Blurred Pain

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Sometimes we beg for physical pain rather than psychological and this was my very big shout out!

Submitted: November 19, 2015

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Submitted: November 19, 2015



Someone come smash my skull in for the blurred pain would be a sweet distraction.

Make if physically impossible to draw a breath as it is psychological.

Cracking each rib like your eating them for your tea.

Pummel my face until it caves in and your knuckles bleed.

Make the warm crimson freely flow so that I taste that sweet iron in my mouth.

Look me dead in the eyes while I sweetly smile back.

Twist each arm until I hear the sweet pop of my bones splintering into a million pieces.

Pick up the hammer go wild on my knuckles followed by my knee caps.

Once I am on my knees don't stop as you feel sickened by this bloody mess before you.

Continue for if I am still alive your job's not done!

Send me to our maker for they have questions to answer. 

Maybe in death I will be more than I was in life.

Maybe in my rebirth I would have learnt from the harsh lessons of this life.

Bury my remains at the bottom of the local dump

Feeding me to the rats

For this is the only funeral I deserve

Don't worry no one is going to shead a tear for I have no one to shead them for me

I lost everything that ment something to me

Yes it hurts so much more than the pain I beg of you to inflict.

So I beg of you to end this my worthless life!

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