Beg and Pled

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Wriiten straight after Troll it runs along the same lines

Submitted: February 28, 2007

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Submitted: February 28, 2007




You can beg and plead with me

But it won't change a thing

For I know you would rather puke than say hi

To this beast that stands in the corner

Maybe it is my fault that you stay clear


But I can only be the piece of contaminated shit that I am

Unable to be anything but

So take who I am and place me in the reject bin where I belong


All I did was come here to get pissed

Yet you judge me before I even move

You see some horrid beast

Who belongs in a twisted freak show


Packed in like sardines

Not even drunken eyes can hide

Me from the judgment you have already made


How much of a twat can I be?

I stay here in this corner

Fuelling my own rage

With vodka after sweet vodka


Knowing what going on in your heads

Maybe I am paranoid

Suffering from a little lack of confidence  


So why do I fill so alone

Standing here amongst friends


Oh yes It because of the way you all miss judge me


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