My Missing Pieces

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I was really depressed and mad when I wrote this, and I sort of go crazy towards the end. This is my first poem I wrote, so it might not be the greatest poem you've read.

Submitted: April 15, 2012

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Submitted: April 15, 2012




My Missing Pieces


It may seem like I have everything

Or at least to be well off.

I have a loving family, a job, I’m attending college,

And I have friends.


Although, there’s still a piece that’s missing,

Missing from my heart.

I feel like a fool not trying to find it

And before I know it,

It’s too late.


When I dwell on it, I always get a feeling

As low as any man can bear to feel.

Nothing can compare to this



I see other’s with their special one.

Together, happy, passionate about one another;

I would always quickly look,

Then walk away.


Am I denied this happiness?

Of loving a woman or a father?

I can never ask one out!

God why did you take him away from me!


It always seems like they already belong to another,

I didn’t even get to know him!

Is that why I don’t ask, or am I too damn shy?

Was it a preempted punishment for something I did

Or will do?


How do my close friends get hooked up so suddenly?

Damn it God is this some sick joke!

One day it’s just them by themselves, then the next

They suddenly have a lover.

Why didn’t my family try to fill in that gap?


I know You’re my heavenly Father,

But why did you take away my father

On Earth?

My whole life I’ve never had someone to call



Are these two pieces of my heart

That are missing?

Is it simply just one piece,

And I just need to figure out which on fits

This emptiness?

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