened his mouth and said. “I am you.”



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