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Sometimes we need to look in to an abyss to find somthing we lost

Submitted: February 04, 2007

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Submitted: February 04, 2007



  Standing over this abyss

I watch myself fall but there is nothing I can do

My arms out stretched but I miss

I watch as I fall into the darkness

Wondering how I fell in the first place.


Tears fill my eyes but I hold them back

Laughing from my behind fills my ears

A dark hearted fills my heart

So I jump to follow myself


Plummeting into the unknown

I fall free still wondering why

I turn to face the dark

There is something I see that I like

Deep shinning eyes are watching my decent


Something I seem to already know

Coming to a holt in mid air I realise what it is

It's the darker side of me

The side that fell before me


After a long embrace we begin to rise

Joint together as it always should have been

Out of the abyss we fly ready to face all that lay ahead

A new whole I have become with my brother right beside me

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