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This is a short story, a short horror story, that I have made up on the spot, so if it's scrappy, I'm sorry haha.

Please enjoy, and comment what you think :)

Submitted: December 01, 2011

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Submitted: December 01, 2011



\"Are you sure you will be ok Val?\" my mum asked me, wheeling her suitcase out the door. \"Yes mum, I'm sure I can look after myself, after all I am 14,\" I replied, following her out the door. \"Ok, I will see you tomorrow honey,\" my mum kissed me on the head and got in her car. When she was out the driveway, I walked back inside, planning what I was going to do tonight, all by myself. I figured out what I awash gonna do. Invite my best friend Dean over. We have been friends since kindergarten, and never had one fight. I picked up my phone, and dialed Dean's number. \"Hello?\" came a deep voice from the other end of the phone. \"Hi Dean, it's me, Valkyrie, you sound sick, wanna come over tonight?\" I asked, wondering if he was okay. \"Yeah, sure, I'll be around in 20 minutes,\" Dean replied, hanging up. I gave the house a quick clean, and waited for Dean. I rang the pizza delivery place, and ordered two large pizzas for Dean and I. Just a I had turned on the t.v, the doorbell rang. I got up, opened the door; and screamed.

\"Dean!! You scared me!!\" I laughed with relief. Dean was at my door, with a Mask on, like the killer on Scream; Ghostface. I let him in, and he made himself at home; and I had no idea what I had just done. \"You're a bit early, but thats ok,\" I said, getting him a snack. He didn't say anything, only held the snack, and I couldn't tell where he was looking. \"You should take that stupid mask off,\" I suggested. He just shrugged. The doorbell rang again. \"Ah? Here is the pizza,\" I smiled, opening the door. My mouth dropped open when I saw who it was. Dean was standing at the door, smiling; his nose red from blowing it too much. I couldn't do anything but look shocked. \"Uh Val, can I come in...?\" he asked, looking into the house. I stepped to the side, and let him in. \"Can we play hide and seek?\" I asked, horrified. \"Sure...\" Dean replied, confused. \"You and me hide, and hide good, because i don't know where our seeker went,\" I was nearly crying, as I ran upstairs with Dean. I lead him into the bathroom and closed the door.

We were hiding in the manhole, when there was a scrape at the bathroom door. \"He found us,\" I whimpered, just as a knife came up through the manhole, and straight through Dean's head. I let out a scream; and crashed through the manhole, and straight into the arms of the stranger. And it was that moment that I realized; I don't like hide and seek; and to check before you invite someone inside your house.

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