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Submitted: November 21, 2011

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Submitted: November 21, 2011




The Night Before The Trial   this tom robinson case has gotten everyone worked up. It seems to be the only thing on everyone in Maycombs mind, both negro and average folk. Atticus says Tom Robinson has a slim chance of comin' out on top in this case, but we're all still praying.

The Night Of The Trial

Me, Jem, and Dill walked down to the court house today, right in the town center. The court house was packed, the negro's were on one side, including Tom Robinson's family. The trial lasted from __ to __, but Calpurnia had caught us at the trial and made us go home to eat. Atticus is always completely different during a trial, this one included. The verdict shocked us, it seemed like Atticus had so much evidence against Bob Ewell. Jem couldn't handle that the towns ways against negro folk came into effect in this case, it just wasn't fair. 

The Following nights after

The negro community cooked Atticus a bunch of food as a sign of respect, Jem still couldn't believe the verdict, no body could. Soon after Maycomb forgot about it though, he was just another Negro to the town. Atticus met Bob Ewell in town somewhere, and Bob spat on his face because of what he said in court about him beating on Mayella. Atticus said it was better that he got his anger out now, but Aunt alexandra said the Ewell's were the kind to keep a grudge.

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