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Eggshells is what i walk on because how i feel about my best friend.

Submitted: May 06, 2007

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Submitted: May 06, 2007




Walking on eggshells when you are around

Living in a land of make believe

Sharing my soul as a dear friend

Torchering myself to scared to say the words

I just bite my tongue for

So they don't tumble out

Even though each night I wonder into your arms

Saying all I long to whisper into your ear

Each day torn in two hating the way I force myself to be

When I feel so high every moment I share with you

Until the day I lose you because I could not risk telling your heart

How I truly feel

Or I am just a chicken shit to afraid to do the things I long to do


For heaven have sent me my angel

Who elevates me so high

Calming this beast returning him from where he once came


With one touch my skin sizzles with desire

A soft tender kiss my heart explodes

Weak at the knees from this new pleasure

Feeling guilty to feel this happy


Lost when I hold her in my arms

No longer caring about anything

But this sweet angle laying my arms


Longer just to remain forever in this perfect moment

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