Evil Words

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I don't know what i was thinking about when this flowed out on to the page. but it's about how words can be used to hurt. You know the old saying "Sticks And Stones" ect..

Submitted: February 08, 2007

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Submitted: February 08, 2007




Your evil words pierce my skin

Infecting me deep with in

Opening old wounds

Making me bleed filling me with horrid puss


The poison flows around my broken insides

Killing my light as it goes

Replacing it with the dark


A metamorphosis's inside

Organs bubbling and burning

Bones melting away


Something dark is growing

Taking hold wining the fight

Forcing reshaping what it finds


This all from your evil words

Don't try to take them back

For it is now to late

The person I once was is becoming an animal


Ready to break out of the chains I held it in

To tear you apart eating your evil heart

Not caring just feeding on the innocent

Raising the evil dead to do my bidding


For filling the evil lust you placed with in

With no control I shall roam forever

Doing what the dark commands me to do


A slave of the dark I have become

Never free to be who I once was

Or able to remember who I was

Trapped because I was infected by such evil words

Like an air born virus

Created in a lab and hidden in your words

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