Red Sunrising

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The tutor provided a list of random words from which to select and construct a short story / flash fiction. I got red sundrise & wheels - which lead to a russian military coup...obviously

Submitted: August 15, 2013

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Submitted: August 15, 2013



“I must warn you that the following report from Red Square contains images that some viewers may find disturbing”


“Yes Sophie, truly astonishing.  This morning at precisely 7AM in Moscow the early morning silence was shattered by the sound of Russian Army armoured vehicles, some of them tanks, storming Red Square and the Kremlin. But, not driven by the Russian military in an orchestrated show of force, one that we are all familiar with in images dating from the Cold War. No, these were armoured vehicles captured by a Left Wing, Communist revolutionary group calling themselves Red Sunrise intent in turning back the clock and returning Russia to its Communist past.  The scenes that you see behind me, as we report from the very front line of this revolution, because it is very apparent that this is more than just an attempted coup but a popular mass movement revolution supported by a large majority of the population across Russia are ones of bloody violence.  This is not only a Moscow centric outburst but is backed nationally by very real military force, tank against tank and rebel against soldier loyal to Putin’s ailing regime.  Rumours abound that the Communist revolutionaries - Red Sunrise – are, and it must be said ironically, backed by unseen elements of the CIA who some say would welcome the unseating of Putin and the Russian Oligarch class that has so dominated the World economy in recent years. Whether these rumours are true I cannot confirm but I am witnessing scenes reminiscent of the French Revolution with politicians and oligarchs alike dragged into the street and summarily executed by what can only be described as a very well organised but bloodthirsty mob.

Sorry, I must interrupt my live front line report as myself and the film crew on the front line are being accosted by, get your hands off me! I’m not sure if they are revolutionaries or members of Putin’s Secret Police but they want us to stop filming right...”


“Well we appear to have temporarily lost Jonathan reporting live from Red Square in Moscow.  In today’s other news David Beckham retired from football at the age of 38”.

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