John's Legacy Continues

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John's legacy continues.

Submitted: October 31, 2013

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Submitted: October 31, 2013



“Did you know there is a story behind that house?” Johnny asked Debra as he pointed towards a house in the middle off a cornfield.

“No I didn’t but do tell me the story.” Debra said as she began walking towards the house.

Johnny looked at Debra and smiled at her. Debra was different from the rest she wasn’t like most girls who were so afraid to walk on the grass or even go near the rural side of the city. Johnny had been and was lucky to have such a beautiful girlfriend like Debra. She was everything any guy ever wanted, blue eyes blonde hair and a voluptuous body.

“Such a shame.” Johnny whispered as he caught up with Debra and hooked his arm with hers.

“So tell me the story Johnny.” Debra said as she looked at him.

“Okay, so according to what I heard there used to be a married couple living in the house. Everyone who saw them thought they were a perfect couple both green eyed athletes and while the man had blonde hair the wife had black curls, they really did seem to fit together perfectly but in truth they didn’t. What no one ever saw was the bruises that covered her body, no one ever saw that so no one ever helped, and when the police finally came to help, it was too late. Apparently one day the husband, John Black, came home one day but didn’t find dinner on the table as usual or his wife for that matter.” Johnny paused to let that sync in and then continued.

“Afraid that she may have finally left him, he ran upstairs but came face to face with Josephine who was just standing in the doorway. Confused John had looked at Josephine and had begun to speak but at that moment he saw a book lying open on the bed. Looking at Josephine he had moved towards her and had moved back with each step he had taken until she was against the wall. John had moved to look at the book lying on the bed and as soon as he saw what it was about he stood up straight and turned to look at Josephine.” Johnny stopped again and looked at Debra but so far she seemed peaceful.

“What was in the book?” Debra asked me as she looked up at me and I just held up a finger to tell her I was a bout to continue.

“John had turned to Josephine and stared at her. Finally as he began to walk towards her she heard her say something and stopped.”

“What?” John had asked.

“How could you?” Josephine had asked looking up and into his eyes.

When he saw her eyes John took a step back but stopped when he had begun to take some more, “How could I what Josephine?”

“How could you have killed all those women?” Josephine had asked.

“I didn’t do it…” John had begun to say.

“Didn’t do it! John you have descriptions of every death there in that…that book!” Josephine had screamed.

“You weren’t supposed to have seen that.” John had said as he closed the book.

“I’m glad I did, now I know that you are even more of a sick monster than before.” Josephine had said as she walked towards him and surprisingly without much force had taken the book from his hands.

“I’m leaving John, and I’m taking…” Josephine had begun to say but at that moment John had punched her in the throat.

As Josephine had fallen to her knees John had taken his glasses off and had rolled his sleeves up. As soon as he saw that Josephine had gotten her breath back he got on his knees too and looked in her eyes.

“You know I love you, and I wouldn’t have done this had you just accepted the fact that that was my past and you were my future. Only you no more killings or anything like that would have happened but no you had to tell me you were going to leave and well Josephine that was your mistake.” John had said as he had cupped her cheek in his hand.

Josephine had flinched at his touch and tried to back away as she had seen the coldness and darkness in his eyes. Smiling John kissed her lips tenderly and just as he pulled back his hands wrapped themselves around Josephine like claws and slowly began to press down. John smiled as he saw her face become red but what he hadn’t seen was the scissors going into his neck, not until he felt them.

Coughing Josephine and John had fallen back and had each tried to catch their breath but only Josephine had caught her breath in time. As Josephine had stood up she had looked at John open and close his mouth as if he were a fish seeking for water but felt no remorse for having killed her husband.

So with shaky legs Josephine had walked to the window and had taken a deep breath then had turned around to open the closet but found that it was already opened. As she had begun to walk towards the closet she felt something on her feet and saw that it was a leg and as her eyes had moved upward she had seen the barrel of a gun right before she was shot on the chest and then had been pushed through the window and onto the ground below.” John finished as they walked to the doorstep and smiling at her he turned the doorknob and looked at her to see if she wanted to go in, which she did.

“Wow that was actually pretty scary and brutal, how could the husband still have been alive?” Debra asked as she moved down the hallway and stopped to look at a picture of the family and looked even closer when she noticed that there was a boy in there too.

“Hey Johnny how did you know all that?” Debra asked.

“Know what?” John asked as he closed the door and locked it.

“How did you know that he wasn’t alive and how did you know the conversation??” Debra asked Johnny.

“He wasn’t because I was the one who killed my mother.” Johnny said as Debra turned around only to come face to face with the icy green eyes of John and Josephine’s son.


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