The poem is a love lost, and captured in dreams.

Thief of Dreams

Perfumed breezes tantalizing my senses;

Furnace shades of red-gold ocher lay on the sky;

Its borders flowing to amethyst, lavender, and blue.

She comes to me on silent steps,

Moving through shadow and light.

A subtle melody plies the evening air –

Or is it in my head?

Eyes full and deep, like golden honey;

Drinking in my every line.

Ah! My heart! Can it take such heady wine?

But wait, there’s more!

Somewhere the sound of crystal water,

Making music in a rill;

Demure little lights blinking,

In the blossoms at water’s edge.

And there! The face of my Beloved!

Through a mist, yet clearly seen;

And I think, in my manliness,

To steal the scene!

But wait, there’s more!

Oh, Sweet form of softening grace and gentle curve;

Could such contain the quiet strength

Of Love’s sweet reign?

Standing in the velvet pool,

Shadow’s brush painting her shape;

Molten curves of chin – and breast,

Golden lines of stomach, hip, and thigh!

I reach; I grasp; I flail about;

Daring to make this scene more than real!

But sleep, now escaped me,

Takes the image of my love away.

But wait, there’s more;

Aha! But I laugh last with credible glee!

The vision, stolen so glibly in the night,

Yet resides in my heart, and head.

And clever thief me, I steal

Yet another dream from you!


Submitted: August 16, 2011

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