Is it Nightmare?

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There's so many questions about what is happening inside my room. Is there somebody inside or just an imagination? Who and why?

Submitted: August 12, 2012

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Submitted: August 12, 2012




Some people tell those nightmares truly exist. But some other cowards letting go nightmares even they experienced what it is. I suppose to begin searching the past little stuff of those experienced myself but I begin mulling those questions that I can’t answer. This is big marks of question to everybody what to believe in reality. Believe it, or not?

Watching movies is my routine before I rest and have a sleep. At the middle of the night, we have so much fun watching Korean Comedy movie together with my sister and her friend in our apartment. The movie was over late at night and my body also need to have rest to sleep. I took my laptop, and my pillow send to my room preparing for rest and my sister and her friends are going upstairs to have a rest to their own room. Before I go to my room, I brush my teeth but it was painful and disgusting because my tongue was burned of hot coffee. After washing my teeth with warmed water I look at the main door of the apartment and I saw that the lock was open and need to be closed. I closed the door and all the windows to make it secured to avoid other circumstances like ‘Akyat Bahay’ known as Philippine robbers climbing and getting up inside other houses.

Suddenly, I go upstairs and put off the lights and get inside my room for me to rest. After praying, lying on my bed is not so easy for me to get asleep because I have so many pending works at school but after a couple of minutes later I feel that I am asleep even my eyes was open knowing all the possibilities happens around. Leaving my windows open, it was strange that I feel it consciously knowing that there’s somebody pulling up and down my portable bed. I was praying to rebuke those evil doing things like this on me but it continues for more than a five times. My eyes were still open and I tried to glance on my back but I can’t because I am afraid minding myself to die with strangest or somebody inside my room. Totally I was shocked and can’t do anything but I pray to rebuke evils happen on me. It continues straggling on me that night even I am trying to stand up on my bed but I can’t do it myself. I feel that I am nothing and helpless. I tried to let the strange do what he/she wants on me and after a minute , it stop pulling my bed down and up. That was a cold thing holding my right hand before it was left and then gone for I am starting to have courage on myself to go back in my own consciousness. I stood up and have something to drink but there are so many questions in myself. Who and why? I go back to sleep and wake-up early writing this true experience of yesterday in my life.

Date: August 12, 2012

Time: 9:15am -10:41am

Written by: benbugs

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Is it Nightmare?

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