From the Western fair to the Thames River

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P.o.v Explanation of a horrible halloween in the 1970's
fiction by Rick Paradis

Submitted: January 29, 2013

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Submitted: January 29, 2013



From The Western Fair To The Thames River
A tale by Rick Paradis

Twas Halloween eve and due the the harsh times we live , kids would not be goin trick'r'treating. The reason festivities were cancelled was due to a child abducter on the loose , "THE EAST END SNATCHER" had been terrorizing the neighbourhood for over 2 weeks. 4 children had gone missing near the ol' abandoned  Western Fair , and grisly evidence was found near the Thames river. At 3:45 am Halloween morning Oct 31 1979 , a man named Clarance Brown was arrested after trying to lure a teen to his Dodge Tradesman. But the "teen" was a young undercover policewomen incognito as a schoolgirl. Police and swat swarmed the van and took down Brown with a more than horrific amount of force. After finding some Halloween costumes ,  gruesome polaroids and clothing belonging to the deceased kids , London Police had sloved their caper and told RH.69 Radio to inform the soon awakening citizens Halloween was back on.

The name's Chris Eastwood and before you ask , no relation . I grew up in a shitty little town in South Western Ontario goes by the name of Cooleyville . I packed my backs when i was 23 and hitched a ride to the city .... London circa 1979 was a nice quiet place , like all places though there are area's where you walk a little faster . I lived in one of those areas in a project no less but i had a wee advantage , my neighbour Ricky Maclean was
related to my dads best friend and i knew him from when we were kids . Me and Ricky used to smoke reefer when ever there was a family reunion , and he allways told me to come to London  .When i did get to the 519 I quickly found out that Ricky hung around some pretty heavy cats but they were cool . I was convinced man , London had 3 movie theaters , a comic book shop and some places where a man could get every kind of meat fried and on a stick .  But enough of my memoirs , let me tell you about Halloween 1979 .

My shift at Wrightson Auto ended at 9 and i hopped on the bus headed east. I got of early which was wicked because the comic shop i told ya about was right at Rectory and Dundas , just a few short blocks from where i hang my hat . I grabbed the latest issues of Heavy Metal and Master of Kung Fu . When i left and headed to CN park i seen a bunch of guys i knew from Ricks hanging out by the jungle gym . "LEGALIZE IT MAN " that got a laugh and friendly retort. I got to the end of the park where the  semi-low income buildings stood and wouldnt ya' know it , the front door was all smashed to shit . I ignored it , Vincent Price is on at 10 and Lugosi after Karloff , I rolled a doobie for each of my favourites. I heard some kids screaming but that was normal Rickys new girlfriend had  4 and 7 year olds .  

All the sudden the hydro was out , i let out a "FOR FUCK SAKES" and went to see if the hall way was dark . I seen flashlight beams moving about so , I opened the door and  every ounce of my blood wish I had'nt. My neighbour and life time friend was cut open and his guts were being dragged by a man in a Clown outfit . I ran at him and after I had him on the ground I caved his head in with my old pair of allstars . I looked in Rickys Apartment and seen Becky his girlfriend brutally murdered and his kids wrapped in a unholy situtation tied on the couch . I puked and bursted into tears , I ran into Rickys room and grabbed a blanket and the baseball bat his dad gave him . I tossed the blanket on the kids and went to the hallway , i went to the stair case and there was blood all over the floor like someone was dragged while bleeding out . I got to the lobby and there was about 15 kids tied up . BLAM , I was the floor i had been hit hard .

 I felt the blade of a long knife go into my stomach and repeated kicks to the chest . I looked up and i was being attacked by a guy dressed as fucking Santa Claus . I rolled onto my stomach and went blurry as all hell my vision went to fog , 2 voices were arguing and then silence . I opened my eyes still alive and seen the last kid pulled out side , then pure pain a knife jammed in my spine . My neck twitches to the left and wouldnt your fucking know it . Honest Abe Lincoln had stabbed me in the goddam back .
None of the bodies from biggest mass kidnapp in Canadian history were ever found.... either were the men who committed these dastardly crimes .

© Copyright 2018 Rick Paradis. All rights reserved.

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