Fat Cats

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Change is an ok thing when you can trust it but when it comes to a change at work in order to make more money you have to look at the Fat Cats who control it all

Submitted: February 21, 2007

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Submitted: February 21, 2007




Fat cats in their pin strip suits

Only seeing pound signs

Turning you into a blood sucking vampire

Feeding off their profits


Spreading their lies like a virus

Infecting the cracks in the walls

Turning a nirvana into hell 


Smiling at you while they stake you in the heart

Lie after lie

The shit flies out of their mouth

Quicker than you can shovel it


So many false promises

Your head begins to turn

Like in the Exorcist


If you buy in to it

You have lost your soul

Belonging to them until the end of time


A slave to their evil system

With no hope of ever escaping

A shell of your former self

A long and painful death

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