Love of The Past

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A story of love, jelousy, and murder.

Submitted: November 06, 2011

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Submitted: November 06, 2011




The In between

The last thing I had remembered was the view. That I would never forget. But of course the person I was with made it all come together, my beautiful girlfriend. Our favorite place to go was the beach, and that was where we were celebrating her birthday. She preferred simple, not exciting, surprising, or crazy. She rather spend a day at her favorite place on earth with her boyfriend. No surprise parties. I usually preferred the same, which is probably why we were so perfect together. I remembered taking a deep breath in, and enjoying how amazing the sand felt on my bare toes, and how great a day it was to spend on the beach. I also would never forget the clothing in which my girlfriend was wearing, her favorite scarf. The purple one. It soon became my favorite also. It was such a great memory to have. She dressed up nicely; I just wore my white shirt as usual, nothing special. When I think back to that day, the scarf, the view, and the sounds of the water crashing onto the sand was permanent. I guess you could say it was perfect. The beach was almost empty. It felt as if it was only me, my girl, and the lights from the beach parking lot. The lights lit up the dark sky. Our parents always told us to be home before it got dark, but they never noticed. Besides, that day was a special one. Not any other day on our favorite beach. Looking back, nothing could be better than that night. Nothing could be better then spending a special occasion where I was. We continued walking, until a screech left my girlfriends mouth. She was always the one to be calm, and wasn’t afraid of many things. I jumped back. “What’s wrong?” She continued screeching and kicking the sand. Before she could answer, I saw what had happened. It was just a spider. But not any old spider, a black widow. The widow spider was commonly known where we had lived, and it was very dangerous. Four deaths had resulted from the black widow in the past five years in our town. One of them including my girlfriend’s father. I quickly picked her up and walked over to a bench, while she continued to kick; only now she was kicking me. Her eyes were closed. I whispered in her ear that she was fine. She slowly opened her eyes. This situation has happened to her before, and she had told me that the reason she’s so scared is because of the memories it brings back of her father. It wasn’t about the spider herself. When other people saw her freak out in the past, they looked at her as if she was crazy. I guess I was the only person who understood her. She looked at me and gave me a little smirk, she was known for that. She only put a big smile on her face when she knew everything was ok. But ever since her father’s incident, only smirks were the common expression she showed. I leaned in to kiss her. I remember vividly of her still shaking while I held her in my arms. “Happy birthday baby.” She responded with another kiss. I could tell that she still wasn’t happy though. I asked her what was on her mind, besides the spider, of course. I knew something else was bothering her. “Something doesn’t feel right.” I knew what she was talking about. We both knew. And this time it wasn’t a spider, it wasn’t her family troubles at home. It was something we both were experiencing at the time.

It was this guy at school. Actually, it was my girlfriends ex. We had forgotten about him for a while, they broke up years back. I was never very friendly with him before we started seeing each other anyway, but things got worse. You can say he was jealous, but who knows. To me he was just a bad person, and didn’t know how to treat a person right. And nothing made me madder than seeing him hurt my girlfriend. He never treated her normally, but for some reason still “loved” her. That’s what she says at least. I wouldn’t call it love. It was more like abuse. But lately things haven’t gone well. He went to jail last year for hitting her. After hitting her, he went into the other room to grab something. She was on the ground when she called 911. When the cops showed up, they had no proof of her being hit. But when the ex returned from the room, he also came back with a knife. From then on my girlfriend carried around her red Swiss army knife wherever she went. So he was put into jail for holding weapons. He got let out of jail recently but has a restraining order not to be near my girlfriend. But me, he could get as close as he wants without getting in trouble. And that’s what it seems he wanted to do. But no worries, I wanted him to face me once and for all. I had enough of the rude comments, and scary threats. But my girlfriend didn’t like my bravery; you’d think she would think it was hot. But no, she was more scared of him then a widow, even more scared than anything. But that day we tried to forget those things, and we moved on from our conversation. This time I stroked her hair out of her face and lightly kissed her on the cheek. My finger got caught in her necklace, the same one I got her for her birthday last year. It was purple, just like her scarf, but she always kept it hanging over her scarf when she wore it, to make sure it was never hiding. The necklace had a picture of us as kids. Younger kids, that is. We were best friends as kids, and the picture was us holding hands at around three years old. But before we could finish celebrating her amazing birthday, we heard something. It was like footsteps, but it was too dark to see. My girlfriend quickly grabbed my arm in fear, and I jumped. She screeched the same screech when she saw the spider, yet louder, and her eyes were targeted behind me. Before I could turn around, a sharp pain hit my shoulder. Then something hit my throat. The looks in my girlfriend’s eyes were too frightened to cry, and we just looked at each other for one last time. I lost sight of everything, and lost track of what I was doing. Except my girlfriends eyes finally turned into tears, you couldn’t even see her pupils. Then, she called 911 for the second time this year.

That was the last thing that I remembered before going into the in between, those were the last things I’ve ever felt or seen in the real world. But now I was in the in between. And there was nothing I could to about it besides look back. I opened my eyes. I quickly sat up, and stared into the openness of the beach. But something was missing, my girlfriend was gone. Everything was gone. No people, no lights, just me and the beach. The white shirt I had been wearing was stained red now. Where was I? What just happened to me? Questions raced through my head. I screamed. I cried. But nothing worked and nobody could hear or see me. A black widow crawled towards me. I quickly kicked it away. The spider reminded me of my girlfriend’s dad. It reminded me of what had seemed to have happened thirty seconds ago on such a great night on the beach on my favorite girl in the world’s birthday. All I could do was run. I ran so fast, as fast as I could. But during mid-sprint I collapsed after tripping over something. I looked down. It was the scarf. The purple one. But it was so far away from the bench, I didn’t understand why it was there. I was too weak to stand up. I kept pushing myself. And then before you know, to top off my perfect day, it began to rain. Actually, it began to pour. It rained harder than I’ve ever seen before in my life. I just began to cry some more. I fell backwards with my stomach facing up. Rain hit me so hard, I could remember vividly. A raindrop fell on my tongue, and it tasted weird. Way different than a normal or regular raindrop. It was salty. Just like a teardrop. I stood up and thought. Then, something caught my eye. I saw people, I heard people. It sounded like two young kids. I walked closer to the sound, but it was too dark to see perfectly from that far away. I couldn’t make out the faces. I sprinted closer to the sounds and figures. I finally got close enough. It was two kids that seemed to be about three years old. They were holding hands. I cried more than the salty rain that was falling. I couldn’t stop now. At this point, I wanted to give up. I couldn’t find anyone to help me or save me. I didn’t know where I was. I was scared. I was confused. Then I saw what most was on my mind. It was the ex. The red Swiss army knife was in his shoulder. His white shirt turned red just like mine did. Tears ran down his eyes. He continued to walk forward. I walked right past him. He continued into hell. I continued into heaven. 

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