In my loudest tone

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because I promised.

Submitted: March 27, 2008

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Submitted: March 27, 2008




and the truth is I'm not sorry. and I have no regrets.
and the truth is I don't give a fuck if they all see what's inside of me.
and the truth is I would do it all again.

and none of this has anything to do with what you asked of me.
and I will regret every one of these words the second I stop.
but I can't take it back. you can never take it back.
it's done. it's done. it's done

we can never go back ( I love you but I'll never be sorry- )

and every fucking day I long for it.
it would be so easy.
and it would feel so good.
except it wouldn't
because I promised
every one knows my promises aren't worth anything
but I promised you

(and the truth is I wouldn't care if the whole world perished
if I could just have you back; for only a second)

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