Remarkably Insincere

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Vince has just commited the perfect crime... Or has he?

Submitted: June 17, 2012

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Submitted: June 17, 2012



It was the perfect plan, Vince knew that when he first heard it. And now, as he plunged the needle into his arm, he had full confidence in it. The plan was simple; Vince had gotten a drug that would dull his heart to a death-like state, death-like enough to fool any doctor. He would take the drug, and then his fiancé would collect the insurance money and dig his coffin up to get him out. They had it planed down to the last detail. He would be diagnosed with heart failure and the funeral would be the day after he was found. The bribed night watchman at the cemetery would then help to dig his coffin up and free him to go change his name and live the rest of his life with his fiancé in wealth. Weeks would pass before he would wake up, but that had been planned out as well. He smiled at the image of him sipping a Margareta by the pool with his wife. And he slowly slipped into unconsciousness.

The next day Vince’s fiancé sat in the office of Dr. Fredrickson, a teacher at a local collage.

“Do you think you can use him?” She asked.

“Well yes. I think we can certainly use him” Fredrickson said, looking down at Vince’s typed will. “But why here? I mean we’re such a small college.”

“He always thought all schools should give the same opportunities to their students.”

Dr. Fredrickson looked up smiling “You know, I think it’s marvelous that your fiancé dedicated his body to science.”

“Yes,” She said, with a smile blooming on her face. “Marvelous.”

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