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In the far future, in the what is called the Enlightened Age, the Earth is but a shell of its former self. The city of Vaticania is one of the few known bastions of civilization, a paradise and utopia, were Humanity thrives. But all is not well in paradise, what happens when the secrets of the forgotten ages are learned and the status quo is questioned? Can the average man, such as Keven Escalon, be trusted with the fate of a city and to record its truth? This is an age of enlightenment and peace, but also of secrets and hardship. This is an age of Religion.

Submitted: June 17, 2015

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Submitted: June 17, 2015



 It was in the later half of the A.D. era when the world fell into chaos thanks to Atheism. It is believed today that while having many factors, the cause of this destruction can be traced back to the Amerrycane Impire; who were the first of mankind to introduce secularism. I mention this because for while it took place so very lond ago and we now live in the third era of our world, Enlightened Age, the past always seems to come back. And the events over the last month or so, are a perfect example of that. I have tasked myself with recording down these recent events so that the people of the future will not forget, like we had, that our society is fragile. But who am I? My name is Keven Escalon; I’m the Foreman working at the Great Stone Quarry. I live in the Chosen City of Vaticania; the same city that our illustrious leader Papa, blessed be his name, lived and will live. As you know the title Papa was taken from the religious head, with the same name, of Catholicism. This was a religion prominent in the second era. As I write this we are currently in an Interregnum waiting for God to pick the next Papa. While this is normal for when one dies, this particular time is important because it is related directly to the events that have transpired recently. In fact I was the one who personal put us into the Interregnum, but more on that later. Ok, I will stop my rambling and get down to the whole reason I’m writing this; the event. 


Let me go back to a little before the event took place. It was a normal afternoon, lunch had just started so I left the quarry to go eat in the city’s cafeteria with my dearest Elen; which was an activity we took part in daily. At that point in time Elen and I had been in a romantic relationship for about five years. I would describe her, but this is supposed to be a historical recording. We had both arrived and sat down at a table in time for the afternoon payer; the entire city went silent. The only noise was from the buzz of the intercom system and then his voice, Papa.

“Afternoon, God’s children let us begin. “  Everyone put their head down. “To our Holy Father from whom we are all born, guide and protect us in this day’s remainder; just as you did to the first enlightened men. We thank the for our food and satisfaction. And as we eat let us remember the starvation the first enlightened men had to go through. And how blessed we are to always have a bountiful harvest. From me your representative and from your children. Amen.”  The rest of the city repeated amen as one voice. Elen would then comment on how she loved Papa’s prayers. Of course we all did, but apparently she liked his more than the last Papa’s. What Elen mentioned next is why I started this what you might call, a requiem on this day.

"So I discovered something today that has definitely spiked my curiosity.” I replied back with interest about what it was. “Well, while I was downstairs in the Hospital checking the medicine stock I discovered some kind of sub-basement. It looked like it hadn’t been used in years. Pretty cool, huh?” I replied back with equal acknowledgement. “I’m curious about what is down there, I think when I have a break I’m going to go down there and explore.” What I replied with next I honestly regret. All I said to her was to be careful. That was a completely stupid mistake. I should have told her to ignore it or something, if only I had, if only… After that lunch would eventually end and everyone would go back to their jobs, I to the quarry and Elen to nursing. Hours after that the day would end and I would return home to my dormitory in Complex 7, Block 25649, third floor. While my dorm or specifically Complex 7 wasn’t a luxurious living, it was better than others complexes. I had my own Visualizer and atmospheric controller. But anyway, once settled I would naturally of course listen to the final pray of the day and then retire to my bed for curfew. While this day was seemingly insignificant and uneventful this was the start of it all.

The next day was much of the same, same for many days after; but it was what Elen talked about, and what she discovered that was so important. The immediate day after the one written above Elen said that the room was full of books, tons of them. She stated that she thought it must have been a library or study at one point. The day after that she said she read one of them, and she continued to read them and talk about them. Almost obsessively she found their contents fascinating. To this day I have not read a single one, nor have I even step foot in that room. I only know some of the book’s contents based on what she had told me. They seem to be fairly ancient books; mostly speaking about the second era. They spoke of old societies and their ways of life, ancient religions, countries and regions that no longer exist, but probably the most important. They spoke of secularism and its component atheism. Soon after that, every once in a while as I walked the streets I would get the feeling that I was being watched or followed. I simply brushed it off though, thinking if anything it was the Moccasin Gang. The Moccasin Gang to those not familiar or not from this city, are a gang of thugs who do petty crimes and extort people through what they call “Protection”. Basically pay them money for protection and they won’t rob you. Other than that though they’re pretty harmless; more just an annoyance. I’ll be honest I do pay them protection money, but I usually try and wait as long as I can. On a side note they get their name from a second era word associated with a legless serpent that could breathe fire. Let’s be glad they don’t exist anymore. Oh, but I’m rabbling again, back on point. Eventually one night I receive a call from Elen on my Audiotorializer. She was cry, scared really. At first she was incoherent so I told her to calm down. 

“I’m scared Keven, I’m scared… At first I-I thought I w-was being w-watched, b-but then I noticed this man. H-he was following m-me Keven! So I tried t-to lose him down a couple of back roads, but then another showed up and they s-surrounded me! One of them grabbed me a-and the o-other grabbed my bag; h-he rummaged through it a-and t-then they left. Oh, Keven I was so scared, so scared…” She broke down crying again. Obviously emotions ran through me, anger, concernment, and shock. I asked if she reported it and she said she did so there wasn’t anything more that could be down about it. But I also asked if the men looked like they were from the Moccasin Gang. 

“The M-Moccasin Gang? I-I don’t know I couldn’t t-tell. Oh, Keven I wish you could be here right now, but curfew will be in effect s-soon.” Of course I wanted to see her as well, to just hug her and comfort her. So I promised I would see her first thing in the morning. Luckily the next day was a free day, so everyone had off work. After talking a little more we hung up with each other and I once again retired to my bed. But just before I went to sleep I thought for a minute or two. Something was defiantly wrong, first I was being followed and now this happened to Elen! Someone wanted something, but I didn’t know who or what; or even why. I had a sickening feeling in my gut so I went over to my bedside drawer and pulled out my revolver; just to make sure it had some bullets. You never know...

The next morning I was awoken by knocking on my door. I had a look through the peephole and sighed; it was Alfred Tomiggee and two of his lackeys. Alfred is the proprietor for the Moccasin Gang. They were here to collect and they knew I was here they always know if you are. So I couldn’t just sit and wait them out. 

“Keven, my man! How have you been?” Alfred had said when I opened the door. 

“Let’s stop the pleasantries and get down to why you’re here.”  I said back. Alfred smiled. 

“Right down to business, eh. That’s I like about you Keven. That is why I want to protect you, man. But you’re not helping me out here, you gotta pay up.” I faked an apology to him saying that I didn’t have the cash. Which was a blatant lie and they probably knew that too. But either way I asked him to postpone the payment to when I got my next pay check. “I’m disappointed, Keven I really am. I have been so nice to you and yet you do this. Look I can try and postpone it till tomorrow, but that is the best I can do, man. After that you’re free game and I wouldn’t want anything to happen to you or say someone you know. Yah, get me?” That last part flipped a switch, especially after something did happen. 

“You leave Elen alone! Do you understand?” I yelled at him; one of his lackeys stepped forward a bit. 

“Whoa, man calm down. Nothing is going to happen to Elen, I promise. Just pay up by tomorrow and all will be fine. I’ll see you then.” With that Alfred walked off, his two goons following behind. I closed my door got myself decent, grabbed my stuff, and left to go to Elen’s dorm. While she lived in a different block it was a nice convenience that she lived in the same complex. It meant that I could walk there in short distance. Nothing of importance really happened the rest of the day. All I did was spend time with Elen. Comforting her really, but one observation I did have was that she had a stack of books on her table which she apparently got from the sub-basement. By now the more astute of you may think you know what is going on, but trust me you don’t. The event has yet to even come to fruition. The next day was also of little importance, only thing of note was that Alfred came by and I paid him. Some of you would probably say I’m not helping the cause, but would you want to get robbed or worse? Didn’t think so. The next day is the kick off; it is of extreme importance. That is because it is the day that leads into a spiral of madness that is the coming month. It started with a call I received at nine in the morning. 

“Sigmund what do you want? I’m not supposed to work for another two hours.” I answered the audiotorializer with. 

“Forget work, you need to get down here now! It is an emergency!” He yelled hastily back. He seemed quite distraught with whatever was going on. Unconcerned I merely asked if a mine had collapsed. 

“Forget about the quarry! Get down to Block 25651 immediately! You hear me?” After that he hung up, but his words rushed through me waking me up. Block 25651? That was Elen’s block… Oh no! I jumped up changed quickly and bolted out the door and down the hall. I arrived outside the block to a small crowd of people. I noticed Sigmund; his face was drained of life. I pushed pass a couple of people to get to him, but when I did I saw the scene. Time froze. There I saw the peace officers, the Coroner, and the barricade tape. Then in the grass I saw a body. It was Elen… My heart burst, sadness flooded me, time started once again. I ran ducked underneath the tape and pushed passed an officer who tried to stop me. I stopped at her body and crouched down, holding her head up slightly. Apparently no one seemed to care at that point because no officer tried to get me away. And then there I stayed for who knows how long just crying and beseeching the world for why this happened. Praying to God for an answer; they say you shouldn’t be sad when someone dies because it just means they go up and be with God. Maybe we cry because they get to go to God and we don’t, I don’t know. But people be damned if they don’t cry when they lose the one they love. I’d like to see them try. After they told everyone to leave and they cleaned up, I fell into a deep depression. I didn’t leave my dorm for anything. One day I received a knock on my door. It was Alfred, I don’t know what he wanted because the instant I opened the door I yelled at him. 

“It was you wasn’t it! Why?! I paid up like you asked! Why would you take her from me?!”  Alfred was genuinely confused. But I didn’t give him time to say anything before I punched him right in the face. He stumbled backward and one of his lackeys ran forward. I punched him in the gut and then the face. Sending him to the ground completely. The third guy pulled out a knife, but I pulled out my gun and he froze. 

“Whoa there, whoa there.” Alfred cut in. “Let’s not do anything to hasty, we submit. I can see your having a bad day.” Then just like that he left. I stepped back in side and sat on the edge of my bed, and broke down crying. I sat there for a while thinking, I eventually looked down into my hand. I thought to myself that maybe I should, just to see if it was meant to be. And if it wasn’t I’d never think about it again. I opened the revolver’s cylinder took out all but one bullet, closed it, and spun. I then held it up to my head, closed my eyes, and pulled the trigger… 


'Click', it didn’t go off. I breathed a sigh of relief from that. I didn’t want to kill myself; it was just that maybe I wasn’t supposed to be alive. But how close was I? I wondered, thinking that I held up my hand pointing the gun towards the ceiling and pulled the trigger. 'Bang', huh, looks like even God was indecisive. That didn’t help my depression. Soon after that day was the funeral. All close family members and friends are automatically invited, so most of the people that attended were her family and some of her friends/co-works and of course myself. You know, I once read that in the second era the family of the deceased had to do everything for the funeral; inviting people, planning, and even paying for it! Why didn’t the government take care of it all? Did they not care of its citizens? This is probably one of the many things that lead to the destruction of the second era. They were all fools back then. So at the funeral it rained of course; have you ever noticed that? It always seems to rain when one dies, it is as if the world itself is crying for them. It is quite uncanny actually. But I assume that it is just God’s doing. Now the funeral itself was, well, like all funerals are. But the next important part is a little after the funeral ended. At this point it seemed that everyone else had left, but I stayed sitting on a bench staring. Letting the downpour hit my unprotected body; I didn’t bother bringing a parapluie. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who stayed because a woman eventually walked up to me. 

“Hey, I’m Nora. I was a friend of Elen…Your Keven right?”  I simply nodded to her, not even giving much of a glance. She stood there for a second before speaking again. “Mind if I sit down?” 

“Go ahead…” I said back to her. She sat down on the bench next to me. 

“You know you’re going to get sick if you continue to set here all wet like this.”  She had a faint smile on her face as she said that. 

“And yet it wouldn’t make me feel any worse than I already do…” I replied back, turning to look at her. 

“It is tuff I know…You probably don’t need me to tell you this, but she did love you dearly. It is all par-“ I cut her off. 

“God’s plan, I know! “ I shouted standing up from the bench and facing her. “That is what they always say! But why her!? Why couldn’t it have been someone else?” My face dropped, silent tears forming in my eyes. “Why did she have to die for us?”  I sat back down, holding my face in my hands. Nora gently put her hand on my shoulder. “I’m sorry.” 

“Don’t be, there is nothing to apologize over.”  She told me. I wiped my face with my sleeve, though that didn’t really help because my suit was soaked already. Upon doing that I stood up. 

“This was an... inopportune meeting; shall we start the introductions over?” I said sticking out my hand. She smiled. “I’m Keven.” She stood up and grabbed my hand shaking it. 

“I’m Nora, it is a pleasure to final meet you.” After that we sat there on the bench just having small talk, and reminiscing. After a while the rain stopped letting the sun peak out through the clouds. Before we departed our separate ways Nora offered me her number in case I needed anything or just to talk away my troubles again. The next week or so was quiet; life just went on like it always does. I remained in contact with Nora and we would talk here and there. Through our conversations she brought up an interesting point, the peace officers never said if they had any leads on whom Elen’s killer was. They never said anything about her, this was curious and disheartening. Then one day in our conversations Nora said she was going to bring the investigation into her own hands. I was against it, she blew off my words, but I didn’t really think she would get anywhere. Then it all happened so fast; Nora first told me that she had a lead and then that she had met other people who were willing to help her. After that I lost contact with her, in till one day she called me saying she knew who Elen’s killer was. I was in shock and I beseeched her for the name, but she wouldn’t tell me. All she said was that she was going to take care of it herself and then hung up. 

The next day depending how you look at it, was either the start of the event or it was itself the event. It was mid-day I was in my dorm sitting down and watching my Visualizer, waiting for Papa’s prayer. The screen showed the main square of the city as it was filled with hundreds of people wanting to pray with Papa in person. Then when Papa came out the cameras zoomed in closer on him. He spoke welcoming all the people, but before he could begin his prayer it happened… 

'Bang' the shot echoed throughout the city, and Papa fell to the ground. Someone had just assassinated him. The entire city was in shock. There was no sound just silence as if the entire world ceased to make a noise. It felt like it lasted forever. But then all at once screaming, crying, sirens, running, knocking, ringing, gun shots… It all flooded back pure chaos into the world. The Visualizer went dead instantly; luckily I have a small balcony in my dorm that has a view down the street into the square. So I ran out on to it, there were a couple of other people on theirs looking into the square as well. Below me peace officer’s cars sped towards the chaos, while civilians ran away from it. I looked over to the building directly across from me there stood a man, his face pale. Behind him through glass I could see two other people crying. 

"Did that just happen?!” The man shouted over to me. 

“I think so...”  I said back to him shaking my head in disbelief. 

“God save us, what in his name is happening” The man said back aloud not really to me, but just to the world. I turned my attention back to the square there was still screaming and gun fire. It was a battlefield. Surprisingly delayed the loudspeakers came on, a hastily terrified voice spoke over it tell all citizens to return to their homes immediately; no one was allowed outside. 

“Godspeed.” I told the man across from me. I don’t really know why I did honestly. He nodded and went back inside his house. I turned doing the same. This was pure insanity; Papa, God’s physical representative was murdered! What did this mean? Who could have done this? I grabbed my gun just in case whoever the peace officers were fighting down in the square came here. Naturally my Audiotorializer was ringing now stop, it was Sigmund trying to get a hold of me. I answered and we talked for a while. Apparently he was down in the square as it happened. He told me how after Papa was killed all these people pulled out weapons and started attacking the peace officers. He spoke of how he ran out of the square, but was grazed by a bullet from the cross fire. He was lucky though, dozens of innocent citizens lost their lives from the cross fire. Then he said something utterly stupid; he wanted to go and help the officers. I told him he shouldn’t that he will just get killed. But there was no stopping him, if there is anything you could use to describe Sigmund it is that he was stubborn. He wished me Godspeed and I to him, and then he hung up. That was the last time I heard from him, he was one of my best friends. That is why this record is also a requiem, to remember all those who have lost their lives from the event. I can only hope that he took out at least one of those rebels. Rebels? Insurgents? Heretics? What would you call these people? I don’t know. Hours went by and the noise slowly faded away; then a voice came over the intercoms. It was not the regular announcer. It was a new voice, slightly familiar. 

“Good evening citizens of Vaticania. You may call me the Mistress and from now on the city is under my control. Don’t worry though not too much will change, and any changes we do will be slow and for the betterment of this city. I know earlier was a shock and scared many of you, but it had to be done. We have been living in lies for far too long, Papa as they were called were suppressing you; tricking you into believing in this fine and merciful God. Well we will have none of that anymore. Effective immediately all worship is strictly forbidden and punishable by death. But do not worry life will go on, tomorrow I want you all to wake up and continue on with life like nothing has happened. Thank you for your time and good night.” The intercoms went quiet; we had a new leader this Mistress. She had usurped leadership of this city through a coup and now has brought Atheism with her. But worst of all, at least for myself, I now knew who the voice belonged to. Our new leader, the lord of this city was Nora… 


After that everything changed, naturally at first no one stopped worshiping and praying so a countless number of people were executed within the first week alone. Eventually, however, people started to submit, tossing their faith out the window. Still some stood strong and the ones who were caught where also executed. The execution style was usually either hanging or gunshot through the head kneeling, depending really on just what was available at the time. But all of them were always public. As for me I remained as strong as I could, tending to pray at night before bed, there was no way for them to ever know I was doing this. Or if there was they obviously never killed me. I remember vividly one day while working down at the quarry, my boss, the head foreman got caught praying. Four officers dragged him out onto a raised platform and gathered all of us around to watch. They knelt him down and then the Mistress herself walked out. She was always there, watching each and every execution, the sadistic bitch. 

“Good after noon, gentlemen. I’m sorry to interrupt your hard work at this here mine, but we have some important business to take care of. Your foreman here…. What’s his name?” She turned to one of the officers. 

“Ashten Ponds, Mistress.” The officers replied back. 

“Ah, yes. We are here today to enforce punishment onto Mr. Ponds here. He is being charged with illegal worship of a fictitious deity. The sentence is death.” She gestured to one of the officers holding a pistol. Ashten though started to yell towards us. 

“Don’t worry about me, boys. Just take my name with you; never submit! God is on y-'Bang'” the bullet pierced through his skull, killing him. Two other officers picked up his body and hauled it way. 

“Let this be a warning to you all, if any of you are caught defying my commands you will end up like Mr. Ponds here.” The Mistress spoke before walking off the platform. Just before she left though we made eye contact and she smiled. Obviously I hadn’t spoken to her since that call, but it seemed like she still remembered me, whatever that meant. 

“Looks like you’re the new foreman now, Keven. One of the workers stated to me. Indeed I was; being the assistant foreman to Ashten meant that now that he was gone, I would take his place. 

“So now what boss?” Another had asked. 

“Just get back to work…” I had said to all of them. With that all the workers went back to their stations. Except a friend of mine, he goes by the name Aleks. 

“This madness has to stop, there were fifty of us before all this and now that makes twenty six men, good men, lost." 

“You’re preaching to the choir.” I said back to him. 

“Careful you could be killed for talking like that.” He smiled as he said that, but it wasn’t one of true happiness. “What are we going to do? Someone needs to stop this.”

“And who’s going to stop this? Everyone is scared for their lives.”  He looked at me in thought when I said that.

“Well we could.” I tried to cut him off. “Look before you say anything, Keven. The men here look up to you especially now. They would follow you no matter where you go. Plus I know there are plenty of people in this city who would fight back as well. They just need someone to rally them.” His words were crazy; fight back? Me leading them? The only thing that would happen would be all of use dying. That is what I thought to myself at least.

“Why don’t you lead them? You’re the one talking like this.” Is all I said to him though.

“Because you’re the one who knows how to shoot a gun.” Aleks said with a smile again. I thought for a second and sighed. 

“So where do we even start?” with my words he smiled again.

“Let’s go talk to the men.” And so we did. All the men agreed just like Aleks said they would; we would end up holding meets every day during work. We would pray and talk about what we should do and how we should do it. Eventually we started to recruit other people, citizens who felt the same way we did and were willing to help the cause. We even got a couple officers still loyal to God to join. Once we had a set plan the ones of us who could, started training the rest of the members how to use a gun. This process lasted for about three weeks which was longer than we thought. We were about to scrap the current plan and come up with a new one, when we got the news. There was a planned execution of four people the following day. It was perfect timing so we got everything ready and prepared everyone for the following day. The plan was simple. All of us would arrive at the hanging and hide amongst the crowd. Now you may be wondering why there was always a crowd at these hangings and that is because people were forced to watch. Officers would gather up all the people in the vicinity and force them to watch. Once we were all in the crowd everyone would wait for my signal and then engage. 

I pulled my hood over my head. “In God’s name we pray.” I said aloud at normal volume, some people took noticed and turned. “Amen!”  I shouted in unison with every other revolutionary in the crowd; then I pulled a bandana over my mouth. We raised one of our fists in the air and then took action. By this point everyone was watching and some of the officers had un-holstered their weapons. But everyone was still left off guard when we charged at the officers. Soon the crowd was in turmoil, it was filled with fighting and gun fire. While some of us went to handle the officers at the flanks; while the rest of us, including myself, headed for the front to save the persecuted; with some kind of strange irony the four people being hung were members of the Moccasin Gang including Alfred. 

“Protect the Mistress!” One of the officers had shouted. One of them then lead the Mistress away while the rest jumped in to meet us head on, but still some just fired into the screaming crowd. As I ran up onto the platform an officer came and cut me off. My subconscious instincts kicked in and I simply pulled the trigger to my gun, twice. The man fell to the ground dead, and that was the first time I ever killed another man, sadly though it wouldn’t be the last. I ran over to the gang members and untied them; bringing down my bandana to talk. 

“Make yourselves useful and help us fight.” I said to them. Alfred turned to me and smiled. 

“See, I knew I liked you Keven! You’re a good man.!” He beamed ecstatically. “Come on boys, let’s show these bastards just who they’re messing with!” He commanded the three others and they ran into the fray.  With them free the order was sent and we all pulled out of the fight and into the shadows. We would all meet back up at the mine to celebrate the victory and to pray. I asked Aleks what the report on the losses was and to surprisingly good news we only lost three men and had five injured. I honestly would’ve expected those numbers to be higher. After the celebration Alfred came and said that the resistance now has the full backing of the Moccasin Gang. Yeah, they may have been criminals, but they were still loyal to God and that meant we had a couple dozen extra people who knew how to fight. All in all it was a good day. The next morning I awoke to talking and banging on doors, someone was going to everyone’s door. They eventually got to mine and so I answered. 

“Good morning sir, have you seen these men?” It was two peace officers the one talking was holding up four pictures, it was of Alfred and his goons. 

“No sorry, can’t say I have.” I answered back to them. They thanked me for my time and left. That was not a good sign. It meant they were looking for them and probably the rest of us. After that we continued to have small victories and soon enough more and more people were finding the will to fight, they weren’t even necessarily joining us; people just started rioting in the streets and causing general havoc for Mistress and her officers. There was never a quiet night anymore; sirens filled the air, gunfire, any form of fighting. It was comforting to know really, that we had done this and that we were helping the cause. Then the day came, the end to this event. We had it all planed out, we would storm the palace get to the office the Mistress ruled from and kick her out of power. The palace was fortified like a fortress, but we had an army; it seemed like the entire city followed us into the battle. I’ll admit it was a hard fight and we lost a large number of people, but we eventually took the square and about two dozen of us went inside the building to finish it. It was a slaughter on our part. By the time we made it up to the fourth floor the two dozen of us were cut down to a mere five. Aleks, Alfred, Baelin, John, and myself. The four of them stayed behind to hold of any reinforments while I went into the office to confront the Mistress. Strangely she was there alone, it could’ve been a trap, but I simply walked in. 

“Why did you do it, Nora?” I spoke as I entered breaking the silence that filled the room. She jumped a little apparently not knowing I entered or because I said her name. 

“Keven? What are you doing here?!” She said shocked at my presence as she turned to face me. 

“Isn’t it obvious? I’m here to stop you just like everyone us. But I want to know why you did all this. Why did you cast away God and murder so many innocent people?!” I demanded her to answer. 

“I had to, Keven. It was Papa; he was the one who ordered Elen’s death.” I was lost for words, horrified really. Papa? Papa the one chosen by God to lead us had murdered someone; had murdered Elen. It was unthinkable. 

“No that can’t be true! Papa would have never done something like that. That’s blasphemy.” Her face never changed though, she told the truth. 

“It true though, Keven; that is why I had to do all this. To get rid of a corrupt ruler and to banish a lying god. This was all for Elen.”  She had walked closer to me as she had been saying this, but I didn’t move. 

“Elen?! For Elen?! You’re mad! Not only would Elen never have wanted any of this, but you didn’t help the cause you only made it worse! You replaced a corrupt leader with yourself; a complete psychopath!” My words broke her, she looked like she was about to say something, but instead she just started to cry. So I continued to talk. “The Nora I knew would have never done anything like this! The figure in front of me is not Nora. She is simply the Mistress. I want the real Nora back, not this monster in her guise...” I guess my words broke her even more because she fell to the ground on her knees crying. I could see I got through to her, the real Nora and it did hurt me to see her like this. I knelt down to meet her gaze. 

“I’m so sorry Keven… It is too late for me now though isn’t it?” She muttered through her tears. 

“Maybe not, if you start now you may be able to atone for your sins. God my still forgive you.” I spoke to her calmly. “Do you surrender?” I asked her. 

“I do, yes. I surrender.” She said nodding her head. I got up and walked over to a pair of doors opening them and walking out onto the balcony. There was at least a two hundred people below, and they all went quiet as they noticed me. 

“Today is one of victory. We have taken back this city from evil and brought it back under the control of God. With this I say we bring back the old ways and wait for the next Papa to be chosen.” I spoke to the crowd of people and when I finished they all cheered. It was a hard fight, many, so many people had died for it. But we had won. 

“What of the Mistress!” I heard a man shout out from down in the crowd. I turned my head around real quick to look inside and then turned back. 

“The Mistress is gone, she is no more.”  I said to them. The crowd cheered again… 


A couple of days later Nora and myself walked through the cemetery; stopping at Elen’s grave. We sat there for a while before laying down, Nora on one side and I on the other. We held each other’s hand across the grave, looked at each other smiled, and then looked up into the sky…

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