The Knock Came Suddenly and Hard

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic
The life of one man is forever changed after a night out on the town with two friends.

Submitted: July 22, 2013

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Submitted: July 22, 2013



The knock came suddenly and hard.


“KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK!” the door screamed


Ben popped up out of his slumber as if someone had thrown a bucket of ice water on him.  The sun shined in hard through the cracks of a set of battered blinds, that should have been replaced months ago, exposing the millions of tiny dust particles swimming in the stale air.  The rays created a sharp contrast to the rest of Ben’s room that was still dark with night.  He squinted to reduce the pain of the white light entering his enlarged sleeping pupils. 


What time is it?  Am I late for work? Wait, what day is it?


Ben scanned for red numbers on his alarm clock display. His head was pounding.  Where the hell is it? He dug through his blanket to the other side of the bed where the clock is supposed to be sitting.  Blindly he reached and searched.  He finally noticed the red glow on the floor shining on the side of the end table base.  He had knocked the clock off during his dreams again.  He reached for it.He stared incoherently at the digital read out for a second.  The simple symbols making no sense.  He repeatedly closed his eyes tight and opened them widely to shake the sleep out of his head.


7:03 it read.  The clock was an asshole.




Oh the knock.  Ben had completely forgotten about it. It had woken him up but for some reason didn’t register as reality. Who could that be? Why the fuck is somebody here now?  Then it hit him.  The whole night before hit Ben in the chest like giant battering ram.That fucking bitch.  She knew this would happen.  She knew it and didn’t even care. This knock wasn’t a friendly early morning delivery knock.  This was an angry and vengeful knock. 


Ben jumped to his feet.  He was naked.  Not sure why.  Shit! Shit!He fumbled to put on a pair of jeans and a crumpled tee shirt.




The prior night was a wild and ridiculous ride.  He had gone to a club with his friends Eric and Matt. This was no ordinary club filled with borough kids with bad hair cuts and tacky dress shirts buttoned one button too low.  This place was posh, the real deal.  One had to know someone to get in here and it just so happened that Matt knew someone.  Inside the place was straight from a movie.  It was just dark enough that Ben couldn’t notice the imperfections.  There was a large semi elliptical bar against a giant mirrored wall.  The bottles of expensive liquor seemed to go back into an infinite sea of blue an white light.  The room was crowded with people but the air was cool and moving.  The bass from the sound system hit Ben low in his groin giving him a fuzzy feeling with each thud of a note.  Dance music was not Ben’s preference but he knew it came with the territory.  Plus this DJ was talented and Ben could actually tell.  The mixes were seamless and unique.  The song choices perfect.  The dance floor was full of hundreds of marionettes and this guy was the puppeteer.




The three friends had been drinking at Eric’s apartment before they left to go out, so the alcohol had already begun to take effect.  This along with the bumps of cocaine made Ben feel invincible at this point.  He was good at being invincible.  He was an attractive guy, Late twenties but seemed a bit older with a perfect five o’clock shadow showing off his hard jaw line and contrasting the smooth flawless skin it grew from.  His eyes were a sharp grey and sincere.  His clothes were never wrinkled and he always carried a faint scent of expensive cologne.  He often thought he should have been an actor or model, but had somehow ended up as a financial analyst for a large pharmaceutical firm here in the city.  His shoulders were not broad but chiseled and square.  His fitted shirt showed them off nicely.  He had perfect teeth, wavy dark hair that always happened to fall just right, and a confident charm that he was very good at flaunting.  Girls were easy for Ben and he knew it.  He wasn’t a jerk, he thought, but a good and decent man.  Tonight though, he was a hunter and the herd was here for easy picking.  The girls were plentiful and every one of them hotter than the next.  He loved nights like this.  Nights when he knew he would take the woman of his choice home and whatever happened happened. 


The pack handed over their ID’s and credit cards to the goddess of a bartender behind the black icy bar top.  Ben was staring at her with his signature “I want to fuck you.” stare, but she was not interested.  She was used to this. He was not the first guy to try and grab her attention.  He ordered a scotch and began to sip, the golden cold liquid filtered through the square blocks of ice into his mouth burning his lips and biting his tongue with a cool thin blanket.  He loved scotch.  A mans drink.


The three turned to face the room.Women would walk by and dart an eye over; Perhaps followed with a mischievous smile.  This is going to be easy.  Ben thought.


“This is gonna be easy”  Matt yelled like an echo into Ben’s ear with his arrogant Brooklyn accent.


“I know”


The two clinked glasses and smugly smirked to themselves.  Their prowling stare unaffected. Victory was in their grasp before the game even started.


The hours passed along with the glasses of scotch, trips into the bathroom for a quick bump, and grinding sessions with girls whose skirts were just tight enough. There were a few prospects of interest.  Matt had made his kill already and Erik was right on his way.  Ben didn’t settle.  He wasn’t that easy to please.  He would wait for the right girl.  Right when Ben was beginning to question his pickiness, he saw her.  She was staring at him from a stool at the bar with a subtle sinister smile.  He knew it was her.  There she is.  Without hesitation he walked.  He walked coolly and confidently.  Ben liked his walk.  He seemed to just slide through the crowds without a duck or a weave.  It seemed like other people knew he was coming and got out of his way as if to say “right this way Ben.”.  He approached.


“Hi, I’m Ben”


“Hey Ben, I am Monica” she said with a sly eastern European accent into Ben’s ear so she wouldn’t have to yell. 


Monica smelled good


“Can I buy you another drink?”


“I would love that.” She said with with a flirty giggle. This turned Ben on.


Monica was gorgeous.  Short but slender and curving exactly the way only a master sculptor could have intended.  Her skin was a dark olive and her hair lounged comfortably down on her shoulders like silky black ribbons curled with skilled hands.  She was wearing an elegant white dress made from a sheen smooth material and sticking to her body like a second skin.  A carefully cut rain drop shaped hole pouring down from her neck exposed her breasts right to the brink of inappropriateness.  Her waist was tiny and her ass was just round enough to make one consider reaching out to feel it’s softness without her permission. 


God was smiling on Ben tonight.




That fucking bitch.  This is not happening.  It can’t be.


Ben entered his living room which was a good ten degrees colder than his bedroom.  His clothes from the night before were thrown about the room.  This was very unlike him.  Was I that drunk? Ben thought to himself.




The knock had become more aggressive, or maybe he was just closer to the source.  What would he do?  He didn’t know.  He tiptoed closer to the door.  The peephole was a yellowish white bulls-eye starring on the otherwise dark drab door.  He didn’t want to look.  He definitely didn’t want to blindly open the door though, so he chose the lesser of two evils.  He craned his head to the hole and squinted into it with one eye. 


Two men.  Standing and waiting.  Arms at their sides.  Two black suites.  Two ties one red and one dark blue each with white stripes hiding behind the breasts of the dark suit coats.  One of the men, the one closest to the door and apparently doing the knocking, was standing face cocked slightly upwards showing off his large pointy nose and bad skin.  He was older and funny looking.  Not ugly, by any means, just looked a bit like a rat with a slicked back black but graying hair.  Ben felt this man would smell strongly of cologne and shake hands too hard.  The other man, standing slightly behind the rat man was large.  His head reminded Ben of an Easter ham and his neck varied little in size from the rest of his head.  Somehow he had managed to fit it through his collar with out strangling himself.  His face was squished in the center of his head and his rosey cheeks made his expression seem jolly but his eyes begged to differ.  They were stern and cold.  His shoulders were like a table top that his head was placed on like a center piece.  He was a very large and bruising man;  the kind of man that would sweat from just standing around. 


A sleek sleeve was lifted and blocked Ben’s view through the hole.




This rattled Ben’s head.  The alcohol hated the noise and reminded Ben with a punch.  He clinched his teeth and squeezed his eyes inside their sockets. 


“Benjamin!” The rat man said with a funny stress on the “a”.  Maybe Russian or Polish.  Ben didn’t know.


“Please answer the door Benjamin!  We need to see you!  We are tired of waiting and have much to do!  Please wake up Benjamin!”  He was yelling through the door to grab Ben’s attention even if he happened to be in another room.




Another wild punch from the drunk stumbling around inside Ben’s head.


“We have things of yours.  Your driver’s license your bank card!”  Ben didn’t like how he curled his “r’s”.“These are things you need, no?”


The tone and rhythm of the man’s voice told Ben these guys were not here to return his things.  They were mocking him; toying with him.  What do I do? Who is ever really in this situation? Ben thought to himself.  He was a normal citizen.  A rat in the race.  He was not a guy who got mixed up with bad men.  He was not a guy who did things to put himself in danger.  These men were bad.  These men were danger.  He thought of movies he had seen before, movies where people were in this sort of situation.  His mind was blank.  He was nervous. 


“Please let us in Benjamin.  We are growing very impatient.  My friend, he is hungry.  He wants breakfast soon.  Will we have to let ourselves in?  I would hope not Benjamin.” 


He spoke calmly but in a way that was meant to intimidate.


It worked.





Monica wanted to dance.  She was growing bored of talking.  They were finishing their second drink and she wanted to dance.  She was drunk.  She felt good.


“Dance with me Ben. Do you dance?”  she asked with the energy of an excited child.


“I dance, yes.”


“let’s dance”


He led her to the dance floor her hand in his like a man is supposed to do.  Ben was a man.  There was a step down onto the floor.  A large rectangle surrounded by a wrought iron railing topped with the same icy black as the bar.  Ben wondered what it was made of..  formica? Maybe a stained teak?  As they stepped on to the floor the music became louder as if they passed into another room.  The subwoofers thump was aggressive and strong, almost blurring his vision.  The bass was complemented by the tick of a chirping high hat coming from God knows where.  It was impossible to not move to the music.  Before they had even found their destination they were bobbing their heads and grooving their shoulders.  Monica was in front now and Ben stared at her swaying ass with reaching eyes.  Perfection. 


The music would slow down to a mush every so often and the bass would drop to a long heavy growl chasing the accompanying synthesizer down to it’s beastly level,  twisting and distorting it with it’s massive hand along the way.  The music hesitated and the crowd followed it’s every jagged step down to a near halt.  The DJ had them in the palm of his hands and the people, they liked it that way.  The love was mutual.  He needed the crowd and the crowd needed a DJ.  “BOOM!”  the rhythm came back with vengeance and an other worldly volume.  The crowd was up.Again, a writhing and harmonious ocean of loving sweating idol worshipers.  It was a primal experience.


Ben and Monica settled in a place among the crowd, though it seemed like it was only theirs.  Nothing else existed.  They rode one another to the music twisting and turning and moving ever so slowly up and down.  She turned and had her back to him now.  He reached around and pulled her closer, heavily running his open palm up the side of her abdomen feeling every muscle and rib through her dress and skin alike.  He wanted to feel her, inspect her luscious curves for any sign of imperfection.  There was none.  She was tight and smooth, wound tightly.  She held one arm lazily up in the air, her hand holding her long hair away from neck and resting it carelessly on the back of her head.  Her face turned slightly so her eyes could look back and see Ben in the peripheral close behind her.  She was sexy.  She was sweating.  So was Ben.  She began to gyrate hard on his crotch.  Her voluptuous bottom reaching out to cradle him exactly where he was hoping it would.  My God! Ben thought to himself.


They were lovers.  They were strangers


Ben brought his face close to her exposed neck right below her ear.  He wanted to kiss it.  He didn’t.


“I have some coke in my pocket” he whispered instead.  “Do you want to go to the bathroom?”


With out looking back or answering, Monica grabbed Ben’s hand and led him off the floor towards the dark side of the club.  There were lines leading up to each private bathroom.  Whoever designed these must have known private bathrooms were a clubber’s best friend.  They waited in line close to one another dancing but not talking.Slowly they moved towards the mirrored door.


The bathroom was small but beautiful.  It was black like the rest of the club with a large ornate silver framed mirror and a small crystal chandelier hanging from above.  The floor was a slick checkerboard of black and white tiles.  The room smelled of flowers somehow even though Ben knew there was invisible piss spattered everywhere. A toilet and a simple wash basin held in a small marble counter top.  Perfect for their purposes.  Ben poured out four large lines of the clumpy white powder.  It actually had a tint of yellow sitting on the smooth black rock.  This was a good thing Ben had heard.  He gave his little straw to Monica so she could go first.  Quickly she took both lines in with two hard pulls that continued as she rose her face up to the sparkling ceiling.She held a straightened finger below her nostrils as if to keep the stuff from falling out.She let out a satisfied breath and pinched her nose.  Rubbed it.She handed him the straw.  Ben leaned down for his turn at bat.  On the way down he saw Monica’s reflection in the mirror.  She was moving seductively to the muffled bass tones hitting at a quick staccato of a beat.  Her hands running lightly over her hips.  He took his lines quickly and turned to face her. Her face said everything.


She grabbed his face immediately and kissed him hard and wet.  He reached around her little body to pull her to him.  She guided his hand down to her ass and lifted a leg up to his side.  Ben felt the flesh of her upper thigh where the dress could no longer cover.  I can’t believe this is happening!  Ben had been with a lot of girls in a lot of ways, but he couldn’t say he had ever fucked a stunningly beautiful woman in the bathroom of some exclusive club and he felt he would soon be able to check the feat off his list after leaving this room.  In fact he was positive.  They kissed and groped and licked each other.  It was getting hotter and hotter and she unbuttoned his shirt.  Ran her hands on his bare chest.  She ran one of them down into his pants and grabbed him.


“fuck me” she demanded.


God was smiling on Ben tonight.


Ben was on point.  He grabbed her tiny waist lifted her up and spun her around in one fluid motion setting her down on top of the marble countertop.  She scooted up to comfort and savagely pulled her skirt up for ease of access.  Ben had no trouble pulling off his belt.  Pants and boxer briefs down in one quick pull.  She pulled her panties aside and him towards her.  He entered her and she moaned as if she had been waiting for this for days.  Satisfaction.  They fucked.  This was not making love.  This was something different.  This was animalistic.  This was wicked.  This was fucking.  She scratched his back hard pulling herself into him.  And then threw herself back against the mirror lifting her body off of the counter to help Ben hit the right place.  Ben still couldn’t get over what was happening.  He was a man.  She kept her eyes locked on his so she could speak to him without words.  They looked scolding and wild as they rolled back ever so slightly in pleasure.  This drove him crazy.  She moaned long and hard.  The rest was a blur.  People outside waiting in line would knock occasionally, some times loudly and impatiently, but the two were not distracted.  They can wait.  Ben thought.Before he knew it, they were done.  Ben had his face buried in her bosom breathing heavy in a feeble attempt to catch the breath he had lost.She was matching him breath for breath, her hair sticking to her shoulders.  Every few seconds her body would tremble on it’s own as if it wasn’t quite ready to be done with the experience. 


They Kissed one more time.  This time softer, slower, and sweetly.  The made deep eye contact.


Ben put his outfit back together.  Centered his belt buckle and zipped up his zipper.  Monica twisted her dress around her hips back and forth until it sat properly.  She checked her makeup in the mirror.  With her mouth open wide, she cleaned the smeared mascara from under her eye with the tip of her left ring finger.  They said nothing.  Ben poured out two more lines and the couple indulged again.


They exited the bathroom.  They remained silent.  The people outside were making rude and mocking remarks as they walked by.Ben ignored them as they made their way through the crowd.  The dancing lights of the club hit his brain.  This teaming with the adrenaline produced by his bathroom antics and the chemical cocktail swimming in his system firmly stated that he was no longer in his right mind.  He was fucked up.



What now?  Ben was thinking he should be panicking at this time, so he did. Frantically but quietly he scoped out the living room trying to conjure up a plan.  A baseball bat?  Do I have a baseball bat?  He didn’t.  Ben did not have any weapons in his home.  He figured he would never need them.  A knife!  He thought.  He could arm himself with his chef’s knife. This could work, he could have the knife handy and if something went awry he could wield his weapon and scare off his attackers.  After thinking it over Ben decided that was a stupid idea.  Ham head would not be afraid of a pretty boy with a kitchen knife.  His mind was spinning, searching for an answer to his problem.  I can jump out of the bathroom window and run. Ben lived on the third floor of a Brooklyn brownstone. A fall from that height was plausible, yet extremely dangerous.  He weighed his options.The problem with this was that he really didn’t know what the men behind the door were planning.  Would they just rough him up a little and then go on their merry way, or would it be more extreme.  He had no way of telling.  He didn’t even know that men like this existed in real life. Anxiety started getting the best of Ben.  He was scared.  That fucking whore!  He kept repeating with a whine in his head . 


“BANG, BANG, BANG!” Again at the door.


”Benjamin please.”  The man’s voice was more tired sounding at this point.  Not as friendly.“Vartan very hungry standing outside your door.  The longer he waits, the more hungry he is.  Now, Vartan would hate to have to break door.  I am sure your landlord would hate this as well, but, when my friend wants to eat…… he will break door. “


Ben knew jumping from his bathroom window could possibly be fatal.  He could break his neck or spine or at least a leg if he did not land correctly.He could be paralyzed for life.Or, he thought, these men might be here to do something much much worse.  Would they really kill me?  Would they really take my life over some girl?  This was Ben’s dilemma  He had no idea.  I can hide.  He thought.  Hide where was the question.  His apartment, though not tiny, was not an easy place to hide in.His options were limited.  Under the bed?  In the bedroom closet?  He tried to add to the list.  He couldn’t.  At this point he decided the closet was his best choice; perhaps behind his row of suits.  Plus, it was large and had two exits;  one to his bedroom and one to the bathroom.  This may come in handy if things get bad enough where the jumping option seemed to be the right one.  In the back of his mind Ben asked God to keep him safe. 


“Benjamin, I am tired.  You are not cooperating and we now have to welcome ourselves in.  I really wish you would have been more friendly”  The voice lowered and changed to a disappointed and disgusted tone.  “open the door”  Ben could tell this command was directed to the larger man. 


Ben froze.  His eyes darted back and forth in their sockets looking for nothing in particular; mouth open ever so slightly.  A shuffling noise came from behind the door.  Action was being taken and Ben was not prepared.  How could he be?  Without deciding really, Ben dashed back to the bedroom on his tiptoes.  The hardwood floor pulled on the balsl of his feet with each step.He quickly made his way to the closet and awkwardly crawled over the clutter of shoes and random appliance boxes to his safe place behind a wall of  suit coats.  Their was a plastic milk crate against the wall filled with random items that Ben never used;  an army canteen, some paperback books, a set of old computer speakers.  Perfect.  He stood on the crate hiding his feet from off  the floor.  He settled in to his place.  His heart was beating like a hummingbirds.  He felt his pulse everywhere in his body; in his fingertips, behind his eyes, the back of his jaw, his groin.  His breath has rapid and light.  He tried to control it.  The anxiety was overwhelming. 


“footh, footh” He heard from the other room.  Followed by quick dense bouncing noises.

The noises confused Ben.  He had no idea what they were.  Then it hit him.  Oh my God.  They just shot my door locks.  I should have jumped.   He had searched through his memory banks trying to distinguish the sound.  It was obvious to him now.  A silenced firearm.  It sounded exactly as it did in any movie he had ever seen.  A wave of heat ran through Ben’s body.  He wanted to cry.He wanted to vomit.  I don’t want to die…….


A heavy thud followed and Ben heard his front door swing open.  Footsteps entered his home.  The door was politely shut behind them. 


”Benjamin.  You have not cleaned for us.  Your place,… it’s a wreck. Clothes on the floor, beer bottles on your coffee table.  No way to treat your guests”  The voice back to  it’s friendly intimidation.


The footsteps slowly paced around, separating in different directions.  They were searching for signs of life. 


“Are you hiding Ben?  Silly Benjamin.  We know you are home Benjamin.  Do you take us for morons?  Perhaps we just leave Vartan, no?.  Looks like Mr. Benjamin is not home.  Maybe next time, yes? “The large man broke his silence and laughed a hearty laugh“ I would hope you do not think we are morons Benjamin.  My feelings, they would be hurt.”


Ben wanted to piss his pants.  , The reality of the situation had reached a new plateau.  I should have jumped.   A warm tear raced down his cheek. 


“Do you know why we are here Benjamin?  What a silly question.  You think you can just do whatever it is you want to do don’t you?You are a big man.  You get many bitches”  the man said this line awkwardly, almost comical.  “yes, you fuck the bitches.  You fuck all the bitches.  Perhaps, now you fuck wrong bitch.”  The voice entered his bedroom.




Monica walked to the beat of the music ahead of Ben.They were making their way back to the dance floor when a hand grabbed Bens arm firmly.  He swung his head around, followed shortly after by the rest of his body,  to confront his attacker.  It was Erik. 


“Where have you been, man?’  He said in a panic.


Ben stared at him with a dazed look on his face. He smiled  “Hey buddy”


“Where the fuck have you been, man?”  He said much more aggressively this time.


“whoa, calm down commando” Ben said with a giggle


“No, I’m not gonna calm the fuck down Ben.  You need to get the fuck out of here”




“you need to leave now.  These dudes, they’re looking for you” 


“Wait, who” Ben said in a drunken confusion.


“Some dudes.  Group of dudes.  Big dudes.  They beat the fuck out of Matt.  They are not playing around”


“Fuck em”


“No Ben.  Fuck you.  I saw em.  Trust me, you don’t want these guys to find you”


“Shut the fuck up” he said in near falsetto


“They said you were with this chick?”


“yeah so?”


On her mention,Ben turned to look for Monica.  Where had she gone?  Ben sluggishly scanned through the crowd looking for her white dress.


“Come on, dude, let’s go” Erik said, walking off.


“wait….wait” Ben mumbled.


He found her. She was standing in a hallway of sorts off the dance floor surrounded by men in fine suits.  Most of them were very large.  She was yelling angrily at one man.  Ben couldn’t make him out.  She was crying.  He moved to get a better view.  She was yelling at a smaller man with slicked back hair.  The lights of the club bouncing off the back of his head.He yelled back his head shaking in rampant anger. He then pulled a large gold nugget of a ring off of his finger and handed it to one of the larger men who seemed to have his hand waiting for it’s arrival.He wound his hand up over the opposite shoulder and forcefully backhanded Monica in the face.  Her head spun instantly, her long hair whipping around to follow it.  She crumpled helplessly to the ground.  The man stood over her and yelled more.  He spit on her.  He calmly took his ring back from his apparent henchman,  put it on, and then gave an order with his hand before storming off into the darkness of the hallway.  Two of the large men picked Monica up off the ground.  Her head dangled; her hair reaching for the ground.  The two wrapped their large hands around her fragile arms and carried her off forcefully following their boss.  The other men turned to search the club.


“Ben.  Let’s go!”  Erik said through his teeth.


Erik pushed Ben through the crowds.  Nothing was making sense in Ben’s head.  The alcohol and drugs had made his brain useless at this point.  He felt like he should help Monica, do something,  but didn’t have the mental energy to make this decision.  Erik was in charge.  Ben was a mindless follower.  The bodies of the dancers flew by as streaks of bright colors and skin.  They made their way to the far wall and exited through an emergency exit.  The cold air slapped Ben in the face.  The volume and sharpness of the music was murdered by the closing door.  Just the bass remained, half the force it once was.  A phantom beat still played in Ben’s head.  He struggled to get his bearings.


“Dude, come on!”  Erik yelled.


A group of girls in winter coats and short skirts walked by laughing obnoxiously at what Ben figured was probably dumb bullshit.They were in the meat packing district, somewhere near the river.  Little west 12th maybe.  Ben wasn’t sure.  He followed Erik.  The cobble stone streets were free of traffic, just a couple of yellow cabs picking up Guys in nice shirts and girls in silver dresses going home to fuck.  One couple fought on the corner.  Three or four drunk college kids, looking for the next party, drank 40 ounces in the streets and howled out loud to the city as if to say “tonight is our night!”


Erik shoved Ben forward forcing him to walk.  Then again making him hurry.  He walked.He hurried.  Not sure why.  They were parked on some street by the west side highway.  Ben would have never found it in his state, but luckily Erik knew exactly where it was.  He lead.


“Fucked up dude.  Fucked up”  Erik said without looking back.


“what?, okay, what happened?”


“They just started beating his ass”






“oh….Why?  who were these guys”


“These big dudes in suits.  Wanted to know where you were.  You and that girl you were dancing with.Matt said he didn’t know, and told em to get the fuck out of his face.  Out of nowhere, one of the guys just gut punched the shit out of him”


“where is he now? “


“at the car.  After he fell to the ground, they kicked him a few times and left him there.  He came and found me.  Thinks he broke a rib maybe.  He said to find you and meet him at the car.”




“I know.What the fuck did you do?”


“nothing, went and did some coke in the bathroom with this girl”


Erik hadn’t seen Monica getting hit.  Ben didn’t mention it.  At this point he really didn’t care.


They made it to Erik’s car and Matt was sitting on the hood.  His face obviously in some pain.


“Those fuckers!”  Matt said as he saw his friends.  “I think they broke a rib”


“really?” Erik replied.


“yeah, dude, it hurts to breath.Can’t catch my breath”


“Do you need a hospital?”


“Maybe., yeah.”


“Okay, let’s go”


Ben cringed at this idea.  His head was on the verge of spinning.  This whole ordeal had been too much for him already. He just wanted to go home.


“I am gonna just go home, if that’s cool.”  He said.


“What?  Dude, Matt needs to go to the hospital.”


Ben was swaying ever so slightly around and around.  He felt like a spinning top and felt he could tip over at any moment.


“yeah, it’s cool.  You can take him…” He slurred.  “I’m way too fucked up.”


“Fuck you!”


“Dude, I’m fucking drunk, okay…..i want to go home and throw up or pass out,  I don’t want to go to some fucking hospital with fucking Matt”  His speech was slow mumbled.  The beginning and end of the words cut off to save energy.  “I’m gonna get a cab.  Need ATM.”


“Fine.  Fuck it” Erik said in disgust.


Ben reached for his wallet to get his debit card.  It wasn’t there.  Where the fuck is my card?  He thought. My tab, I didn’t close my tab.  Shit.


“I gotta go back in the club.My card is in there”


“Ben, are you fucking stupid?  Those dudes are looking for you” Erik replied


“I don’t have any fucking CASH asshole!.  What the fuck am I supposed to do?”


Erik shook his head in annoyance.  Ben was being a dick.  He reached in his pocket and pulled out a twenty.  “Here, take this.  We’ll come back tomorrow, pick you shit up.  You’re really being a fag.”


Ben grabbed the twenty.


“Prick” he muttered as he walked away in search of a cab.


The next thing Ben would remember would be the knocks at his door the next morning.






Ben swallowed hard in the darkness.


“You see Benjamin,” The rat man continued “This bitch is no ordinary bitch.  She is someone else’s bitch. She is  Mr. Avakian’s Bitch.  Mr. Avakian’s wife. And if their is one thing Mr. Avakian hates, it is when someone fucks his wife.  You see where we have problem now?”


Ben’s head was empty of thought.


“Mr. Avakian has big problem when someone fucks his wife” 


The bedroom light fliped on with a click.  The light poured in to the closet illuminating the floor.  Ben was silent and still.


“Where are you Benjamin?  Are you under the bed?”  a pause  “no, not under the bed.  Ah, you hide in closet…..You are tricky one Benjamin”


Ben’s heart was racing faster and faster.  What would be his next move?  He was running out of ideas here.  Running out of time.  His hiding place was a poor one.  A very poor one.  He heard the man’s foot steps come to a stop at the closet door.  Ben could hear his breathing. 


“Benjamin?” the man said as if he were playing a game.

Ben held his breath. There was nothing he could do.  I should have jumped.


”come out. Come out wherever you are.” The rat man sang in a near whisper.


Without thinking about it, Ben’s body moved.  It moved with lightning speed and force.  He lunged from behind the coats shoving the man hard in the chest.  Surprising him. The man fell back and Ben slammed and locked the door, then raced to the bathroom and slammed that door closing it as well, locking it.  This would buy him some time he thought.


“You fucking cunt, Benjamin.  You STUPID FUCKING CUNT!”  Ben heard anger from the man for the first time.  “Varant, in here” He shouted.


The man tried to open the door, forcefully shaking it back and forth.  Ben knew he had limited time to move.  He took a deep breath and opened the bathroom window.  He peered down to the street.  It looked much higher than Ben had imagined.  Cars lined the sides of the street but besides them and the strategically placed rows of trees, the street was empty.  Normally, this street would be full of Spanish ladies walking their dogs, and children riding bicycles, but at 7:30 on a Saturday morning there was no one.  No one to call to for help.  Just Ben.  He heard the door being hit with the bluntness of a large shoulder.  He was running out of time.  He climbed to the ledge of the window.  I can’t do this.  The banging on the door was growing more intense with each blow.  The wood began to crack.  I have to do this.  Ben looked for a safe place to land.  There was nothing.  If I jump out enough, I can hit the sidewalk, tuck and roll.  That’s my best bet.  He hesitated.  With a huge crashing noise the door swung open and the large ham head man almost fell into the bathroom.  Tuck and roll.  Ben jumped.  Just as he imagined, the fall seemed to happen in slow motion; his arms and legs flailing about in mid air.  He felt he had put enough outward force to clear the stoop directly beneath him but as he fell this became more and more unlikely.Ben held his breath and braced for impact.  Again his mind was empty.  The world was silent for a split second that felt like an eternity.  Before he knew it his feet and legs slammed into the large stone banister leading to the door of his building.  He heard a loud crack as the legs folded against the heavy stone in ways they were definitely not supposed to.  The bones seemed to be shattering into what felt like a millions of tiny pieces.  The pain was instant and overwhelming.  He couldn’t place the pain.  Burning?  He rested momentarily on the banister before his weight shifted and he involuntarily dribbled off onto the cold cement stairway.


His chin landed hard on the surface, splitting as it hit.  His teeth banging together cracking and breaking.


“AHHHHHHHHRRRRGGGggghhhhhh!”  He let out with one closed mouth breath that emptied his lungs.


He hurt too much to make another sound.  He was damaged.  He was broken.He willed himself to move.  He was able to lift his body off of the stairs with his arms.  His legs were not working.  He tried to inspect the damage but couldn’t raise himself up for the necessary viewing angle.  Ben heard the door of the building opening.  He looked up towards it.  It was the two men.


The rat man danced blithely but slowly down the stairs raising his knees higher than needed.The big man followed with a slow lumber.


“Wow, Benjamin, you are a crazy fuck, you know that?”  The man shaking his head in disbelief.  “you fall….” He looks up to the window “….what is that….three stories?  You are one crazy fuck, you.”


The larger man was laughing a guttural laugh his smile was small on his face.


“look what you do to yourself.  You fuck yourself all up Benjamin”


Ben just groaned


“You do our job for us Benjamin”  he laughed  “how sweet of you.  Perhaps you are not so bad a host after all, no? “  He looked at the large man.  “Pick him up.  Bring him back in side”


The large man grabbed Ben’s arm with his massive gloved hand and pulled it, tugging it,  almost ripping it from it’s socket and surging his body forward.The pain that shot through Ben’s body was almost unbearable.




“Oh, I don’t want to look, Benjamin” the rat man said sarcastically pretending to cover his eyes with his hand. “Your legs, they look like… do you say….ah, jelly.  This must hurt like sin, no?”



The large man dragged Ben up the steps steadily and slowly.  Each step jarring Ben’s broken body to the point of misery.  Ben felt like he could pass out at any second.  Halfway up the narrow brownstone staircase, Ben  somehow flipped from his stomach to his back.  He could see his legs now.  His jeans were full of blood and there was a sharp jagged bone tearing through the tough denim material right below his left knee.  His right leg was dangling and obvisously snapped halfway up his thigh; twisting and swinging in unnatural ways.  His bare feet were purple and swollen three times their normal size.  He whimpered.


They reached his apartment after three agonizing flights of stairs.  The man dragge Ben to the middle of his living room and droppe him like child would drop a rag doll they have grown bored with. 


The Rat man ordered something in their native tongue.  Ben could not understand.


The large man pulled out a role of silver duct tape.


Ben wanted nothing more than to writhe in pain, but his body was in shock and he could not do much of anything except for breath heavy and hard.


His hands were taped together.  His mouth gagged. 


“You are a foolish man Benjamin.  You walk around with your pretty face and your pretty hair.”  The man spoke slowly and sternly  ”You have no respect for woman, do you?  You don’t give a fuck do you?  You just fuck the women in bathrooms covered in piss.  YOU FUCK THEM IN PISS BENJAMIN!”  His voice ricocheting off the walls.


Ben began to cry.  He pleaded with the man using only his eyes.


“Who the fuck do you think you are?You are big man, yes?  You have big cock.  You want to show off your big cock.”  The man pulled out a large pocket knife.  He opened it. It’s blade caught the sunlight now filling the room.  “your pretty face and your big cock for fucking the ladies.  You think Mr. Avakian cares about YOUR BIG FUCKING COCK?!?!”


 Ben tried to scream but his voice was muffled into silence.  There is nothing he could do.  He was helpless.  He is a man.


The rat man knelt down by next to Ben.  He leaned in closer and closer.His head met Ben’s.  He smelled strongly of cologne.  He shot his breath hard and directly into Ben’s ear.  He whispered.


“I hope you had fun fucking this bitch last night Benjamin.  I hope her pussy was tight and wet for you.  I hope she let you cum inside of her.  Your hands caressing her breasts.  I hope you fucked her good”


 The rat stuck the point of the knife hard into the bottom of Ben’s chin.Ben could not tell if the cold steel punctured the skin or not.


“Give me that big cock, she screams, yes?” the knife dug in harder.  The whisper was hard and breathy.  The man’s breath was foul but covered with mint.  “Fuck me good Benjamin, Fuck my pussy good!”  Suddenly he pulled the knife away from Bens’s face.


He stood.


“Take off his fucking pants.” He ordered.


The large man reached down and began tugging on Ben’s jeans like a pitbull playing tug-o-war.  He broke the zipper and button with brute strength.  He pulled the jeans off with the tenderness of a back alley rapist, completely ignoring the mangled mess that was Ben’s legs. 


Ben screamed as much as he was able to through the suffocating strap of tape.  It was exhausting.  He had never experienced pain like this before.  He is a man.


The rat man stood over Ben with a vicisous grin.He was the devil and Ben knew it.


“You….. are a fool.  You, you are so fucking proud…..You know pride, it is a sin?  You are proud and you think you can go around FUCKING OTHER MAN’S WIFE!  YOU STUPID FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT FAGGOT!  YOU FUCKING STUPID FUCK.  HOW, NOW DO YOU FUCK ANOTHER MAN’S WIFE?  HOW NOW YOU DICKLESS FUCKING PUSSY?!



The man leaned down and grabbed Ben’s penis, pulling it hard and began sawing into it’s flesh with his knife.  He pulled at it and cut more with each tug tearing it’s soft skin.


Ben cries.


He then took the bloody member and smashed it into Ben’s face; smearing it.  The bloody butt of it leaving a fleshy matter clogging Ben’s nostrils.




He hurled the dead penis hard at the wall.Thud.  It hit the floor without a bounce.


“You are a stupid man Benjamin”  He spit on Ben’s face. “Stupid.”


Ben cries.


“Come, Vartan.  Let us eat.”


The rat man turned and walked towards the door.  The large man stood above Ben; looking at him, smiling with his miniature smile.  He pulled a pistol from his coat.  It was a blunt gun, small and squarely proportionate, dwarfed in the hand of the large thug.He fired one shot right into Ben’s gut.  A shock seared through Ben’s entire body.  The man shook his head in pity and then turned and left closing the door behind him.


Ben let out another muffled scream and continued to cry.  The pain was too much for Ben to handle.  He thought about his life about what he has done.  He thought of the things he had not done.  Things he will never be able to do.  He thought of his family.  His mother.  His Sister.  When was the last time he had told either of them he loved them?


Ben felt his mind fading.  The life was leaving his mutilated body.  He found it strange that he welcomed this fading.  He welcomed death with open arms.  Make it stop.  It stopped.


God smiles on Ben today.

























© Copyright 2020 Benjamin Spill. All rights reserved.

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