The Secret Told (part 2 of Undying pain in an undying night)(It's a bit long)

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The second half of Undying night, some one said they would like to know the other half of the story, so I gave the other half light to make the story whole.

Submitted: September 20, 2011

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Submitted: September 20, 2011




As I sit here in my sullen home.

Full of dust and withering scrolls.

I reflect upon a life long lived.

And also a lie long told.

As I sit up on this chair,

Leather torn and full of wear.


I think of all the years gone past.

And how to join them at long last.

I hear a knocking at my door.

Not gentle raps, not a lady fair.

As I wish for the noise to pass,

It grows louder till at last.


I rise up from my comfort.

And walk to see who has come.

In slow steady steps I cover the floor.

Till at last upon my door.

And through the glass I visioned,

A man stood bold and brazen.


I stand there still but for a moment.

Till finally the hooded guest had spoken.

"Sir, I know that you are there! For years you have not left your lair!"

I stand there and ponder just a moment.

And speak a tone crude and sharp.


"Visitor may I ask your name? and why you came to my domain?"

Silence fills the air between.

And once again he began to speak.

"Sir I swear upon my life, I came to speak no harm be delt"

As curiosity flooded my mind.

Who is he? and why this time ?

As if he heard the thoughts him self.

He answered me as honest as man can be.


"My name is Markus Delamure. I have come to hear your story,

One not yet been told"

Panic floods my dry vains,

And anger gave my still heart a passing start.


"Dear child leave this place, I have no story and do not wish to see your face"

Above the creak and howl of wind I heard a sigh,

And some one sing.

Could it be he?! No it can not be!

This voice that be inside my head.

Gave me logic and a clear head.


I looked through the glass once more.

And he was stood there as before.

So slowly I opend up my door.

He stood there smiling with delight.

As if he had just won a fight.


"Thank you Sir you are very kind.

And your kindness be repaid in time"

I stood fixed to the spot.

He looked me over with keen eyes.

An interest I had not seen before.


"Sir, as I said before my name is Markus Delamure"

"And what is it you wish to know ? why did you come here? and why now?"

My response sounded so cold.

I suppose it's natural after a long life of hell.


He smiled at me with delight.

"I have come to hear your tale. A story I hear that has not yet been told"

Worry starts to gnaw me now.

"What do you mean? I have no story to tell"

I settled back in to my chair.

And signaled him to sit opposit.

On the other warn leather chair.


"Sir, I am sure you have been told, the stories of you.

Some very old"

A lot of things were left unspoken.

Could this be my silence broken ?

But as I sit upon this chair.

A suprising warmth fills the air.


I feel trust and gratitude.

Towards my visitor, now so few.

A sigh and start the story spoken.


"Child in what do you believe? In God? In angels? heaven and hell?"

He sat and thought for what felt like eternity.

Until he finally spoke to me.

"In God yes the others no. Too much still remains unknown"

A wise child so it seems, Perhaps I may enjoy his company.

Now the awkward indeed.

If he can not believe in monsters, how can he believe in me?

I start off slow in easy strokes.

At frist making little known.


As hours pass,

The real conversation starts at last.

"Tell me child do you beileve, in monsters that may haunt your dreams?"

"It depends on the monsters of which you mean!

Ah a wise answer, wise indeed.

"Well I tell you child, I was not always as you see,

I was younger and full of dreams."

His eyes grew wild with clear intrest.

He did believe! or so it seems.


I prattle on my useless tale,

Till it is time for truth to tell.

What time be it ?

Ah far past twelve.

"I was once in love with a woman..."

Memory floods me know.

Will I hold back I can not tell.


I take a breath not all that needed,

And start again at my tale/

"I was once in love with a woman,

Her name was Florance Dihanemal,

She was a beauty unlike any ever seen"

The bitter pain hits me now,

The memories of my hell.


"She had hair as long as to her knee,

And coloured like pure honey,

Her skin as soft as silk and eyes as bright as diamond stars"

He looked and he imagend I can tell.

I know the smile he wears and know it well.


I tell the tale of her and I.

Until the story reaches that night.

" We were walking from Victory Bell,

A local tavern near Stone Well"

He is pearced upon the edge of his seat.

Looking at me shap and neat.

This is what he wanted I can tell.

I look at him and carry on.


It's been a long time coming.

About time I tell.

"We walked the cobbled streets and muddy roads,

Walking the shortest way home."

"We heard a noice but could not tell.

That, that snarling sound was the sound of hell"


I recall my awful night.

Full of terror, tears and full of fright.

He looks at me no longer exite,

No, now somber no foolish delight.

He is not as callus as to take plesure from  my plight.


"Untill the time they came to close,

I could not tell, how was I to know?"

I recount the fight that left me broken.

Half a man, just a shell a mere token.


"The slightes of the group came in fast and bit me in one fell swoop."

I feel tears in my eyes.

It's been decades since I thoght.

Now I can remember why.


"She bit me before I could have spoken,

She let me slip from her grap and chased my love through knee high grass"

I lean back against my chair and think.

Trying to block out dispair.

Too late the floods have broken.

So let the rest be spoken.


"For several moments I was still, I could not move

I could not scream.

I was paralysed in pure hell.

Then the heat began to set.

A venom rush.

I still did not understand yet.


I saw her run for shelter, to a near by neighbour.

I saw the light as she took shelter"

He asks if I mean a heavenly light.

"Haha no young child no where near, It was merely a porch light on the shelter"

He looks so disapointed.


I carry on my tragic tale.

The thirst.

The blood.

The years unspoken.


Untill the end he had barly spoken.

He stood looken as if he could hardly breath.

Then suddenly a flood of tears are released.

And these words I heard him speak.

"So again Prey tell what is your wish?

Do you wish to live this un natural life alone.

Or would you have me deliver you a dying blow?"


I sigh and my pain begins to show.

"Young chid I ask that you let me go,

My love is still living but she thinks me dead.

I can not even go to her death bed.

For this small favour I will offer you one secret from my head"


He looks at me for a moment and begins to cry!

And then suddenly shouts "BUT WHY??!!"

"You do not need to know, but do we deal yes or no?"


He stops his tears words clearly spoken.


Goodbye dear nosferatu.

Misunderstood monester of the night.

May your ashes fly free to hands of the other life."


And with that he stikes a blow.

A take of ash.

Now time for me to go.

In the final moments.

I see her face still young and fresh.

She is my dying thought.

And my dying breath.

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