If I Were.........

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Suicide...If you have not been at a point in life when it has gone round in you head then weldone. As for me it gose around alot...

Submitted: January 24, 2007

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Submitted: January 24, 2007




If I were to take my own life would I

Slit my wrists, Jump in front of a train

Fall from a great height, set myself alight.

Gas myself in the garage or slip away with pills and alcohol,


You may say this is a selfish move.

But what is left when you're dead on the inside

Forever trapped in a decaying shell.

Haunted every time you take a look in the mirror.

Or fell the pain form old wounds which just wont heal.


So there are people who still love me

But they will never understand how I feel.

I could talk or write about it.

But who would read or truly listen to this broken man.


Looking between my lines into my soul.

Only seeing what they want to see not the true me that I hide.

Don't even ask or expect me to explain.

Just let me quietly slip away from my mortal coil.

For it is hell I now head to be lost in death as in life

No longer feeling such heavy evil pain.


One last judgment that you will make.

Which is that I am a coward.

Leaving only one last question you dare not spread

Was his life that shit he could no longer fight?

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