Standing All Alone

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Bitter Truth of Life...!!!

Submitted: August 03, 2012

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Submitted: August 03, 2012



At this stage of life, im standing alone…

No one besides me, no one to share the pain..

Life’s so depressing, Can’t beat the same.


Why O Why have you left me here, my mother dear..??

Please take me away from this undying shame.

I have no place to go, No friend to take..

Everything’s so incomplete, Everything’s so fake.


In a few days the wedding bells would ring,

And then later unluckiness shall it bring.

What fault has the boy done that his fate is tied to me?

What fault has his family done that I’ll soon a part of their family?


I do not wish to share my worthlessness,

I do not wish to share my burden..

It won’t be too long and I will soon be forgotten.


Too much of hatred in me, too much sorrow..,

Too much unforgiveness would remain today and tomorrow..

Is this the way it must be?

Is this the step I must take?...

So no one’s hurt in the bargain, just for my sake.


I hate being this way, n its hurting me too bad..

Wanna end this torture, and wanna end it pretty sad.

Leaving all alone, mother please take me home.

Coz there’s no more place to roam.


I only wish luck for all..

Thanks for being with me in good times and in bad…

I’m sorry for the pain I’ve caused,

I’m sorry for the sorrow..

Just a few days of mourning and grief,

And there’ll be a brighter tomorrow.


This is the only step I see,

This is the only step I can take.

For a better tomorrow, I’m okay to put my life at stake..


This is where I began..

This is where I shall end…

At this stage of life, I’m still standing all alone,

Going back to where I came from,

With no more place to roam…

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