The World A Straight Place

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Was lying in bed last night and this poem was running around my head. Some of it is taking from personal experiances. First time i've ever shared what i've wrote!!!

Submitted: May 08, 2012

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Submitted: May 08, 2012





The world is a straight place, and gay people generate hate.

The world is a brainwashed state, where asked why we don’t have girlfriends at the age of eight.

Gay’s are not normal, gay’s are not right, you go down that path you’re in for a fight.

So you suppress, hide and don’t tell the truth, you might get away with it whilst still in your youth.

But the feelings they never die, God above please let me try.

And live the normal life I’m told I should, you know the wife the kids that would be good.

God forbid that my friends and family would ever hear my lie, that would be the end of me they would want me to die.

But at some stage the pain becomes too much, you have to tell them you’re not so butch.

You’ve been longing for that loving touch and the straight world don’t do it for you as such.

So you do it, you say it and you let it out, some of your family say they already knew and they are glad you are out.

Some of friends they come out to, you meet new like minded people it wasn’t just you!

Suddenly the world is great the world is true, the pain is going and so is the old you.

And then unexpectedly comes along the one, and the love you feel is unbearably strong.

Back comes the pain but this time its great, your heart aches for your very own true mate.

And you realize that what you were told could never be true, we can’t be evil, not normal there aren’t just a few.

There are a load of us here, and we bleed we cry the same as you, and the love we feel is just as true.

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