The Kingdom Of Blood

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Eric from earth and Frida from an of world planet , find themselves looked in a carbon farm.

Submitted: October 11, 2012

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Submitted: October 11, 2012




The Kingdom Of Blood


Scene 1


Frida: Wake Up


[Shrugs Eric]


Eric: What were am I?


[Gets up]


Frida: You've been out for hours, and i was bored.


Eric: So wait who are you, why am i here what is here?


Frida: You have lots of questions don't you…well my name is Frida and as to why you are here, you're guess is as good as mine. I just woke up first.


Frida: What do you remember?


Eric: Um..nothing…wait the colour red and…metal…


Frida: [Looks uncomfortable] Same as me…


Eric: [geting up] Are there any cores?


Frida: No i've checked, 3 times…i was on my own for hours! after a while i was just counting sheep.


Frida: So I'm guessing your a humanoid, but that doesn't narrow down what planet your from.


Eric: Planet I'm from…


Frida: Do you not know?


Eric: I do but your saying it as though there are more than one planet with humans on…


Frida [Laughing] I know where your from, your an Earth boy


Eric: Whats your point?


Frida: Have you even made it to another planet yet?


Eric: We've made it to our moon


Frida: ha ha


Eric; anyway were going of point


Frida: where stuck in small room with no way out, its a miracle were still breathing, in fact why are we still breathing?


Frida: The oxygen should have be used up by now, theres no plant life here…


Eric: Always an optimist arent you?


Frida: Shut up I'm trying to think


Frida; Mabye were wanted alive, but why… Sadye!


Eric: Who is that?


Frida: She was my sister, she was sick i was out getting here medicine, she got a diesses that made her body recognise oxygen as a poison. she needs an injection even hour…Oh My God she could be dead!


[She breaks down]


Eric: Look calm down


Frida: [Crying] I have nothing now! do you know whats thats…


Eric: My mum and dad died when i was 11.


Frida: Im so sorry , i…don't know [


[Frida drops to ground]


Frida: I need to think


Frida: We both remember the same thing happening, that should mean were not here by accident, and red metal, um red is the colour of the Kingdom of Blood, then if metal it must be… the Xequrly.


[Frida looks up and smiles at Eric]


Frida: I know how to get us out of here, and well have to think the Xequrly are part of the Kingdom of Blood for a reason.


Eric: Why…


Frida: You don't want to know


Frida: They take human's because we are carbon life forms, and thats as rare as it is expensive on their home planet.


Eric: So were in a farm for slaughter


Frida: Looks who's the optimist now.


Frida: [ she starts making signs on the wall] Ill take you to my planet, it puts yours to shame. It was created by an ancient race with one thing in mind. Beauty


Eric: Wait What? Aliens… What!


Frida: Oh i keep forgetting your not used to this, it must be difficult, well i wouldn't know but then again i have brain cells


Eric: I have brain cells


Frida: Just keep telling your self that


Eric: oh stop being so smug


Frida: i've tried in the past, it never worked


Eric: why are you so happy now? i thought you were upset about your sister.


Frida: This is the best bit. um how to put this in your words…okay so if I'm correct on earth you have different time zones?


Eric: Yes


Frida: Well when your in some bits of space say four hours could pass, while in others only a second could have been.


Eric: So your sister could be fine?


Frida: Yes, if I'm correct not even a second would have passed!


Frida: Im done


Eric: What were you doing anyway?


Frida: Huymjic code


[Eric looks confused]


Frida: You really are stu…never mind


[the wall opened]


Eric: How do we get home?



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