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The dawn of a new day comes so often, but do we take the time to truly look at it?

Submitted: January 24, 2007

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Submitted: January 24, 2007




A new dawn has begun

The storm clouds have dissipated

The moon has ran from the sun

Light is filling the forest


I awake refreshed ready for what may lay ahead

My nightmare has come to its evil end

 What is this I find on my face

A wide happy smile

I had forgotten what it felt like

A warm feeling flowing from my heart

Washing away my sins


Maybe this time this bright light will remain

Guiding my life filling with such warmth


But wait what is this image in my brain

No not again the memories have come forth

Filling my head with the same old poison

Battling with the warmth from my heart


So I fall again the storm clouds begin to rage

Darkness has conquered me once again

Too much hate and anger inside for me to live free

Only cement left in my veins turning my once beating heart to stone


I re-enter my nightmare trapped, tormented frozen in time

Unable to feel now that wide happy smile has gone

No expression on this pale dead face

 Lost in dark memories of my own evil design 

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